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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blueprint Books Availability Update

There is nothing mysterious going on with my Blueprint books. I have had several blog readers contact me regarding availability and consider it a good time to post a statement. To buy in the Google Play store: Blueprint for an Escort Service

Paperback editions of all books are available from Amazon and can be ordered from B&N and almost any bookseller with one exception - Blueprint for an Escort Service (my original Blueprint book) has been updated and the paperback is in the proof process, but will be "in stock" on the Amazon site soon, hopefully by 20 February 2012, if not sooner. When an interior file is changed a proof must be sent to the publisher (me) and then accepted. I do not anticipate any issue and expect to accept it within a couple of days.

The updated Blueprint for an Escort Service ebook is now available in the Amazon Kindle store. The updates are incorporated throughout the book. You will see that the publishing date is February 9, 2012 on its product page: Blueprint for an Escort Service

Amazon may make the updated Kindle copy available to anyone that purchased the original edition in past. This includes any downloads on the New Year's giveaway. You will have to contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service and request the updated copy.

I feel that the updated Blueprint for an Escort Service covers it, with any technology advances or new issues. If you previously (prior to February 12, 2012) purchased any of the paperbacks, just view the major updates on the Blueprint Updates section of my website: Blueprint Updates

I could have sold my books for $149-700 just as anyone else offering information about opening and operating escort services does as my information is more thorough (and now completely updated); however, chose to set a lower price - $9.99 for the ebook. One major reason for this is that watching these prosecutions is distressing to me. I dealt with it when Google discounted to $7.99, but that was where I had to draw the line and when I found my main seller available for $4.50, well, I quickly pulled the plug. I really loved Google ebooks and the ability to sell there too, so this was upsetting for me.

All books are now available from the Google Play store and from Barnes & Noble Nook store.

Hope this clears-up the questions concerning what is going on with my books.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your book! As a single mother starting her own escort company I have no time or money to waste on false products. Your information is invaluable and worth far more than what you charge.Thank you!