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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Touring Concept

It sounds like a great business idea unless you are aware of the potential pitfalls. The concept of escorts touring to different cities for pre-booked appointments should be a viable business plan, but it isn't. I have stated this fact in each Blueprint book, in every phone consultation, and in any email that touched on the topic. Of course I also add it to every other blog post for maximum saturation. By now you know my opinion if you're reading this.

It is a widely known fact that crossing a state line transforms a state issue into a federal issue. But why should that matter because you are not doing anything illegal, right? The simple answer is that it shouldn't matter. The explanation is that you must only be accused of doing something illegal. Being accused and being guilty are two different situations. The base of any allegation by federal prosecutors would be a description of the defendant crossing a state line in the course of business, so if you've never done this then you do not need to worry about the entire issue.

These days it is often teamed with the sex trafficking allegation when it pertains to touring escorts or companions. I have discussed the evolution of the term sex trafficking in depth in other posts, so I won't be repetitive here. This is merely a reminder with proof attached. Many that read this blog are not interested in The Accused Madam Blog, but I want you to read these two recent articles:

Miami Companions Owners Indicted

Unraveling the Miami Companions Indictment

If you still think that touring escorts is a good idea after reading, well, we don't know each other. Sometimes I have little to say about the escort business as it is like an old hat to me – how much can one say about it? It is what it is.

Image: Downtown Miami Florida at Night 2010 © FotoMak / 2010 © iStockphoto.com