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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tolerating TER: A Reminder

Last night I came across an article online that reminded me of why I shouldn't wish ill will on The Erotic Review (TER). It is my opinion that TER and other sites like it have successfully set women's rights back more than a century. Women are treated like merchandise or a product on Amazon on these sites and many of the male participants would have it no other way as is clear by a read through some reviews.

The problem, at least for me, is that these women accept this delegation to last class citizenry on these websites without much objection as if it's all a part of business. It's not a part of any decent business and shouldn't be acceptable for a woman selling her time and companionship to be reviewed like a pair of shorts or any inanimate object. Companionship is personal and should be treated as such. Most people will not have the same experience anyway because we are talking about people and human behavior here.

So before I digress too far, realize that my issue is the toleration for such behavior by a major online community. Forget the fact that we are all traceable these days and the writing and acceptance of such reviews by all participants is just plain stupid.

I'm sure that there are some mild and kind reviews written by nice gentlemen on TER, ECCIE, and various other review and membership sites in the world of adult business, but they are few and far between. The sort of reviews that I am referring to are what is discussed in the Aphrodite Companions Complaint in #20 on pages 14-15, #23 on pages 23-25, and #25 on pages 25-26.

What sort of deranged client would want to call a "provider" that provides services like that? Well, I will tell you - these are the people that I refused to book when I had escort services. For more than a decade, they've found their own little holes on the internet and succeeded at changing the business for "providers" and services alike. Most of us old-school service owners consider them to be the street trash of adult business.

I have no clue what value a service could see in this sort of thing and consider it a one-way trip down indictment lane. We can all be happy that the great majority of the provider participants require advance appointments and aren't interested in lower rates for dinner bookings. There will always be a place for real escort services.

Yes, I have digressed from the entire point of this post. The article I found last night was written by John Moore: Censorship starts with porn

Mr. Moore is correct, you know, especially with this sentence: "Here’s a radical idea: Let’s subcontract Internet-governance to the Taliban."

I certainly do not want to become the censor of anything in adult business online, but some of the stuff in these reviews is so disgusting that eventually it will run all adult business underground. Agencies have no excuse though. If an escort that's been on TER expresses an interest in working with your business, and you read a review like the ones quoted in the complaint, tell her to retrieve her self-esteem or get used to working alone, but certainly do not attempt to play in that game.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I saw on ter under the Carolina's board people discussing the new law that passed on August 1. Apparently it is now a felony if caught there and even just writing an ad for yourself and posting it on the Internet is enough now to be charged and arrested.

I hope you write an article about this new law. A lot of people are freaking out about it.

Vicky Gallas said...

Well, it's not really off topic - the post is about tolerating free speech, whether we like it or not (TER). Though I did revisit TER when writing my next post and note that it's much more tame than it used to be.

I think that you are referring to the attempt to amend Section 230, but realize that you might be referring to a new law passed in NC or SC. To start with, you want to read this post by First Amendment attorney, Larry Walters:


I will look around and see if it's a new state law. However, in my opinion, posting an explicit ad that could be construed as an offer of prostitution could always result in arrest. All of this is why those acronyms (including GFE) over on TER and other similar sites are a serious mistake. People that participate in this crap are the cause of more online laws. This is why I am ticked-off about the entire topic. I end-up scrutinized because a bunch of idiots absolutely must be explicit. We all end-up under a microscope because of this crap. Not fair to me and others in adult business that do not post such explicit ads. That's why I said these sites (like TER) are ruining the industry.

Vicky Gallas said...

I just read through the board you referred to and the recent legislation gave the old law more teeth, but all of this has been illegal, so nothing new there. Thanks to a poster named "Sphinxnc" here is the actual legislation:


As I've stated before and Larry Walters states in the post linked above, it's the 'save the children' groups that have pushed this legislation and it's really all about prostitution.

Many are unaware, but I have received numerous threats over my Blueprint books, a couple that were much more intimidating than others. My response is always the same... Obviously the party never actually read any of the books in question - they make certain assumptions based on the title alone. Frankly, it gets old and sometimes I digress to simply telling the party threatening me to STFU. One such LE connected party in NY really thought he'd fix me recently and suddenly I had major sales of Complete Blueprint. We could be sure the book was severely scrutinized. The fact is that escort services are absolutely legal in 99 out of 100 locations / areas in the US. The books are about opening and operating a legitimate service. Not all escorts are prostitutes and not all escort services are prostitution fronts.

Beyond that, these groups seem to be blind to the fact that they are shoving the entire industry underground, which is true stupidity. The bottom line is that any ad / website by an escort or a service must be able to hold-up under heavy scrutiny.

To summarize: Many consider me overly conservative, but if you actually read my "Memoirs" book about what was done to me in Orlando, you'd understand why I am how I am. I'll never change.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you:


Vicky Gallas said...

When I saw your post, I figured it was some crude ad and your way of saying FU over my thoughts in this post, but I decided to look before deleting it. Well, ya got me officer. lol

The main problem that I have with such a man-hunt on BP or any other site is that the ad doesn't say what he's accused of doing. Another problem is that these days "human trafficking" is often used to describe anyone involved in adult business. Sure, there's always the possibility that your group in the Montgomery County Police, Vice Section only pursues actual human trafficking; however, I seriously doubt *that*. I have heard the rhetoric and misinformation too many times to accept you at face value.

Beyond that, writing reviews for women in your county or anywhere else in the US is not a crime. What is described in this post in reference to the AC complaint is disgusting to some people, but that doesn't translate to criminal. An often used defense to these reviews is that they're fantasy, but then when LE overwhelms the target, as is often the case, that target reacts as you want and a trial defense is never a consideration anyway.

Ever heard of Norma Jean Almodovar?

Police, Prostitution and Politics:


Any response?

Observer said...

So spending money gained from a business and transferring funds is illegal?

I understand the problems caused by the e-mails and the TER reviews as they were begging to get indicted.

What I don't understand is that you're not allowed to use your money to buy a house, make car payments or transfer to other accts?

Vicky Gallas said...

No, money gained from an illegal business (i.e. a prostitution service) is illegal. The emails and example reviews of Aphrodite escorts were used to show that it was an illegal prostitution business.

It's easier to indict for money laundering than to call a bunch of witnesses and gather statements etc... no people necessary in a money laundering case - not really anyway. AC gave them that choice, if the statements in the complaint are true.