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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Backpage Indictment Part Two: The Moderators

I am linking the indictment as I know some of you really looked forward to reading it. I have almost finished it and could assess it in two minutes, but I won't. Instead I will return and edit this post in the next couple of days when I have more time. Time is scarce today.

First and most importantly, I must apologize to the moderators in India hired by Backpage owners and operators to moderate all ads submitted on the website. The “India Team” did everything correctly and tried to do their jobs. Apparently, they were stopped at every turn and even threatened with being fired if they didn't follow instructions. The instructions from owners of Backpage were truly stupid. Yes, stupid is the most accurate term to describe it.

Read #s 43 through 64 to see how this team in India actually tried to do what they were hired to do! Again my apologies to the outsourced India team. Backpage owners obviously forgot where they live.

Read the indictment here:

EDIT on APRIL 12, 2018 @11:30PM

I took the time to read the indictment paragraph by paragraph, which wasn't hard as it's just around 60 pages, and I have reached several conclusions. First let's be clear that this case has nothing at all to do with FOSTA / SESTA.

My first reaction was gut-wrenching disgust when reading about the victims, especially the deceased victims. In all honesty here, if I had a child who died because she was advertised on this platform and they ignored my emails begging them to remove images of my underage deceased child, I'd probably hunt one of them down. All of the money in the world wouldn't help them.

Someone who knows the owner / former owner personally reminded me that the government lies. Well, yes, of course they do. I have never forgotten that. How could I forget it when I am still publishing documents from the Paul Bergrin case? Except that Paul's case is based on criminal informant testimony – around 20 criminals seeking time off their own sentences – and recordings that have clearly been tampered with and were made by criminal informants to begin with. Yes, the government is a big liar in the Paul Bergrin case.

However, this case is mainly paper based. The Paul Bergrin case was anything but paper based. This case is more like the My Redbook case or even the Silk Road case. Everything you publish anywhere on the internet is not considered free speech. Everything online is not entitled to a First Amendment defense. That's just not how it works. As much money as the Backpage group was making, you would think they would have had top-notch attorneys advising them along the way. You would think, right? The fact that they didn't shocks me.

If I ever believed that everything I published online was entitled to a First Amendment defense, I would have created my own Backpage a long time ago, before it existed. I have always known better. If I'm wrong – look out, because here I come and I will be replacing Backpage for you. No need to cry anymore.

Many seem to dislike, and even despise, my statements on this case. My statements are and have always been reality and fact-based. Not going to sugar-coat your information for you. I try to be nice and sometimes I do sugar-coat, but not when the discussion is a legal case. I'm sort of surprised that an attorney hasn't informed the BP defendants of the reality of the situation at this point; it is dire.

Once again, this case is paper based. The US government has been prosecuting money laundering cases for decades and they know how; they do it all day every day. As far as the rest of the case is concerned, I do not consider the First Amendment to be a viable defense, but let us all watch and see. Time will tell. 


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