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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advice to New Escort Business Entrepreneurs

This is somewhat of a rehash of various issues the new escort service owner faces. I have also recently noticed certain search terms that have led people to this blog and will address a few.

On licensing issues in various geographical locations: If I were opening an escort service today I would argue my point as far as was necessary concerning the virtual office. If you read my post on virtual offices then you know that is really all you need. However, you're new to this and I wouldn't really suggest ruffling feathers quite yet. You are probably better off abiding by the bullshit zoning rules and renting an over-priced broom closet for them. Make sense?

Mentioning licensing issues, there have been searches for these terms and my thoughts follow each term:

is michelle's escort book really helpful? If you need a babysitter the answer is yes, but in my opinion you shouldn't be entering the escort business if you need a babysitter. Michelle is evasive concerning her knowledge and income and I tend to believe that she owned a small service for 2 or 3 years.

how to open escort service in las vegas – I know how, but you will need to buy my book so that you understand how it all works. Once you have thoroughly read the book (no skimming), email me and I will give you a step-by-step on getting the appropriate license in Vegas. I'm not announcing it here because I have friends in business and entering the business in Vegas and do not want to advise you to open in Vegas as there will be more services and the calls less for each, but I will still tell you how. Make sense?

escort advice – Consider buying Amanda Brooks' books: The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation and The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing

Amanda is still active as an independent escort and travels the world – working for herself. She has the best advice. If you feel that you need more help than a book can offer, see the link for Companion Helper in the "Blogs to Watch" area on the below right of this blog.

I had someone email me requesting advice about "hotel incall massage" this week. How in the hell would I know about incall operations in hotels people? I am anti-incall and if you read my book or this blog you'd know that. To me an incall operation is a brothel and not much more.

A recent discovery in censorship: Yahoo! Local Listings Guidelines

And we thought Google Places/Maps was getting bad? Ha! Yahoo! won't allow any adult type of business to be listed in their Local Listings (maps), which really sucks. Read the guidelines linked above and understand that they are serious. I had submitted a few entertainer / party stripper websites and was refused via email a few days later. The rest of the country is becoming like Orlando and it is a U.S. war on adult business.


jenn said...

Hi, I'm a former independent escort who's starting my own biz.. just ordered your book off of this site as I am currently in Europe and Amazon freaks if you have an international shipping address! Anyway- loving the blog and your straightforward tone.. the last hour perusing your site has been more helpful than a lot of the research I've been doing. Love it!

Vicky Gallas said...


Just sent your ebook - was in the grocery store, so sorry on the short delay.

I hope the book helps! Thank you for your kind comments.

All the best in your entrepreneurial pursuits in 2011!