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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are You Awake Yet

Have you been operating your escort business in the sunshine as advised in the book? I sure hope so. The only reason that I still exist is because I never make any statement anywhere that I couldn't explain to a jury if I had to one day.

Someone - one of those many that wanted a consultation with me recently - stated that my case was irrelevant today. Actually it is more relevant than it has ever been. I suffered through many years of illegal surveillance and harassment by an agency that would do absolutely anything to get rid of me, yet I prevailed. So diss my Blueprint books if you like, but thanks to Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks, I am finally vindicated in all that I stated.

We live in a surveillance state. This applies even if you're in Canada or the UK or anywhere else in the world or that matter. The US spies on everyone, specially anyone that could potentially be engaged in what they consider criminal activity, which has been revealed to be everyone. National security never had anything to do with it.

I was reading a doc over on the Cryptome website a few days ago about the DEA Hemisphere program. It's a slideshow PDF and refers to any calls that go through AT&T switches. Do realize that this does not mean AT&T alone - as much of the world's telephone traffic passes through AT&T at one point or another. If your wireless phone from Sprint or Verizon is roaming, it may be on the AT&T network - you'd never know. Anyway, it's an interesting read:

In another country and think you're safe from the NSA and the many agencies it passes information to? Think again. These people tap the internet backbone and look at the many countries that cooperate with them:

Think that this doesn't apply to you? There are so many documents to read that I won't even begin to compile a list - Cryptome and WikiLeaks Spy Files do though. You will find a treasure trove of documents on both - so get started with your reading!

From a Reuters News article dated 6 September 2013:

In a statement on Friday, the Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, which said it was speaking on behalf of all U.S. spy agencies, did not confirm details of the media reports.

The statement did acknowledge that the U.S. intelligence community "would not be doing its job" if it did not try to counter the use of encryption by such adversaries as "terrorists, cybercriminals, human traffickers and others."

 Read the article: US spy agencies decry latest Snowden revelations

Special attention to the "and others" part of that statement because it means you and me. They have had a backdoor into any and all of your online communications for years, including your bank account info. Nothing that is done online is private, so think about everything that you do online, even when you believed the transaction and/or visit to be private and/or secure.

I have been stating all of this for many years. If you paid attention, well, good for you. If you mocked me, well, be concerned, but more important, implement changes and do things differently from this moment forward. Personally, I believe they've been working on ruining the internet for all of us for years. Get your house in order before it's too late.

Are you awake yet? 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aphrodite Companions Indictment

I updated my last post yesterday and stated that the Aphrodite Companions case showed as "closed" or terminated. At that time there was no second case showing in PACER, but there is now. For whatever reasoning, it was opened under a new case number in the same circuit. Now there is an indictment filed as well as several additional documents.

I have not had the time to read the indictment yet and will update this post after I do so later tonight or tomorrow. According to a statement in one document, they are both in the plea deal process. You can read the Aphrodite Companions indictment and the other documents listed below for yourself:

Aphrodite Companions Indictment 12 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Arraignment 13 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Order 14 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Order to Continue 14 August 2013

Please do not attempt to discuss the case with Melissa or Vincent Lombardo; to do so would be a disservice to both of them.

UPDATE on 16 August 2013 @1:15AM:

Well, that was the most boring indictment I've ever read. It's clear that the Lombardos are in talks with the government. Not much else to say and this case is over for me.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Aphrodite Companions Information Update

UPDATE on 13 August 2013 @6:45PM:

It appears that the case against the owners of Aphrodite Companions is closed, which of course makes no sense as there are no documents filed on this - just the notation on the docket report that the case is terminated as of 12 August 2013. The only time I see this sort of conclusion is if a case was filed in a different Circuit. Also, according to the BOP Inmate Locator, both Vincent and Melissa Lombardo are still in MDC Brooklyn with an "unknown" release date. This is some sort of game, but your guess is as good as mine as to what is really happening in the case.

Aphrodite Companions 13 August 2013 (Vincent Lombardo)

Aphrodite Companions Case Closed 13 August 2013 (Melissa Lombardo)


I have read and reread the Aphrodite Companions Complaint numerous times. I suppose that I'm trying to analyze the situation or at least why it happened to this company specifically and perhaps that is an exercise in futility. When you think about it, the how and the why is immaterial. It is what it is, right?

Any escort business that makes the choice to operate in multiple states, or globally as Aphrodite Companions did, could be the next candidate for federal indictment. I figure it's time to discuss it as the indictment may be filed tomorrow or it could also be filed next year or never. I'm not going to sit around and theorize for that long. The feds may not be in any hurry to file that indictment, so I won't be checking PACER on a daily basis, but I usually visit to research a couple of times a week anyway and will check at that time. As of the time of this posting, the indictment has not been filed.

One issue must be stated clearly first: Detective Myles Mahady is an anti-prostitution crusader and he has extensive experience in the field. Whatever he's decided to do by filing that complaint first, you could assume that he knows what he's doing. Most federal prosecutions are by indictment and I'd venture a guess that Mahady is in the midst of a major investigation.

Some Background on Detective Myles Mahady

There is some interesting information on Mahady in the book, "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer," and I happen to have a copy. I found it (new paperback) on sale on Amazon for under $3 around Christmas. Now (this minute) it's on sale for $3.61. Definitely worth a read if you are currently doing business in Manhattan or ever intend to.

While I did not realize it until it was brought to my attention, I know more about Mahady than any book reveals, so I'll leave the information in the book where it is and the decision to read it up to you and tell you something that I already knew. Mahady was the lead detective on the NY Confidential case. In case you are not already aware, Jason Itzler owned NY Confidential and Natalia (Natalie McLennan) was his main escort for most of the duration of that business. Her book is titled, "The Price: My Rise and Fall as Natalia, New York's #1 Escort," though it has a rather high price at the moment.

I have spent much of my spare time blogging about the Paul Bergrin prosecution and trials on the Paul Bergrin Blog this year and on my Accused Madam Blog last year. However, I have no documents from Bergrin's NY state case. Paul Bergrin was Jason Itzler's attorney when Itzler owned NY Confidential (and prior to that) and eventually pleaded to a misdemeanor count in the case just to make it go away as he faced a much worse fiasco of a prosecution in Newark. Natalie McLennan testified for the government in the last Bergrin trial.

Jason Itzler was not called as a witness in Paul Bergrin's last trial and all of Natalie's testimony was really hearsay --- Jason told me this and Jason told me that etc.... So while I considered Itzler an informant in past as a result of statements he made to news reporters, he did not testify in the Bergrin trial. Really, I think he's just a clown. Why? Well, his many statements to news reporters in past. I also blogged about Natalie McLennan during Bergrin's trial:

Detective Mahady worked closely with FBI Special Agent Shawn Brokos in connection with Paul Bergrin's NY state case and held-off on filing it until the feds were ready to file the Newark indictment. Brokos is a real piece of work, but you could read more on that in:

Back to the Aphrodite Companions Case

Take a moment to check a few names in the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator and you'll see that Paul Bergrin is in MDC Brooklyn. Other than one week immediately after his trial when he was vindictively transferred to Essex County Jail and separated from all of his legal papers, Bergrin has been in MDC Brooklyn for over 4 years. Guess who else is in MDC Brooklyn... Check the BOP Inmate Locator for Vincent Lombardo and Melissa Lombardo. Interesting indeed.

If you know the Lombardos, you can always write a letter, but I would not attempt to discuss the case with either of them:

Melissa Lee Lombardo - #80711-053
MDC Brooklyn
Metropolitan Detention Center
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Vincent Lombardo - #80712-053
MDC Brooklyn
Metropolitan Detention Center
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

On a different note, I did some reading on The Erotic Review (TER) last night and consider the situation improved in reference to reviews since my last visit over a year ago. Perhaps the majority of explicit reviews published these days were written by law enforcement or a few idiots. I am not a member and can't access the "juicy details," but site participants do not seem to be as insanely explicit in the discussions as in past.

I did note that one person commented in numerous discussions that the Aphrodite Companions arrest could be attributed to doing business with clients in other countries and several others picked-up on that and used the "foreign commerce" statement from the complain; however, they all omit the "interstate" part of the statement. For the record, any federal indictments or complaints related to escort or prostitution businesses use the terms together.

Any conclusions as to what caused this investigation that resulted in prosecution are theories at this point. It may have been a wire transfer from Dubai to an Aphrodite account or it may simply be the interstate operation business model. It could also be enemies making police complaints - I state this after reading the "rip-off reports" by a vindictive escort or two and the statements of a complaining escort on the ECCIE forum. I have heard a variety of theories and they are all exactly that.

Mentioning the complaining escort on ECCIE, what in the world gave this woman the idea that Aphrodite Companions would pay for her attorney in her solicitation arrest? If this was some promise made by an Aphrodite representative (Pamela) as the woman claims, I can see why Melissa and Vincent Lombardo were arrested and are being prosecuted. But note that I seriously doubt any such promise was made to the complaining escort.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tolerating TER: A Reminder

Last night I came across an article online that reminded me of why I shouldn't wish ill will on The Erotic Review (TER). It is my opinion that TER and other sites like it have successfully set women's rights back more than a century. Women are treated like merchandise or a product on Amazon on these sites and many of the male participants would have it no other way as is clear by a read through some reviews.

The problem, at least for me, is that these women accept this delegation to last class citizenry on these websites without much objection as if it's all a part of business. It's not a part of any decent business and shouldn't be acceptable for a woman selling her time and companionship to be reviewed like a pair of shorts or any inanimate object. Companionship is personal and should be treated as such. Most people will not have the same experience anyway because we are talking about people and human behavior here.

So before I digress too far, realize that my issue is the toleration for such behavior by a major online community. Forget the fact that we are all traceable these days and the writing and acceptance of such reviews by all participants is just plain stupid.

I'm sure that there are some mild and kind reviews written by nice gentlemen on TER, ECCIE, and various other review and membership sites in the world of adult business, but they are few and far between. The sort of reviews that I am referring to are what is discussed in the Aphrodite Companions Complaint in #20 on pages 14-15, #23 on pages 23-25, and #25 on pages 25-26.

What sort of deranged client would want to call a "provider" that provides services like that? Well, I will tell you - these are the people that I refused to book when I had escort services. For more than a decade, they've found their own little holes on the internet and succeeded at changing the business for "providers" and services alike. Most of us old-school service owners consider them to be the street trash of adult business.

I have no clue what value a service could see in this sort of thing and consider it a one-way trip down indictment lane. We can all be happy that the great majority of the provider participants require advance appointments and aren't interested in lower rates for dinner bookings. There will always be a place for real escort services.

Yes, I have digressed from the entire point of this post. The article I found last night was written by John Moore: Censorship starts with porn

Mr. Moore is correct, you know, especially with this sentence: "Here’s a radical idea: Let’s subcontract Internet-governance to the Taliban."

I certainly do not want to become the censor of anything in adult business online, but some of the stuff in these reviews is so disgusting that eventually it will run all adult business underground. Agencies have no excuse though. If an escort that's been on TER expresses an interest in working with your business, and you read a review like the ones quoted in the complaint, tell her to retrieve her self-esteem or get used to working alone, but certainly do not attempt to play in that game.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Aphrodite Companions Owners Arrested

A reader brought it to my attention this morning that Melissa and Vincent Lombardo, the owners of Aphrodite Companions, were both arrested yesterday. Melissa is known to most as Pamela. In the distant past, I exchanged numerous emails with Pamela and she was very nice and respectful, though we found no common ground for discussion.

Aphrodite Companions was one more business that faced indictment because of how they operated. Really they are charged with money laundering that is based on violating the New York law of promoting prostitution by the feds. I'm sort of surprised that the Travel Act (over the touring escorts) was not thrown in the federal complaint, but the actual indictment is not filed yet, so this is still a possibility.

Read the complaint, which I downloaded in PACER this morning, to understand why you should never participate in the TER (the erotic review) game. I have said it before and I'll say it again: TER is where local and federal agents investigating prostitution participate. The forums are entrenched with cops, whether you choose to believe it or not. The complaint and a few other docs:

I dare you to read that complaint and defend TER to me. At this point, the Lombardos are being held without bail, though they do have arraignment in early August - the 1st I believe. They are both better off staying in custody - that way when they plead to charges, the time served will be counted. And they will eventually plead to charges in this case.

The investigator in this case is a NYPD detective. You could bet your last $ that he's on TER. At any rate, Pamela seemed like a nice woman to me and I am sorry that this has happened to her. I'd also bet that there's an escort or two involved. I have read numerous online stories about Aphrodite Companions written by women claiming to have worked there, but have serious doubts about the veractity of each.

I will post an update when the indictment is available - probably within a week or so.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Current Spying Scandal: An Idea

Of course you're not doing anything illegal or even incorrect with your new escort service business. Still, no one wants all of their inner communications tracked. If you read my post on the topic of communications monitoring back in August of 2012, you should be aware of what your government does, if you were not already. In case you missed that post:

With the current news in reference to government spying, thanks to Edward Snowden, my previous statements on the topic have been vindicated. Though I do not feel the statements I've made since late 2001 / early 2002 require any sort of vindication. So, if you called me paranoid, well, you missed the boat. They did it illegally before the Patriot Act passed in October 2001, and then legally thereafter. I read the Act as soon as the legislation passed, but none of our representatives did before signing it and now they're all acting surprised.

I want you to read the information available on the website, so I'm not offering a complete discussion here, but Silent Circle is a project of Phil Zimmermann. If you were online back in the 90s, you'll remember Mr. Zimmermann's creation of PGP - Pretty Good Privacy - an encryption and decryption program used with email. 

Silent Circle protects your communications from outside interference of any type and in the escort service business there are many potential threats not related to government or the current spying scandal in the news. This is a great idea for a list of reasons.

Now consider Silent Circle and read through the information on the website. They are having a sale currently and any service that you choose is 50% off, but that deal expires on August 12, 2013! I recommend the Silent Suite Pro, which includes the following:

Silent Phone
Silent Text
Silent Eyes
Silent Mail

You would want to add Out-Circle Access to the above referenced package. There is also Silent Circle Business available, but pricing is not stated and you'll need to contact the sales team for an idea of cost. I consider the business service to be for large businesses though and it is beyond the scope of this current idea. This is about your inner circle communications and not related to calls from clients.

I have every intention of signing-up for Silent Suite Pro myself and considered it months ago, but never acted. Now is a great time to act. I thank the operator of Cryptome as it was his statement of signing-up this week that prompted this post. What are we waiting for?

I may update this post in the near future with an account of my early experience with Silent Circle. I strongly encourage you to read all of the information on the website to develop a better understanding of what Silent Circle is and how it works. This advice is not intended as any sort of circumvention of laws anywhere. This is all about having secure communications, and in the escort business, this is of the utmost importance.


On 21 June 2013, more information was released by The Guardian in relation to the "direct access" mentioned earlier by Edward Snowden. The way I am viewing it, this has no effects on the use of Silent Circle, but I need to take some time and look closer at the technical details. The article:

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

The article is a must read for anyone concerned with privacy in my opinion. Much of this information with documents has been available on the Cryptome website for years (many), but the general population paid little attention. Now that the stories have gone mainstream, people are concerned and that's a good thing.

UPDATE: On 9 August 2013 @ 5:30PM:

Silent Circle has ended Silent Mail because of the Lavabit problems and closing. Read the news here:

To Our Customers


"Today, another secure email provider, Lavabit, shut down their system lest they “be complicit in crimes against the American people.” We see the writing the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now. We have not received subpoenas, warrants, security letters, or anything else by any government, and this is why we are acting now."

Sad story here...

UPDATE on 19 August 2013, @6:20pm:

Here is a post with excellent questions in reference to Silent Circle:

Open Letter to Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas of Silent Circle on the Closure of the "Silent Mail" Service

This is the Silent Circle response:

Reply to Zooko by Jon Callas

My favorite quote from the reply is:

If I were them, what would I do?

In my oh so humble opinion, one must always assume that all communications are monitored these days. This is guidance that I have lived by since at least the year 1994, with the exception of a few angry outbursts at parties that harassed and abused me too long for comfort. That rule of life has served me well, especially last night. Feel free to take that last statement however you wish.

If I do not respond to an email you have sent me, it's because you're not as intelligent as you seem to believe. As a matter of fact, I'm adding a new rule to my life today... If I receive an email that's in any way legally compromising to me, it will be simply deleted as that's what the little trashcan icon is for. I am someone that suffered through more abuse than you are aware could happen in this country, unless you've read my Memoirs book, which would make you aware of some of that harassment. Today I'm just someone that wrote some books about her experiences and I'm absolutely done being abused over those books.

Best to you, if you're real.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party Booking Issues

Many of you are opening escort services and also booking parties as a side business. No service should book parties unless they can manage to do it correctly. A main point is that a few drunk men can never be referred to as a "party" as this situation is not bookable.

I define "party" as an event usually planned well in advance and with a theme, such as a birthday celebration, a bachelor party, a retirement get-together. As the business, you would send professional, experienced entertainers with the required costumes, music, and party favors to the location. The dancers must have security or a chaperone and there is no way that you should ever book any party without - as I use the terms "chaperone" and "security" they are one and the same thing.

In past I recall services in Orlando that booked any group of drunken men, called it a party, and sent an escort or two to dance alone. Nothing like that will ever be a party. I used to book parties and simply passed the information on to a professional dancer for a fee. I quoted what the entertainer asked me to quote and informed the client booking the party of how it would work per my discussion with her. The entertainer called the client back and made the final arrangement.

The dancers or entertainers should have their own chaperone and usually this is a male friend or even a boyfriend, but the dancers should never go alone. A professional dancer that has worked in a decent adult club knows better than to accept an open drink from anyone. Of course an escort should know this too, but you'd be surprised...

An example of an escort service booking a party that went bad is the Duke lacrosse player saga from North Carolina back in 2006. I do consider the escort service that booked this mess to be at fault. No way the booker should have ever sent two escorts to a frat party without security to begin with. In the days that followed, it became clear that Crystal Mangum accepted an open drink at that party and if she did so there, it's more than likely that she did so earlier as well.

While I do not pretend to know who specifically assaulted Crystal Mangum or even whether it happened at that party or at earlier calls she was dispatched to, it's clear to me that she was drugged. Her statements and behavior in the 2-3 days that followed revealed that much. Of course she was unable to identify her attackers and it's hard for me to understand why anyone could think it possible to begin with. In my opinion, prosecutors did not even consider that she was drugged and I do not believe she was tested for specific drugs (like Rohypnol) immediately after it happened.

The name of the escort service that Ms. Mangum worked with was Allure Escort Service in Raleigh and I have no idea if they're still in business or not. You will find that the articles remaining online today are biased against Ms. Mangum. However, earlier statements made it all too obvious that she was drugged by someone somewhere - there is no question in my mind. Yes, I was once drugged at a club in Orlando back in the mid-1990s and I know the symptoms, lack of a focused memory of anything etc....

Because of the way the investigation was handled and the fact that no one bothered to test for specific drugs, Crystal Mangum has suffered ever since. She is currently awaiting trial on a murder charge. The main point here is that none of this should have ever happened. If Allure did not book a bunch of intoxicated college players and send out escorts with no chaperone, it would not have happened.

Please follow my advice in the book as it relates to booking parties. I will add that it is a good idea to have a short discussion with each escort at the initial interview concerning accepting open drinks from any client, no matter that he is alone or how trustworthy you may believe him to be or if he is a repeat. I recall one escort in past that was turned away from a call because she refused to accept a glass of wine from an open bottle at a repeat client's residence as soon as she arrived. Better safe than sorry.

If you are unable to book parties using professional, experienced entertainers that have their own chaperone(s) as a side business, then do not book parties at all. There are professional entertainment companies that you could make arrangements with in advance to earn a referral fee.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Missing in Action

Hello dear escort business entrepreneurs!

I know that I have been missing in action lately and it is a combination of factors. A main reason is that there is not much to say - if you are interested in opening an escort service, you need to purchase Blueprint for an Escort Service and you will learn all you need to know. Another factor at the forefront is my blog in defense of Paul Bergrin, a great attorney and courtroom brawler, who is suffering an unimaginable prosecution.

Not much changes with the escort or entertainment industry except marketing and advertising venues and approaches. I have some updated information in the Blueprint Updates on my website, but have been lax for the last 4 months. I doubt that much has changed anyway, so most likely no one missed me.

I do hope that my readers understand the importance of my posting on the Paul Bergrin Blog and ignoring my other blogs. If you do not, you will if you ever have need for a zealous attorney to defend you in a courtroom. As most of you are aware, I had such a need in past when I faced decades in prison as a result of a wrongful prosecution. Make no mistake - Bergrin's defense abilities in a courtroom play a definitive part in the reason he was indicted.

A woman that publicly claimed to be the most expensive escort in the world testified in Bergrin's trial a couple of weeks ago. That woman is Natalie McLennan and she worked for Jason Itzler, owner of New York Confidential years ago. Her testimony to nothing much, as she witnessed nothing anyway, was in exchange for a plea deal to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. I was not kind to her in my posts, for good reason.

Anyway, I will be posting in the near future on the topic of parties: bachelor parties, birthday parties and all types of parties that would require one to book strippers. For the moment, I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and blogging for purpose on a different blog.

I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial pursuits! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watch out for the Abolitionists

In this context, the term abolitionists is a reference to the anti-adult business organizations popping-up everywhere disguised as sex trafficking experts and former hookers banding together to save the children from prostitution. Well, if you've read my books, you damn sure know that there have never been any children involved. But hey - these people are sucking the government $$$s up in the form of grants for their newly discovered cause and coming between an abolitionist and her money can be a dangerous undertaking.

So I stated a challenge to the last one I encountered in an Orlando Sentinel news article: Children caught in sex trade to be seen as victims

Yes, I have encountered so many of these save the children from sex-traffickers organizations recently that I have had my fill of the lot of them. Sometimes they write me emails with 20 questions. They claim to be sex-trafficking experts, which I seriously doubt, but I am certainly an expert on the so-called sex trafficking experts. My expertise is my many years of dealing with abolitionists that despise me, dating as far back as 1994. Most are seriously religious.

So what is the challenge?

Well, the article linked above was the second of its type that I have come across in the Sentinel in the last few days. These people claim there is a major child sex-trafficking problem in Central Florida. I call bullshit. The challenge as stated in the article comments, which thus far (6+ hours later), not a living soul has bothered to respond to:

There are not that many of these victims though and there are new non-profits popping-up daily competing for major grants. Way too many organizations lately. If we did a real count of child / under 18 victims of sex-trafficking, I'd be surprised if any one of these organizations could cite 10 cases in Orange County in 2012.

I can think of 3 cases that I have read about so I figure there may be double that. Come on researchers - it is your time to shine. Case numbers please.

Yeah. The truth is that I recall reading about three cases in the last year+ in Orange County (Orlando), Florida and trust me - the MBI puts on a big show for the news when they have an actual child (teenager) sex-trafficking case, so it is not as if this stuff does not make the news.

I'd bet my last $ that the so-called sex-trafficking experts whining about Central Florida being a hotbed for such activity can't come-up with 10 actual cases from 2012. These people are all anti-prostitution crusaders that attack all adult businesses and happen upon a teenager every now and again. The huge waste of money for the anti-prostitution agenda care of any taxpayers in this country is just crazy. Remember - it all started in Orlando. Now it is full circle as these people are entrenched here.

My favorite columnist at the Sentinel wrote about a couple, previously with Campus Crusade for Christ, that decided to drop their lucrative non-profit careers with the church and take-up the cause of teenage prostitution in Orlando with a new non-profit. The article: Fighting teenage prostitution in America's fantasy land

Even the one case in Orlando mentioned by Scott Maxwell in the article was about a man from Orlando, but the case happened in Tampa. Regardless, I do recall three cases in more than a year. Let's see if these dedicated people raking-in the $$$ from government grants can find 10 Orlando cases in 2012. Let's face it - if there aren't even 10 cases in a major metropolitan city in an entire year, these people are not needed because this is far from the crisis they claim it to be. They're here for the grant money.

Yes, I am an expert on those anti-adult business crusaders. Stay tuned - I will update this post IF they manage to find the 10 cases, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Relevancy of Blueprint in the UK and Other Areas of the World

I consider my Blueprint books both relevant and helpful to anyone that wants to open an escort service in almost any area of the world. I wrote a post back in 2011 that describes the best way to use the book if you are outside of the US. Really it all comes down to the level of acceptance for adult business on an outcall basis: Open an Escort Business Anywhere

Read the post linked above and then read my two posts in late 2012 on the Marie McKinlay prosecution in London:

First you must realize that McKinlay's prosecution was selective. Someone at a police agency and a prosecutor's office chose her specifically, and for no good reason. That agency was clean and the operation was a model of perfection. I would think that police and prosecutors could have found much better targets - like someone that was operating offensively or that was abusive of the escorts they worked with. Doesn't say much for keystone cops in the UK, does it?

If you read all three posts linked herein as requested, we are on the same level in this discussion. Until the day that Marie McKinlay decides to publish a book, my Blueprint books are the only guide on the market. Well, there is one guy named Jack that decided to ride my coattails and even uses parts of my titles in his ebooks published at much later dates (Blueprint was originally published in July 2009), but he is clearly someone that spent a couple of years involved in the escort business and has more worker-level knowledge than anything else.

Many that buy my books also buy Jack's, so his theory that riding on my back would sell his ebooks actually worked. Real readers complain that Jack does the hard-sell on books 2 and 3 throughout book 1 though. Fake reviewers praise Jack as some sort of escort industry god. This should be obvious to you, if you actually read the reviews.

I have told you point blank that all you need is one book: Blueprint for an Escort Service (February 2012 edition). You do not need my second book, but some of you buy it anyway as it does offer some additional information and for $5, why not? The "Complete Blueprint" is just the original book plus the second book, so you sure do not need all three.

Really I have run out of things to say about the escort business. There is no point to updating any of the books either as all that has changed is internet / technology related and I offer that free in the Blueprint Updates on my website. Other than tech stuff, the business does not change.

As to relevancy in the UK and other geographical areas of the world, perhaps Blueprint is less of a tool than it is in the US. The first post linked herein covers that gap completely. Why do I make the point of relevancy? Because some asshat with a yet unknown agenda wrote a false 1-star review on Amazon UK for The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service.

Asshat wrote a similar, though worse, 1-star for Jack's main book. I do feel for Jack on this one. He does offer some valid guidance in his books and if you're going into the business, you should read both mine and his, no matter what I think of what he did (the coattail ride). I was attempting to help someone close to me open a commercial cleaning business recently and purchased / read a total of 8 books on the topic. More knowledge is always a good thing. At any rate, the reviewer sure did not read Jack's book either - I did.

I know that the reviewer did not read my book or this blog - this is obvious by the statements. He does seem to be plugging some 2005 memoir written by the daddy of someone that operated a prostitution service while in the US military and 3/4 of that book is about the son's military court martial. No kidding? They actually prosecute soldiers that run prostitution rings from a barracks? (heavy sarcasm here) In my opinion, the reviewer has a connection to that older memoir of a court martial. The cover of that book has an image of a hooker (street-level for sure) with cash in her cleavage and jeans pocket. How tacky and certainly not representative of the type of business I encourage you to operate anywhere. He also seems to be plugging a book that offers confessions of a male escort.

The liar reviewer could not have read the books (Jack's or mine) he reviewed and he admits to knowing the male escort that wrote the confessions book. He also has a clear anti-adult business agenda. Don't get me wrong - he seems to like hookers, but doesn't know the difference between a street hooker and an escort and has serious issues with services in general. I can guarantee that there are plenty of escorts that have no interest or no time to do their own advertising and booking, but of course street-level hookers are another story - they simply stand on a corner or post on Craigslist or Backpage.

Until Marie McKinlay decides to write a book specific to London, there are none that are 100% relevant to the UK. I can guarantee that the one plugged by the nasty reviewer with the agenda about a court martial in the US is not relevant to opening or operating a service anywhere.