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Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year and Other Stuff

I truly admire the people that visit this blog. For the most part, you're a driven group of people that have arrived on the Blueprint Blog in your search for information on how to open and operate an escort service. You have an idea and you want to know how to implement a plan, be safe, and make money at the same time. Even if money is not your ultimate goal, you've come to the conclusion that the revolution must be funded via some means and what better way than this?

A Year for Censorship - Reflection 

It (2012) has been a trying year for those of you already in the escort business. Censorship of anything adult has come to be accepted by the general population. Some of you may be thinking that the word "censorship" is being used improperly here.

Actual censorship is only applicable with government involvement and a business (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, all newspapers etc...) has the right to choose who it does business with. This is true, except for the fact that it is the hand of government behind the elimination of all that is adult from the internet and newspapers.

Some of you are aware of the fiasco with Google over Maps and Places listings for escort services. The bottom line is that if you're operating a legitimate, licensed business, you can argue it and any suspended listing will be reinstated, eventually. It certainly is a time waster though, isn't it?

There were several rogue Map Makers that made claims of all escort businesses being illegal and according to the arguments I became involved in, they were backed by Google. Well, Google has cleared the air on the topic and you shouldn't have any trouble - if you are operating legitimately and have a license. Really that is good news because those of you that do it all correctly do not need or want the unlicensed online marketers' listings competing with your own. Good riddance to them, right?

On the other hand, during the course of the big purge of escort services from Places, they have ruined it as a tool. Google "your city escorts" or "your city escort service" in Maps or Places and you will see every type of business in the world listed there with one or two escort services - everything from finance companies to high schools. So, they succeeded in ruining it - that is a fact. It is still worth fighting them to get your listing posted or reinstated though. Spend 15 minutes a day working at it until you succeed.

Marketing your escort business today

The truth is that I was never much at marketing. The way I know the business, it is most intelligent to just place ads where other services advertise and try to make your own stand-out in the crowd. It is the renegade marketer placing ads where they do not belong that will end-up with problems in the long-term.

You place the listings and ads where they belong and the clients will locate you and call. Same deal with the escorts seeking calls - there is no need to "recruit escorts" as several have stated it to me in email. If a client can find your listings and ads, so can an escort. Simple stuff there people.

With this type of business, you do not throw marketing copy or ads in everyone's face. They must be seeking you and not vice versa. This is where the marketers and I part ways because this business is not supposed to be marketed as a book, or a vacation to Belize, or a house is. For the 10 years that I was in the biz in Orlando, I simply placed ads and listings where they belonged and clients found me. It is the same in any geographical market.

If you force the church people to view your ads, don't be surprised when it bites you in the ass. On the other hand, if the church people (or rogue Map Makers) succeed at removing your listings from a place (Places) where they do belong, they should expect to see those listings all over the place in all sorts of categories. It's a two-way street, for sure. Look at what happened with Craigslist - there are no "adult" categories today, but you'll find adult ads all over in many different categories.

Whatever happened to the .xxx thing?

Well, I went searching this last week and discovered it to be a no man's land of sorts. Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not index the .xxx sites in regular search results and there is a specific search engine for these sites. It isn't much different than moving the red-light district out of town, on the outskirts of nowhere, and hoping no one ever finds it. In the case of .xxx, it appears that no one does find it.

The special, isolated search engine is http://www.search.xxx/ and it is referred to as, "The Search Engine for Porn". Well, we are operating businesses for adults here, but porn is an entirely different topic. Who in the hell wants to be listed in the porn search engine with an escort business site? No one with much intelligence, or at least no one in the US.

Search for something - like Miami escorts - and look at all of the "quick search" categories to your left. Good grief - as an escort business owner, I'd run from all of the terms listed except two. Perhaps this works for people in other countries that operate in those countries, but in the US, it's a one-way street to an indictment.

I'd still have one .xxx site if I were in the biz today, but it would probably be the most conservative of any listed, which is not a bad thing. Of course a client searching in that search engine is not really seeking conservative, so you may not do any business from that particular site, or you may start a new trend. For the price of a domain, it's worth a try anyway.

A FREE book for you

I sell few copies of my Memoirs of an Accused Madam: The War on Adult Business in Orlando book and decided to place it in Amazon's Kindle Select program. This allows me to offer it for free for a few days and hopefully sell a few copies once the free days are over. Memoirs will be free in all Amazon Kindle stores 30-31 December 2012. Search for it by my name in any specific country Kindle store.

The way Amazon works, this would be from 12:01AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) 30 December 2012 through 11:59PM PST on 31 December 2012. Times are always approximate and if you do not see it free, then try again in a few hours.

I really advise anyone getting into or already in the escort business to read that book. Find out what they really did to me and how I turned the tables on them. Sure, I was acquitted on all counts by a jury following a two-week trial, but they ruined me in the process and I am still suffering from the experience. If you learn nothing else from the book, you should learn that Orlando is not the place to operate such a business.

I have noticed several new services in the Orlando area recently and imagine that those operators think it was something I did that resulted in my prosecution / persecution. Well, newsflash people: All that I did was exist, and I did so legitimately. Yes, my case put the powers that be in their place in a sense, but only in the sense that they make sure they have all their ducks in a row before pursuing arrest of an agency owner.

Orlando is nothing you want to mess with - trust me on that or read the book - even as conservative as I am with the business. If you do not have a Kindle, all you need to do is download the Kindle app for your PC, laptop, or smartphone. No excuses people.

The book is the Second Edition with most aliases omitted because I had an argument of sorts with some asshat cop under the original edition when he claimed that the characters were mixed-up. No, all it was is that my subconscious used the real name of the main case agent twice in just under 300 pages and I decided not to change it. The main case agent that abused so many people had an alias in the original book. I solved that problem for asshat the cop by writing a second edition with real names. Please laugh - I did. ;)

The only review on the book is on Goodreads and was written by someone named Drew. I have no connection whatsoever to Drew and it is a totally random review (that I love). I never solicit reviews - you should know that if you've read through my blogs. Read it: Drew's Review

I wish all a great New Year in 2013! May you prosper in all of your entrepreneurial pursuits!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marie McKinlay Not Guilty in London Trial

First I must congratulate this brave defendant that suffered through something that is unimaginable to most people! Marie McKinlay was cleared on charges of running a prostitution racket (controlling prostitution for gain) in London and according to the Daily Mail, "sobbed with relief" when the jury delivered the not guilty verdicts. She had an intelligent jury that could see through the case that prosecutors presented:

I used to hold a title of sorts for being the only escort business owner in the world (as far as I am aware) to be found not guilty by jury verdict on charges of operating an organized prostitution ring. In the US this is referred to as "organized crime" and RICO (racketeer influenced corrupt organization) charges filed. Now I am just the title holder in the US. In both situations the case was presented as the escorts or prostitutes being "employees" of the agency when in reality, it was much the opposite.

I have no idea what sort of penalty Marie McKinlay faced, but I faced a possible sentence of up to 60 years in a Florida prison. In Florida the two charges I was on trial for are first degree felonies. I will imagine that the potential penalties are much less in London, where the act of prostitution is absolutely legal for the prostitute.

Anyone in the UK have an idea of the possible penalty that Marie could have received if found guilty by the jury?

This case is also representative of why a defendant should take the case to a jury if that defendant knows the case was improperly charged, the business structure was set-up correctly, and they're not guilty of the charges and willing to testify. Marie's willingness to testify was extremely important. If a defendant is unwilling to swear to the truth under questioning on the stand in trial, then a jury knows no more than what the prosecutors claim.

I see that Marie is smiling and happy as she walked away from the court. I ran (literally) from the courthouse after collecting my paperwork and speaking with my attorney for a few moments. Marie is pregnant and could not run or most likely would have. We must ask ourselves why prosecutors often pursue those that deserve it the least. There is always a hidden agenda.

I cry for you as I type this Marie. It brings back memories and a flood of emotion.

Congratulations to Marie McKinlay!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Marie McKinlay Trial in London: A Discussion

I have read several articles in the last week about the trial of Marie McKinlay in London. Marie is a 40 year-old mother of two that's accused of operating a brothel and an organized prostitution ring. I do not have access to actual court documents and can only interpret what I have read in the news. In fact, I do not know the specific charges that she is on trial for.

This article repeatedly refers to specific amounts of money in her bank account: Mother, 40, accused of running high-class vice ring

I think that's wonderful that she managed to cover her children's education and support them fully with no outside assistance. I do not understand the consistent reference to finances though, unless there is a related charge. Would we rather she was on public assistance?

According to all that I have read, Marie operated a top-level business and all of the escorts were 100% independent, setting their own hours, and paying 30% of the booking rate as a fee for marketing and appointment setting services. Marie took-over the administrative aspect of the service in 2002, while working as an escort for the operation controlled in its entirety by five escorts. This article reveals that she is testifying in trial: 'Escort Madam': I love money and sex

By all counts, I am not sure that I understand why prosecutors would target this strong, independent woman operating as ethically and correctly as possible. The statement is the reason, more likely than not - many in this world do not like independent women that need no help from anyone.

In the last article linked, take note of the images of the escorts and the description of what each offered. The article refers to "girlfriend experience" and "porn star experience," and both are terms that no one in the US in their right mind uses these days. Both terms come with serious baggage to state it mildly, though the wording is not actually illegal anywhere as far as I am aware; they're defined on forums and message boards everywhere.

In the UK, prostitution itself is not illegal for the prostitute; however, operating a brothel is indeed. I'm going to imagine that they expect the prostitutes to find customers online all by themselves with no assistance from anyone. Sounds inconsistent to me, although I do understand what such laws are intended to target. I do not believe that Marie McKinlay operated the sort of agency that the laws were intended for though.

I view each of the escorts working with Marie as operating their own business and contracting her marketing and appointment setting services. Consider that for a moment - it's sort of the reverse of the independent contractor / escort contracted by the agency in the US.

I do not know how trials work in the UK and only hope that Marie is found not guilty of anything she is charged with. While there may be technical improprieties, in spirit it is precisely the type of operation that any government should happily accept. Obviously no one has been coerced or forced in any way, shape, or form in this case. My thoughts are with the defendant.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Opening an Escort Service: The Facts

There are no real escort services that place ads on Backpage and anyone that believes differently is in denial. There are many independent escorts that utilize Backpage and other sites to place classified ads, but that is an entirely different subject. Opening an escort service anywhere in the US or elsewhere in the world requires some money. It is not cheap and it is far from easy.

I see so many people cutting corners these days that it's beyond ridiculous. Who in the hell told you that you could open any business with $100 or less? Certainly not me. As a matter of fact, I used to state that you could do it on just less than $1000 and changed that well over a year ago to closer to $1500 to $2000 minimum. Technology always evolves and what worked a couple of years ago may or may not work today.

Really my reference to cutting corners is the refusal by so many to purchase the appropriate business license that describes specifically what they offer. In most areas of the US, that means an "escort service" license, but in other areas it is "outcall promoter" or even "entertainment". It depends on what you offer and where you are opening the business. You can read most local ordinances and codes that describe specific licenses by visiting the Municipal Code Corporation website. All areas are not the same.

You will come across some areas that really complicate the license for an "escort service" and if you encounter this, it is advisable to either choose a different area OR adjust your business model and what you offer. Do not just skip it all and operate without a license because that is a clear path to arrest. The independent escorts that you contract are not immune from the license process either and in most areas of the world are required to obtain a license to be in business.

Getting into business is not an overnight project. Sure, there will always be idiots that place classified ads on various sites like Backpage and refer to themselves as a business, but actually opening a business requires filing the correct state and local paperwork, designing an actual website(s), visiting an accountant and at some point an attorney. There is so much more to opening a business than placing ads on a classified ads site.

This blog receives far too many reads from people all over the world for the low sales that my Blueprint books have lately. If you have decided to give away or sell digital copies of my book without including me in the process, I hope that your bad karma bites you in the ass. If you downloaded a free copy somewhere, do the right thing and donate by purchasing a copy somewhere that I sell my books, and do it now so that I can have a Christmas.

Information is not free - at least not my information earned through blood, sweat, tears, a horrific two-week trial, and all of the subsequent abuse I have suffered since my acquittal. If you actually pay attention to everything I say in Blueprint for an Escort Service, I have provided you with extremely valuable information - $thousands of $s worth of information. This ain't a fiction book and it already sells at very low prices anywhere that I offer it.

I ask that you actually read the book before emailing me with your stupid questions that are already answered if you had bothered to read. I do not respond kindly to stupid questions answered clearly in my books. This is serious business and I assume that you consider entering the escort business world to make money - what a concept! Yes, we all need to make some money to survive and if you pay attention to my material you will do far more than just survive - you will thrive.

Welcome to capitalism.

Updated on 12 November 2012 to respond to a comment:

It was against my better judgment to allow your comment to post. You have a woman in a skimpy pair of see-thru underwear on your front page. While it is entirely up to you what you do with your business, I have repeatedly recommended discretion - on this blog and in my books. Links deemed "adult" can cause my blog to be deleted, so I have chosen to copy/paste the comment herein:

""There are no real escort services that place ads on Backpage and anyone that believes differently is in denial." Then why do you recommend doing it in your book on page 192? I did purchase it from you,in case you're wondering. :)"

First of all, thank you for purchasing the "Complete Blueprint" book - I truly appreciate it. The quoted statement is a reference to advertising your escort service on Backpage - nowhere have I ever recommended that.  I do understand how the statement could be misconstrued though. The statement in "The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service" (published in May of 2010) related to posting an ad seeking independent escorts to work with your business and I also state that you should not link your service website in that ad - which eliminates any form of advertising the business. However, I have changed the Backpage statement in that book over a year ago here on the blog and then in the Blueprint Updates when I added the pages to my website.

No service should be placing ANY ad on Backpage. This has been stated repeatedly for well over a year now and in the February 2012 published edition of "Blueprint for an Escort Service". Backpage (BP) has been hot, hot, hot all over the US for at least a year now. I used to like BP back when it was not so popular, but after it was attacked by media and government everywhere, well, I ditched that thought. That happened about the same time that Craigslist closed the "adult jobs" and "erotic services" categories worldwide.

Not intending to be rude, but you'd have to be asleep at the wheel to miss the serious attacks leveled at BP for more than a year now. I've written about it more than once here and on my other blog. I appreciate the First Amendment right of BP to publish such ads and will always side with them, but have no desire to jump-in the fiasco and wouldn't recommend this to anyone else.

The Blueprint Updates are linked in the navigation bar here or you can go to Blueprint Updates on my website. There are 4 topic specific pages linked on that main page and in the top navigation bar on the website. These updates are really important - please do read. Most are technology related as applicable to websites, advertising etc... At the time I decided to post updates on the website, I removed most blog posts here related to updates of the book.

Beyond that, please feel free to contact me privately regarding advice in reference to your website.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do Not Mess with the IRS

A federal case filed recently in Las Vegas was brought to my attention by a reader of my blogs. I retrieved all of the available documents from PACER and they're uploaded to my Updates (Documents) page of my website. The only named defendant in the case is Emmanouil (Manny) Varagiannis and though the indictment includes numerous statements referencing prostitution, there is no actual charge for anything related. The charges involve transaction structuring to evade reporting requirements.

Transaction structuring is defined as making deposits to a financial institution (banks in this case) and "structuring" to avoid the requirement that a report be filled out by the bank teller for deposits of $10K and over. According to what I read, one bank teller sort of advised him to divide deposits and avoid the government form and that's where it all began.

As for the allegations of prositution in his escort business, or rather outcall promoter business, the man is not charged with anything related. I believe that detectives in Las Vegas managed to bust an escort or two, but that certainly won't make a legal case against the acting manager, which is the position Varagiannis holds. Some woman that is owner of a men's club and was obviously involved with him in past made allegations, but I do not see anything in any document claiming there to be a wiretap or tape of the admissions the woman claims that Varagiannis made privately.

Scorned woman syndrome or what?

It does seem that way from what I read in the indictment and other documents. Apparently detectives approached the woman at her club and the conversation evolved to what is stated in the indictment:

Varagiannis Las Vegas Indictment

Really this is all about structuring to avoid IRS reporting requirements. This is a main reason that if opening and operating an escort business or an outcall promotion company, you need to see an accountant. If you open in Vegas, you need an accountant immediately and before an attorney. Clark County charges a % of the gross income as a part of the license, so there's no way you could procrastinate on the accountant.

There are other allegations in the indictment that refer to a program offering taxi drivers kickbacks for referrals. I am not clear on why it is even mentioned as it is not illegal to do so; however, the cabbie (taxi driver) would of course be responsible to report any money earned on his income tax filings.

The bottom line to this case is do not mess with the IRS, no matter how anyone at a bank suggests you structure your deposits. You are responsible. More on this case as documents are made available.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Google Play: Ebooks Now Activated in More Countries

I just now visited my account to sell ebooks in Google Play and noticed that activation in Brazil, India, and Russia is now available. I have activated all books for sale in all countries listed. I do apologize if you looked for my books in the Google Play store and were unable to find any on a search in these countries, but I rarely visit this area of my account.

To find Blueprint for an Escort Service, you may need to click the link herein or in the blog sidebar. The reason it is not findable in a search in the Google Play store is related to my allowing Google to assign an ISBN. I think that if you are in another country, say Russia, and you click the included link to the US store, you will be automatically redirected to the Russia Play store. Please advise if this is not the situation.

I have noted many visitors to this blog from Russia, India, and Brazil this past week and now I understand why. Please do inform me if you have any trouble finding a book - comment anonymously (or not) to this post and I will respond. I do ask that you do not include links to any adult websites that have nudity. We are more censored in the US than most people believe. I certainly have no issue with nudity or porn, but the blog would no longer be included in relevant search results with these type of links.

If you purchase The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service, you will need to read the Blueprint Updates on my website as the book was published in May of 2010. If you purchase Blueprint for an Escort Service, this is not as important as it was recently updated (February of 2012), and most of the updates on the website are included. I will be updating each page this week and always note the date and time of the last update at the bottom of the page.

This is the main page for the updates on the website: Blueprint Updates

These are the topic pages for updates:

Websites and Hosting

Focus on Local


Business Models

I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial pursuits!

Vicky Gallas

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Worst Ad Ever for Backpage

There are many reasons that potential clients should not be dialing sex workers on Backpage, but I have never found a reason as valid as this story. There were 40 people arrested in Saint Cloud, Florida over the last few days in a sting operation. Now Saint Cloud is in Osceola County, which is at Disney's back gate. In other words, cops called ads in Orlando Backpage and booked sex workers.

See the images - all 40 of them. Collectively this group looks like a bunch of drug abusers, though there may be a few not on drugs:

40 Arrested in Saint Cloud Prostitution Bust (link no longer works, so no reason for post, but it was too much)

Have you ever seen a worst ad for Backpage? I can't even believe these people have the audacity to post an ad, but I really wonder what sort of images each used in the ads; obviously not their own.

I never post stuff like this, but I about fell out of my chair laughing...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Escort Services and Google Places

Many of you have experienced your Google Places escort service listings being deleted in the last 6 months. I discussed this previously a few posts back. However, if you have followed the guidelines stated back in March and again in July 2012, and checked the box to "hide your address" - your Places listing should show. All listings that were deleted should be reinstated.

A search for "Miami escorts" (substitute any city) today shows a bunch of absolutely irrelevant listings. For example, a financial planner, armed security services, animal control, a photography design studio, a magician, a university, a high school, a law firm etc... How absurd, right? These people have literally ruined Places. The good news is that now you can make them repair it by resubmitting your listing..

It was indeed a couple of renegade Map Makers that have caused all these troubles. They would have someone higher in the group that despised escort services as they did approve the delete while claiming that it was the rule. It was never the rule as I stated back in July. Escort Services are allowed listings in Places. This has been, once again, confirmed by Google. Push it as far as you must and keep resubmitting the listing until it shows.

This is the statement made by Google on a thread in the Map Makers forum in relation to escort services:

Update on Escorts and SABs (announcement is dated 16 August)

An excerpt (the forum link is to the July discussion):

We have been hearing various concerns on forum about redirecting mappers to Google Places for certain listings that are Service Area Businesses (SABs). Here are the details,

Why mappers adding Service Area Businesses are redirected to Places?

  • Google Places carries out specific verification process to verify the physical location of businesses and SABs in particular.
  • Google Places also gets in touch with the owner of the SAB in order to get specific details and verify them to avoid spam.
  • Map Maker currently does not have this facility
  • There have been higher instances of spam in SABs
  • Its advisable for mappers adding SABs, to add them through Google Places to ensure correct business verification

So it is not Google's fault, except in that they were of no assistance to anyone that suffered a deleted listing. Apparently enough of you complained and they have made the policy clear. Do not allow these renegade Map Makers to get away with deleting your listings. Let's repair Places. Just make sure that you follow the Google Places guidelines for Service Area Businesses (SABs).

Thanks to Debb for emailing me this information! My health is not great and I can't fight the world anymore. If you care about your Places listings, push until it is reinstated.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Operating an Escort Service in the Sunshine

In Florida we have what is referred to as Sunshine Law. This is a reference to open government and providing public access to government records and meetings . Often this law is not enforced or government agencies find ways around it via the use of exemptions. This is not much different than the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) at the federal level, though the feds do make serious use of a list of many exemptions and more often than not, you will not receive the information requested. Yes, they state differently on the linked website, but I'm offering the reality perspective here.

In many ways your escort business operation is similar in relation to managing information. If you are in the US or the UK, you should already be aware that you and your fellow citizens are being tracked and it would take agents of the government less than an entire day to slap together a full picture of you that includes contacts, Facebook pals, work history, telephone numbers past and present, internet access devices and methods, bank and financial statements, relatives, neighbors, and friends etc.... Hopefully you get the picture here.

So to go through life and business expecting any level of privacy today is not much different than burying your head in the sand. All that you do is easily tracked by government agents in the US and the UK. Everything you say and do could be replayed for judge or jury should these agents decide to target you. If you doubt what I am saying or would prefer to think of me as paranoid, I ask that you take less than 30 minutes of your time and read this for starters:

The NSA is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) by James Bamford.

If you would like to take it an additional step, purchase all of James Bamford's books and start reading. I first started reading Bamford's books back in 2001. The first I read was Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency, and I purchased the hardcover; still have it. A more recent title of importance is The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to Eavesdropping on America. Read it. I guarantee that no matter how much you think you know about government surveillance, you'll find it enlightening.

So how does this relate to the escort business and my escort service?

The connection should be obvious for you, but I will elaborate. Any information they want to gather about you, your escort service, its clients, and the escorts is right at their fingertips. In the US there is a Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, but trust me; that won't stop them. Few law enforcement agencies in the US pay any attention whatsoever to the Fourth Amendment. I am not clear on related or similar protections for citizens in the UK, but I hear the surveillance is even worse there, if that is possible.

If I want to go somewhere and I do not want anyone to know where I'm going, I use a vehicle that I do not own and I leave my telephone at home. Sounds dreadfully primitive, right? It is what it is. I do take such an excursion a few times a year, but I will leave it to your imagination as to where and why. Hint: It has no relation to the escort business at all.

If I want to have a conversation and I want to be as sure as possible that it is private, I have it in-person and with someone that I know and trust. There is no such thing as a secure telephone. There is no such thing, for the most part, as secure email. This short assessment includes the use of throwaway phones, which may indeed be secure for one conversation, but that's it. If you can afford $30-50 to have one conversation and the other party can also, then go for it; however, this has no connection to the escort business. As you should be aware, you have many conversations daily with many people in the course of operating your escort service or entertainment company.

Think you are placing ads for your escort business anonymously? Think again. You are tracked in all that you do and if someone decides to gather all of the information, they'll be aware of any posting you have made anywhere using any name, if they want to be.

If you have read my Blueprint book, you know that I scoff at verification services, TER reviews, use of credit cards, and anything that gives another party a list of escorts or clients. I feel that we are all entitled to privacy and that was always something I enforced whether anyone wanted it or not. The good thing about running your own business is that you can do it your way. Nevermind the ignorant potential clients that want to use credit cards or the escorts that do not care if their face is splattered all over the internet or not. You could also learn this much about my business philosphy by reading my blogs.

So how do I operate my escort service in the sunshine then?

If you have followed my advice and are operating with any and all required licenses and paperwork filings, you're off to a good start. If you have followed my advice in relation to touring escorts (!), verification services, online reviews etc... you may not be as publicly visible as your competition that ignored the advice, but you are a hell of a lot safer. Intelligent clients will find you. Serious and intelligent escorts will appreciate you and find you when the time is right.

I have had far too many questionable emails lately from alleged readers that want to know how to "recruit" escorts. Never, in any book, have I ever used the phrase "recruit escorts" and I feel that these questionable emails are from people that did not read the book and seek free information or some government agency or another.

I realize that some of you consider yourselves to be tech-intelligent and make use of many online marketing tools. I ask you to realize that most of these online marketing tools were certainly available to me back in 2000-2001, but I passed on using them. My arrest in the malicious prosecution did include some postings on Big Doggie website sent by prosecutors in discovery; however, these posting were my attempts to stop anyone from discussing or reviewing my agency. You can read about it in Memoirs if you care. The party soliciting reviews was indeed an agent and I was correct.

Do you think I am so outdated that there were no touring escorts when I was in business? I must lol at that. Consider Miami Companions or Apres Vous or various others that base their business on touring escorts. They were all around during the late years of my business in Orlando. Miami Companions operators all pled guilty to various counts and the company no longer exists, but the problems were a result of touring escorts and credit cards.

The other outfit named has indeed had plenty of arrests in past. If there is no visible federal case, that's only because it is invisible and they opted to remain open. I closed my agency almost three months before I was arrested. Yes, I knew that agents were speaking to an informant escort that worked with me briefly more than two years earlier and was operating her own agency when caught-up in a credit card mess prosecution. That escort service owner continued operating her service too and her damn telephone was ringing in her purse as she testified in my trial. She also had escorts that worked with her business in the hallways during the first four days of my trial, at the request of agents, no doubt.

You could also look at the more recent case of Classy DC Escorts and DMV Indies. What did these people do that you should not be doing? Well, plenty really and if you read my book you'd know that, but for the sake of this conversation, they offered touring escorts and posted frequently on TER. Not intending to pick-on TER here and there are other similar outfits that many of you are aware of that are no different. One thing (among many) that they all share in common is the explicit reviews systems.

So keep on posting on TER and offering escorts on tours if you want, but realize that often prosecutions are a game of musical chairs and someone involved will take the deal. That is a fact that you could take to your fact bank. More recently I have heard that TER is hosted outside the US and this is a main reason that the many participants feel safe and secure. As if the US government has no reach outside the US, right? Incredibly laughable to me.

So operate your escort service or entertainment company in the sunshine, but at the same time realize why privacy does matter and keep your client and escort lists to yourself. After all is said and done, you are sending out sexy escorts by the hour for companionship and not escorts for sex. Realize that any conversation you have with anyone could one day be replayed for that jury of your peers. All of your conversations should be in the sunshine and with expectation that someone somewhere may be listening.

We are all tracked in America, and in the UK, though I am unsure of relevant laws there. Doubt me? Search for the term "Carnivore" and "ECHELON" if you are young or have forgotten what your government is capable of.

Edit on 2 September @5:45PM to add an important link: 

There is an interesting PBS Frontline show titled, "Spying on the Home Front," first released in May of 2007. You read and click on chapters to watch the videos:

Spying on the Home Front

Whether you are aware or not, your government considers you and everyone to be a suspect. Suspected of what? Anything; it doesn't matter, but they'll usually use the terror investigation card to get the ball rolling. It's not much different than the philosphy that guides all cops: If you're not a cop, you're a perp.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Escort Services on the Internet: The Future

 Very important update! 

EDIT - 9 July 2012 @5pm:

When that other thread was locked, Deb started a new thread requesting clarification from Google on the policy relatng to Places / Maps listings and escort services. An actual Google employee responded:

We treat escort services like any other service area business - if the address is faked or isn't marked as hidden, the listing will be removed.

Locking this thread to discourage further negativity about this topic.
The thread is here:

Hi Jade saw you locked the escort service thread can you please clarify the issue?

So obviously it was the renegade Map Makers with a mission. Make sure to check the box to "hide your address" in your Places dashboard as no customers come to your business location if you have an escort service.

End of edit.

Anyone that has an escort service today needs to pay attention to the outlook for adult businesses on the internet in the US. There is a disturbing element of censorship that becomes more pronounced every day and it's only going to get worse in the future. There are ways around it though.

EDIT on 7 July 2012 @1:45am EST:

I have completely updated two of the Blueprint Updates pages on my website with help around the Maps / Places issue and advertising and marketing ideas and thoughts:

Focus on Local


For those of you that read this blog and the Accused Madam Blog regularly, this should not be news. I have often written about the censorship experienced in Orlando for many years and my belief that Orlando is a test city to see what works and what doesn't. They want to know what level of censorship the general public will tolerate and how to work around it. Well, now I see that they've found new ways to bypass the First Amendment using government contracts with big business.

I did edit my last post several times as I had new information to add and I won't be editing it again. The first link in that post is: Listing Removed from Maps Due toTechnical Issue. The link is to a Google help forum for those having various issues, including problems with Maps and Places listings. Read the entire thread. I guarantee it is enlightening.

After my last post on that help forum, I did conduct due diligence. My short time spent on research revealed the following and it is not good news if you own an escort service, a stripper service, or even a strip club. Make no mistake: The agenda is to censor anything and everything that is adult on the internet.

I actually had telephone conversations with close to 10 people in adult business early this morning. Most were positive about the situation and sort of shrugged their shoulders on it as they all recalled what we did before Google existed. Yes, these people were all long-term adult business owners and not people that purchased my books to open a service in the last few years. A few thought that it would be to their advantage when the industry is shoved back in time to print ads. Perhaps they are correct because knocking 100s of thousands of independent escorts out of the picture can't be bad for escort services.

You see, print ads – especially the yellow pages – eliminate much of the competition. No more free or cheap advertising would be available. As one man stated to me, he needed $10K to $15K to get into the yellow pages with decent sized ads and compete. If you've read my book, make sure you've followed all of the advice and not just Google Maps/Places advice. That advice included yellow pages ads, though I did advise you to go light and use services available free or cheap on the internet. Start saving everything you're making now, because you're going to need a yellow pages presence in the future and they usually want substantial down payments.

We already know how hard law enforcement is working to get rid of Backpage, so I won't get into that here. You should also know my thoughts on The Erotic Review (TER). Every federal case that I have researched and posted about in relation to escort services on the Accused Madam Blog has involved TER because their forums are entrenched with agents. Ignore what I'm saying and be a part of a future federal case.

What my research today revealed

If you have placed all of your eggs in the Google basket, you have seriously screwed-up. Fix it right now, before it is too late. I searched for the keyword phrases “escorts” and “escort service” preceded by the city. In other words, “orlando escorts” and “orlando escort service” or “boston escorts” and “boston escort service” etc... Map Makers with an Agenda have already been working hard to remove Maps and Places listings for escort services and entertainment businesses that are adult (i.e. stripper and bachelor party listings) in cities around the US.

Another part of this trend relates to Google updating web search results. About two months or so ago, my two websites that I used for research were completely removed from natural search results when both had been on the top of the first page of results for a long time – one for several years and the other for a year. At the time, I tried guessing why, but none of it really made sense. Anyway, no skin off my ass because I was not actually operating a service. I recently deleted both sites from my hosting account.

More recently I noticed that two services that had operated in Orlando for many years had also been removed from search results. One has been in business since 1992, and the other since 2000. Both are now the disappeared. Thank goodness for Yahoo and Bing, but then we all know that few searchers use either in comparison to the almighty Google.

On a positive note, Apple is working on a local listing service and we will have to watch and see what the future brings on that. Now for the bad news. My research revealed:

All Maps and Places removed in the following cities, but some have popped-up again and then disappeared again, but usually one or two reappeared where there were many before:

New Orleans
San Antonio
Bangor, Maine
St. Louis
Kansas City
Washington DC
Fort Myers, Florida
Paris, France (yes, you read that correctly)

The following list of cities has most Maps/Places listings removed and only 1 or 2 remain.

San Francisco
Fort Lauderdale

These city lists are by no means comprehensive. I didn't search for every city in the country or the world, obviously. If you do not see what I saw, be really happy because it may mean that someone took the censorship power away over at Google. It is hard to imagine that the order to remove all adult businesses came from the top or anywhere close to the top, but you never know.

The other disturbing trend involving escort service websites disappearing from natural search results benefited the following list of ad and listing websites:

City of Love
City Search
Open Adult Directory
Yellow Pages
Dex Knows
Naughty Reviews
Map Quest
Date Check
EZ Local
City Vibe
Insider Pages

Many US cities have few or zero actual escort service websites in the natural search results now. I always thought that search results were supposed to index the most relevant websites first, but obviously something has seriously changed. Watch all of this closely in the future.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Social Media and the Escort Business

I admit to making little use of social media to sell my books or for any other reason. I'm not really a social person, I am wary of anyone following me, and I consider a major company collecting large amounts of information suspect to say the least. Clearly I am not the best advocate for using social media to promote your escort service or entertainment company.

The online world has experienced serious change since I first had an escort service website in 1993. Back then I had the second escort service on the internet. I have little doubt that there were other escort businesses promoting on BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) and in chat rooms, but I never really had an interest in BBS or IRC in relation to the escort business. Remember – back then we had dial-up. I didn't get ADSL until 1998, and I was one of the first in Orlando to have it. Bellsouth sent four network techs to my house to install it. Can you imagine?

If you're interested in what IRC, BBS, and early ADSL was all about back then, read:

Fast Forward to Today

Most of you are already aware that your tweets with Twitter are archived and housed in the Library of Congress. Your websites probably will be included in the Internet Archive project, which started in 1996. Facebook does archive messages and posts. I am not yet clear on Google Plus archiving practices, but we should assume they archive everything.

So how does this help the adult business owner? The truth is that it doesn't. This is not the sort of business that you want everyone to connect in. I would skip Facebook and Twitter entirely and focus on Google Plus. On the other hand, if you have a stripper-gram or a bachelor party only type of business, you should be using all of these mediums to promote.

I think that anyone with any type of business can make good use of Google Plus though. The best use includes Google + Pages which is really targeted to businesses. Definitely read through these links to develop a better understanding of how you can use it for your escort service or entertainment company:

Google Plus Business Pages

Google + for Business

This will actually be tied to a Google Places listing in an account. I have not made any sort of use of it yet and only recently signed-up for Google +, but if you use your imagination, you will realize that the possibilities are endless for your business. You can also use Google + Hangouts to have conversations with a specific circle of people. Make sure to read about Hangouts!

I will take it an additional step here. If you join Google + and follow me, I will follow you back. You would be in my “Adult Business” circle. You can have many circles with Google + and use Hangouts to have discussion with specific people in circles. Really a wonderful concept! My Google Plus Profile - Please do excuse the 2008 photo. I look the same except that I stopped coloring my hair and it is gray, which is why you will see that same photo for a long time.

You won't be able to create a bunch of aliases though. Google does allow a person an alias, but read the article and the names policy before you begin:

Google Relaxes Real Name Requirements on Google Plus

Google + Page and Profile Names

Do read the policies on names carefully. If you screw-up it can indeed cost you your Google account. They want your real, identifiable name and if you lie and create the account using an alias, you will be booted. I know that you can arrange it and make it work. If you read my book, you are operating your business correctly and are licensed to operate. This is really important for your business. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where to Open an Escort Service

The location most often searched in relation to opening an escort business is Las Vegas and it would be my number one choice for the experienced and the mentally strong. Vegas is truly for the hardcore. It's a legally safe place to open as an “outcall promoter,” but it is also highly competitive and you would need to create a niche service or at least target niche markets.

In my opinion, you are almost better off practicing somewhere else for two or three years and then tackling Vegas in the future. A beginner should not start in Vegas, though many of you do have related knowledge and are indeed qualified – only you know the answer to that. If I were to open an escort service today, I'd be on the next flight to Las Vegas, but then I do have many years of experience.

Miami can also be competitive; however, a person new to the business certainly can create a thriving, successful business there. Any readers here that have read my Blueprint books know that they are based on opening an escort service in Miami-Dade County, Florida. To be specific, the license you need there states, “dating and escort services” and doing it all the correct way is not that complicated in Miami.

Let's discuss Miami for a few minutes

I love Miami. Miami is a beautiful city that is also an adult playground. Orlando is for children and Miami is for adults and they are vastly different locations. If you watch the YouTube at the head of this blog, you will learn something about the layout of Miami and if you have any intention of moving there to start an escort business, I'd suggest that you watch the video and then study the layout of Miami-Dade County and its many municipalities. I promise it is not as complicated as it looks at first glance.

I lived in Miami from some time in 1983 through the end of 1987, and then went to college there in 2007-2008. Of course I have visited often over the years – sometimes for one day and other times for weeks. I love Miami. Yes, I know I have already stated that. When I first lived in Miami, I lived in Coconut Grove and then I later (1986) moved down south to the Cutler Ridge area off Old Cutler Road and SW 190th Street. I would live in Miami right now, except for my personal obligations that keep me in central Florida.

Coconut Grove in the 1980s was one crazy place. Life was a party. Hell, Miami was a crazy place so it wasn't only the Grove area. A flood of memories come to mind with that statement... enough for a book. My Memoirs book is all about my former business in Orlando, so it may be time for one about the business in Miami. That would be a different type of Memoir for sure.

With world attention on that crazy story last week – the one with the crazed man eating the other man's face next to the MacArthur Causeway in Miami – I feel that a discussion of Miami is in order. Miami has always been a crazy place, but that guy had to be on serious synthetic drugs and he must have snapped from the heat. The autopsy will hopefully reveal specifically what he was on.

When I lived in Coconut Grove something as crazy happened not far from my back porch. It was late one night (like 4am-5am) in 1985 and we could see the Metrorail from our door. We were awake, but many people were awake at that hour back then... The way the lights by the Metrorail shined we could actually see the figure of a man swinging around a woman's head by her hair. Apparently he had chopped her head off. At the time we thought it was religion/voodoo related. Next thing we knew there were what seemed like hundreds of cops, sirens screaming and blue/red lights flashing everywhere. The lunatic actually threw her head at at cop. Just crazy.

During this era in Miami, beautiful South Beach did not exist. Have you ever seen the movie Scarface? Watch it and you will see how south Miami Beach was back in the 80s and how Miami was in general. Today Miami is a relatively safe place to live and a beautiful city. Yes, it is still on the crazy side, but it sure beats living in theme park land up here.

Second-Tier and Third-Tier Cities worthy of consideration

In Blueprint 2, I discuss what are referred to as second-tier cities. You will find it easier to open and operate an escort service in almost any one of these cities than in a major metropolitan area. A main reason for this is the lack of serious, skilled competition and this is actually a good way to learn the business without so much pressure. Hopefully you understand why opening a service in a second-tier city like Tampa, Florida or St. Louis, Missouri will be easier for the beginner and equally as profitable as a major metropolitan city area.

Third-tier cities can also be equally as profitable. The country is filled with third-tier cities. I would also consider Cincinnati and Cleveland to be third-tier along with Charlotte, North Carolina and San Diego, California. There is some debate on what makes a second-tier or a third-tier city and my opinions have evolved over time and may differ from the opinions of others. I haven't decided if Hartford, Connecticut is third-tier or fourth-tier, but similar areas are also a great place to start.

Understand that it is not necessary to jump into business in a major metropolitan area to make great money and it would actually be easier for you to at least start elsewhere and then work your way up to a major escort business area like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC, Miami etc... in the future.

Beyond this discussion, I want to remind anyone purchasing The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service and anyone that purchased Blueprint for an Escort Service prior to mid-February 2012, to read all of the Blueprint Updates on my website. The link is to the main updates page, but there are 4 additional pages to read at the time of this posting.

All the best in your entrepreneurial pursuits! 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When it is Time for a Vacation

You should know that it is time for a vacation when your telephone lines are being pounded with odd and questionable calls from numbers all over the country. At least one major city in the southwest US is currently under siege. I do not need to name that city as anyone in the escort business there is already aware of the current dire situation.

What the rest of you need to know is that the totally independent escorts in that southwest US city that book their own calls are being charged with the usual misdemeanor soliciting AND felony promoting prostitution. The felony count is for booking the call and the bond has been reported as $50,000 in each case. This is in line with what I have always stated that any independent escort that markets and books calls is her own business and they are not immune. Still, it is unusual.

In my opinion, it is all related to the Classy DC Escorts indictment fallout. There are numerous informant independents walking around seeking work; take a vacation and do not meet, interview, or work with any unknowingly.

When the telephone lines are under siege as they are in this southwest US city, it's time to take that long-needed vacation. Need more money first? No, you need to have a business when you return instead of a messy legal case. If you have little money socked away for such surprise vacations, think back to before you entered the escort business: Take a cheap extended vacation, but definitely take one.

What is a cheap vacation?

We used to go down to the Keys, like south of Marathon Key. There are wonderful campgrounds in this area where you can go diving, fishing and party for a month without missing the rest of the world. You can actually catch your dinner. Do not forget to bring a shrimp net and a lantern along with your coolers and camping gear.

Las Vegas can be a cheap vacation too. Check the rates at Circus Circus and Motel 6 on East Tropicana. Usually that Motel 6 has nightly rates of $32 if you book online and it's actually a choice place to stay if you choose the recently remodeled non-smoking section. There are all sorts of coupons available for buffets and even gambling... Check Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor for deals.

Perhaps camping on a lake in Kentucky or Tennessee mountains is more your style. While you're there stop by the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg for a tour. Remember what it was like before you had to deal with ringing phones and idiots all night.

Wherever you choose to go on your extended cheap vacation, leave the business phones at home. Contact your wireless service provider or the local telco and have the lines put on vacation too. Well, you may want to keep one line on so that you can see how fast and furious the calls come in when you leave and cannot be reached. Suddenly people that you never knew cared are desperately dialing you to get the 411. Just do not pick-up the phone.

When you return you may have to start all over again with escorts as many will not understand any need for such a vacation and will opt to work elsewhere, get arrested, and turn into the next informant. You will need to do your due diligence on the escorts prior to meeting with any when you return.

Give it a month and then check the atmosphere again. If it is still as it was when you left, leave again. No amount of money is worth a felony criminal case and the end of your business. Wait them out, because eventually they will find something better to do and go away.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Start an Escort Service

One thing about it - You will need to know more than how to start an escort service to be successful. You will need a Complete Blueprint for success in the escort business. There are many aspects of marketing that do not apply to escort services.

You will find that discretion is far more important than selling techniques when it comes to how to start an escort service and keep it operating.

My name is Vicky Gallas and I have been around the escort business for a long time. All of my research is current and updated. I want you to know who I am and that I owned the second escort service in the world that was online. My service first went online back in 1993, when there were fewer than 25,000 websites listed in Yahoo and Google did not exist.

The Internet Archive started in 1996, so you can actually see this for yourself - I am not a mystery marketer - if you read and follow instructions here: My Former Business

You do not want to be charged in the latest indictment or become the next target du jour of local, state, or federal law enforcement. Be discreet with your escort service and do not throw market copy in their faces just because you can and it will be a successful business.

I am the only escort service owner in the US to be acquitted (found not guilty) by a jury on organized crime charges. Google my name and see for yourself. I am a real person that has survived the worst type of prosecution.

I have had one connection or another to escort services since the mid-1980s and actually started out as a booker for an escort agency in Miami, the ultimate adult playground. I owned services for an entire decade in Orlando, the most conservative market that an escort business can exist in. My latest research of the escort business was in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Miami - three entirely different markets.

If Las Vegas is your interest, I can tell you that there are no licensed escort services there - only entertainment companies that hold "outcall promoter" licenses in Clark County, Nevada. Vegas is the big time, the city that never sleeps and packs the conventions in daily. The costs of opening an entertainment company and obtaining an "outcall promoter" license in Vegas are not prohibitive, but also not for the shoestring budget crowd.The rules in Vegas are different than the rest of the country.

Make no mistake, there is money to be made in the escort business, but you will not become a millionaire no matter what anyone tells you, if you do it all correctly. It is create-a-job and it also involves serious work and a free schedule. It is not something that you can do in your spare time. Starting an escort business is not fun and it is also not sexy. As a matter of fact, sexy will never enter your mind in relation to your business. It is a business.

The most up-to-date book that you will ever find on the topic of how to open an escort service and operate it is Blueprint for an Escort Service. The original edition was published in July of 2009, but I have recently (February of 2012) updated that book as technology and how we use it has certainly evolved since. This book is all that you will ever need.

I published The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service in May of 2010. Rather than update the few technology issues that have since changed, I chose to offer the Blueprint Updates on my website. The reason for this is that more people purchase my paperbacks than my ebooks and none should be required to buy a new book to read the latest. I update that section of my website often. This book offers additional helpful details on how to open an escort business.

Understand how important it is to know who the person is that offers information on how to open an escort service. Realize that opening is only the beginning and it is the operation that counts.

My paperbacks are available from Amazon and can be ordered from any bookstore. My ebooks are available in the Google Play store, Amazon Kindle store, and in the Barnes and Noble Nook store. To find "Blueprint for an Escort Service" in Google Play, you will need to click the link because no matter what I have tried, it is not listed by title or by my name in Play and will look like it is not for sale. It is for sale in Play. The other books are easily found by a title or author search.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blueprint Books Availability Update

There is nothing mysterious going on with my Blueprint books. I have had several blog readers contact me regarding availability and consider it a good time to post a statement. To buy in the Google Play store: Blueprint for an Escort Service

Paperback editions of all books are available from Amazon and can be ordered from B&N and almost any bookseller with one exception - Blueprint for an Escort Service (my original Blueprint book) has been updated and the paperback is in the proof process, but will be "in stock" on the Amazon site soon, hopefully by 20 February 2012, if not sooner. When an interior file is changed a proof must be sent to the publisher (me) and then accepted. I do not anticipate any issue and expect to accept it within a couple of days.

The updated Blueprint for an Escort Service ebook is now available in the Amazon Kindle store. The updates are incorporated throughout the book. You will see that the publishing date is February 9, 2012 on its product page: Blueprint for an Escort Service

Amazon may make the updated Kindle copy available to anyone that purchased the original edition in past. This includes any downloads on the New Year's giveaway. You will have to contact Amazon Kindle Customer Service and request the updated copy.

I feel that the updated Blueprint for an Escort Service covers it, with any technology advances or new issues. If you previously (prior to February 12, 2012) purchased any of the paperbacks, just view the major updates on the Blueprint Updates section of my website: Blueprint Updates

I could have sold my books for $149-700 just as anyone else offering information about opening and operating escort services does as my information is more thorough (and now completely updated); however, chose to set a lower price - $9.99 for the ebook. One major reason for this is that watching these prosecutions is distressing to me. I dealt with it when Google discounted to $7.99, but that was where I had to draw the line and when I found my main seller available for $4.50, well, I quickly pulled the plug. I really loved Google ebooks and the ability to sell there too, so this was upsetting for me.

All books are now available from the Google Play store and from Barnes & Noble Nook store.

Hope this clears-up the questions concerning what is going on with my books.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vilifying the Escort Service Owner

The vilification of escort business owners is something that I have seen often in the last 20 years, but more recently it has escalated with each indictment or arrests that involved owners and operators. The high number of people (mainly independent escorts) voicing a hatred of escort service owners in online forums most recently is a result of the Classy DC Escorts indictment and the inclusion of the gun/violence charge.

The truth about the use of a gun and threats by the owner of Classy DC Escorts (if it even happened), is that these people were robbing him. The escorts he allegedly threatened and the driver/booker that he allegedly beat while “brandishing a gun” were stealing from him and the business – the thievery is a fact. If it is all true then he needs an anger management class – no one was actually shot or anything – and to learn to walk away from thieves that rip his wallet from his pocket. As hard as it is to do this, walking away is the only choice.

As I visited various forums shortly after the indictment was handed down, the vicious nature of the posts and clear hatred of escort service owners was all too obvious. I didn't say a word as I do not know anyone connected to Classy DC. Back when Jeane Palfrey (the former DC Madam) was arrested, convicted, and then committed suicide, the posters were 90% vicious bitches from hell. Many were considering her suicide to be reason for celebration. I couldn't hold my tongue and I let them have it – Jeane often caught and said goodbye to thieves. I haven't posted on the TER or Big Doggie forums since.

The bottom line is that if these independents didn't like working with the service, all each had to do was leave, exit, open their own damn business. Just as there is no real excuse for “brandishing a gun” in attempt to retrieve stolen money, there is also no excuse for the thieves. One crime is no better than the other! (actually as long as no one was really shot, I consider brandishing a gun to be the lesser offense)

There will be many independents that cross your path and steal your fees at every opportunity. I still have one that I refer to as “the Christmas thief,” but really it was my fault that she got away with as much as she did. If I had been paying attention as I should have been, the most she could have stolen was a fee or two. As angry as I was at the time, mainly due to my misplaced trust, I knew that my only option was to walk away. That was what I did.

I wonder how they'd feel if any owned a restaurant and an employee was stealing from the register on a nightly basis. Would they blame the party that threatened or even hit the thief? The restaurant owner has the option of dialing the police, but the escort service owner really does not.

Some anonymous party posted a wild and unprovable allegation against the owner of Classy DC on my other blog a couple of days ago, but I deleted it in minutes. I figure that he was in the business since 2006-07, and the feds were investigating from around the middle of 2009, so if such a crazy accusation was not included in the indictment, it has to be entirely baseless and the anonymous poster probably plays a part in the case (like informant).

Every time a newspaper comes out with a story about an underage prostitute being pimped on Backpage, the same crowd lays the blame on the existence of escort services. Only a complete moron would blame the entire escort industry because some idiot commits such crimes. But isn't that exactly what they're all doing by demanding the removal of the “adult services” and “escorts” categories on Backpage? Everyone is supposed to pay for the crimes of a few. Not in this lifetime. I hope that Backpage holds its ground.

Anytime an escort business owner is arrested or indicted many blame the entire industry, as if we all had some hand in the party's business or do everything as they did. A main rule here is that all escort services are not created equal. No two services operate exactly the same. I do not know about everyone else in the biz, but I am sick and effing tired of being called a pimp by idiots and thieves. If the escorts didn't want to be escorts, they wouldn't be. Don't let these people pull your leg – they all want the damn money.

[End of rant, for now anyway] 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Escort Business: Reflections and Thoughts

I hope that the readers of this blog are having a happy new year, or at least are on the road to a better future. Many of you arrive at this blog by typing the phrase how to open an escort service so I must imagine that this is your intention.

This blog actually gets more reads than my Accused Madam Blog, unless I am blogging about topics of interest to many people, like trials in the news or well-known cases like the Miami Companions case or the Southwest Companions arrests. I never intentionally ignore this blog – it's just that there isn't much that has changed in the escort business, so what is there to say?

When I offered two of my books free through Amazon Kindle store at the end of 2011, the downloads overwhelmingly (4 to 1) favored my “Memoirs” book and not the “Blueprint” book. I considered this odd as I sell so few copies of Memoirs in comparison to any of the Blueprint books. If you missed the free offer I am sorry, but it's available at a low price for anyone actually interested in opening an escort service.

The tech aspect of opening and operating an escort service is always evolving, but the rest of it stays the same. As the internet and search indexing change so do the businesses seeking clients online. I found no solid reasoning to publish a new edition of “Blueprint” over tech stuff as I am not an expert on that topic anyway. Just build a website viewable and findable on smartphones and laptops alike and do not forget the new focus on local and you'll do fine.

State and federal law enforcement agencies have not paid anymore attention to the escort business than they always have and often this is dependent on the area you choose to operate in and the level of acceptance. Always take the safe and consistent side and realize that all money is not good money. Learn to walk away. Realize that you owe no one an explanation for anything that you do. When people start questioning me, I start making up stuff. No random stranger or old acquaintance appearing out of nowhere should ever be questioning you and if it happens, head the other direction quick.

A person that I have posted an article about on both blogs long ago (Doug Ketcher of the former Sweethearts Escorts of South Florida) dropped by to comment as he was recently released from prison. I am sure that his ordeal is not anything that any of you ever want to go through and I implore you to pay attention to what I have stated in the book. I feel for Mr. Ketcher, but at the same time, I didn't have his party and neither should you. Acceptance of credit cards for your business and pretending the IRS doesn't exist as you rake in the big$$$s could place you in harm's way and it is never “worth it” as Mr. Ketcher stated in the comment.

And then there is the New York High Class case.... There were drugs involved in the case and it is not just an escort service prosecution. I have no clue if the many defendants are guilty of anything or not, but according to the indictment, the case involved drug delivery to clients. A similar set-up of the infamous Jason Itzler (of NY Confidential fame) took place a couple of months later in the same jurisdiction. Just skip the drugs and you won't have the sort of problems that any of these defendants currently do. Your mommy should have taught you that much, but if she didn't then take heed of the warning now.

Realize that most of the YouTube videos posted on my blogs have significance to me in one area of life or another. I have never just posted random videos. Not that it matters to you... I'm just sayin'....

If you have attempted to post a short comment and link to your escort website here in past, please realize that if I allowed all comments with adult business links to go through, this blog would be finished in short time. I like my blogs and the US is a censored country, no matter what they tell you, so the comments won't be posted.

On a rare occasion I will let a comment and link to a conservative site go through, but I check that link later to make sure it hasn't evolved into a porn site. One semi-intelligent poster dropped his real comment with a profile link on my other blog long ago and the profile was nothing that mattered at that time, but soon readers were flocking to this seemingly unimportant article. Yes, his profile link became a XXX explicit porn advertisement. It was deleted.

I recently changed my consultation policy on my website to accommodate the small group of people that asked everything from..., well, you have the idea, I'm sure. In the books I do advise that you are welcome to contact me with a question or two and you still are, but if it reaches the point of exasperation and is too time consuming for me, I'll be responding with a link to the consultant page of my website. The one party that actually paid for email consults actually turned out to be really nice and just wants to make damn sure everything is correct. That is something I do understand. Just realize that I cannot hold your hand through the set-up and opening of a business as it places me in jeopardy.

Realize that I do not allow anyone to place me in legal jeopardy. This is something that I learned form my many years in the business and my subsequent prosecution and acquittal by jury. Yes, people have tried – one too recently for comfort. If I even suspect that your goal is to throw me under a bus for your own prosecution, well, I react different ways. Sometimes I ignore the party and other times I just start making stuff up, but whichever route I choose, realize that you are no match for me, at least not in anything even remotely related to the escort business.

Last, but not least, please do not bother downloading my titles for free on one of those illegal file sharing websites. Realize that I can't be in the business because of my past and I barely survive. I don't think $8-10 is too much to pay for a book that could help you make hundreds of thousands of $s legally and safely, do you?

Stay safe and prosper!

Vicky Gallas