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Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Discussion on the Online Classifieds Situation: Part One

This will be a bit different than the post I had intended to compose over the weekend, mainly due to the Backpage indictments. According to what I read, there are 7 people indicted with a total of 93 counts. I checked PACER this morning and again a few minutes ago and still see no case filed, however, PACER still states that they are doing maintenance on the site. A new case may not show during maintenance.

The indictment of defendants related to Backpage is still sealed, which I attribute to the feds not having all 7 defendants in custody yet and/or all properties secured that they intend for forfeiture yet. Usually this is the reasoning when an indictment is in the news, but is still sealed. But usually you can still see the case and file entries in PACER and just the specific document is noted as sealed.

At any rate, I'm not going to wait for the government to unseal the indictment to post here. As soon as it is available in PACER, I will grab a copy and link for you in Part Two of this post. It is obvious to me that this indictment is not related to FOSTA / SESTA and is over previous acts no matter how many people state differently. The President has not yet signed FOSTA / SESTA into law, but no doubt he will soon enough.

I should think it would be obvious to you that the online classifieds related to adult business are changed forever at this point. You can fight, you can argue, or you can learn from the situations in play today. I always choose to learn. I only fight when I'm forced to fight for my life, which I certainly did in the court case I suffered through long ago. Mentioning the court case, Memoirs of an Accused Madam: The War on Adult Business in Orlando is free until April 20th. The link directly to the PDF is HERE. Read it – it is enlightening, especially in view of the current events in play.

I could predict how online classifieds will be evolving in the not-too-distant future, but I won't bother. The bottom line is that most of you lived much better before Craigslist erotic services, Backpage adult services, TER ads etc... existed. And I have already discussed the so-called verification services in a post long ago here, so I won't be doing that again – find it and read it.

You will find many sex worker activists who tell you the opposite of what I am saying here, but let's face it – If these sex workers didn't try to jump all over each other competing, the problem would not exist. But we all knew it had to happen with the rampant problems, the explicit and obnoxious acronym-filled ads, the constant undercutting of the other guys' prices etc.... If all of these factors didn't proliferate over the last 10 years, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Backpage founders and managers wouldn't be facing indictments and other online platforms wouldn't be disappearing.

I was looking around on Twitter yesterday and will confidently state that I am not alone on my viewpoints. Many (both sex workers and escorts) are happy about the end of Backpage and the soon-to-be ending of the rest of the online ad platforms. Why? Prices and that they've been pushed to make compromising statements in their own ads (or starve) because of the explicit, sleazy low-ballers on these platforms that probably came from the streets. Most escort services will be ecstatic to see the lot of them gone! I had a sex worker activist tell me that many of these sex workers are (and have been) having trouble making their rent. Who goes into sex work to struggle paying rent? Clearly the problems are serious.

Escorts and sex workers are not the same thing. Escorts and entertainers are often interchangeable terms though. I have explained my views on defining escort services in the Blueprint books and won't repeat myself here. I had a short argument with one angry sex worker activist a couple of days ago and she sounded just like the jerk that prosecuted me, the MBI agents that harassed me for many years, and in general she utilized the same theme that they all did. Nope. Not going to play. I only fight when I fight for my life so I corrected her absurd attack, exited, and then deleted her. She clearly despises escort services and had the audacity to compare them to pimps exploiting the poor little sex workers. You've got to laugh, except as I've stated, these tools have ruined it for everyone.

As agency owners you really need to be cautious of your new applicants as many would throw you under a bus for an extra $20... don't forget that. Do not allow these activists attempting to wash clearly illegal behavior write your narrative for you! How legal was Silk Road and the drug sellers on the site? Was taking down Silk Road censorship? Ask yourself these questions. I am all for total legalization of both drugs and prostitution, but at this point neither are legal. You are in the US (most of you), so wake-up and realize where you live.

I do place some level of blame on these platform owners. I read that Backpage had a team in India checking ads before they posted. Well, this is what happens when you outsource everything. The team would be unaware of what is legally acceptable and what falls in a gray area. It has been a couple of years since I even looked at Backpage, so I really do not know what they allowed to pass. I'm sure we will all find out when the indictment is available. 

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Vicky Gallas said...

To illustrate one point in this post, this sex worker is oblivious to possible problems she may have caused the indicted Backpage people. Her only concern is the $50 the publication may owe her... this is what you're dealing with! Scroll down the article to see the screenshot from her Twitter account: