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Friday, August 31, 2012

Operating an Escort Service in the Sunshine

In Florida we have what is referred to as Sunshine Law. This is a reference to open government and providing public access to government records and meetings . Often this law is not enforced or government agencies find ways around it via the use of exemptions. This is not much different than the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) at the federal level, though the feds do make serious use of a list of many exemptions and more often than not, you will not receive the information requested. Yes, they state differently on the linked website, but I'm offering the reality perspective here.

In many ways your escort business operation is similar in relation to managing information. If you are in the US or the UK, you should already be aware that you and your fellow citizens are being tracked and it would take agents of the government less than an entire day to slap together a full picture of you that includes contacts, Facebook pals, work history, telephone numbers past and present, internet access devices and methods, bank and financial statements, relatives, neighbors, and friends etc.... Hopefully you get the picture here.

So to go through life and business expecting any level of privacy today is not much different than burying your head in the sand. All that you do is easily tracked by government agents in the US and the UK. Everything you say and do could be replayed for judge or jury should these agents decide to target you. If you doubt what I am saying or would prefer to think of me as paranoid, I ask that you take less than 30 minutes of your time and read this for starters:

The NSA is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) by James Bamford.

If you would like to take it an additional step, purchase all of James Bamford's books and start reading. I first started reading Bamford's books back in 2001. The first I read was Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency, and I purchased the hardcover; still have it. A more recent title of importance is The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to Eavesdropping on America. Read it. I guarantee that no matter how much you think you know about government surveillance, you'll find it enlightening.

So how does this relate to the escort business and my escort service?

The connection should be obvious for you, but I will elaborate. Any information they want to gather about you, your escort service, its clients, and the escorts is right at their fingertips. In the US there is a Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, but trust me; that won't stop them. Few law enforcement agencies in the US pay any attention whatsoever to the Fourth Amendment. I am not clear on related or similar protections for citizens in the UK, but I hear the surveillance is even worse there, if that is possible.

If I want to go somewhere and I do not want anyone to know where I'm going, I use a vehicle that I do not own and I leave my telephone at home. Sounds dreadfully primitive, right? It is what it is. I do take such an excursion a few times a year, but I will leave it to your imagination as to where and why. Hint: It has no relation to the escort business at all.

If I want to have a conversation and I want to be as sure as possible that it is private, I have it in-person and with someone that I know and trust. There is no such thing as a secure telephone. There is no such thing, for the most part, as secure email. This short assessment includes the use of throwaway phones, which may indeed be secure for one conversation, but that's it. If you can afford $30-50 to have one conversation and the other party can also, then go for it; however, this has no connection to the escort business. As you should be aware, you have many conversations daily with many people in the course of operating your escort service or entertainment company.

Think you are placing ads for your escort business anonymously? Think again. You are tracked in all that you do and if someone decides to gather all of the information, they'll be aware of any posting you have made anywhere using any name, if they want to be.

If you have read my Blueprint book, you know that I scoff at verification services, TER reviews, use of credit cards, and anything that gives another party a list of escorts or clients. I feel that we are all entitled to privacy and that was always something I enforced whether anyone wanted it or not. The good thing about running your own business is that you can do it your way. Nevermind the ignorant potential clients that want to use credit cards or the escorts that do not care if their face is splattered all over the internet or not. You could also learn this much about my business philosphy by reading my blogs.

So how do I operate my escort service in the sunshine then?

If you have followed my advice and are operating with any and all required licenses and paperwork filings, you're off to a good start. If you have followed my advice in relation to touring escorts (!), verification services, online reviews etc... you may not be as publicly visible as your competition that ignored the advice, but you are a hell of a lot safer. Intelligent clients will find you. Serious and intelligent escorts will appreciate you and find you when the time is right.

I have had far too many questionable emails lately from alleged readers that want to know how to "recruit" escorts. Never, in any book, have I ever used the phrase "recruit escorts" and I feel that these questionable emails are from people that did not read the book and seek free information or some government agency or another.

I realize that some of you consider yourselves to be tech-intelligent and make use of many online marketing tools. I ask you to realize that most of these online marketing tools were certainly available to me back in 2000-2001, but I passed on using them. My arrest in the malicious prosecution did include some postings on Big Doggie website sent by prosecutors in discovery; however, these posting were my attempts to stop anyone from discussing or reviewing my agency. You can read about it in Memoirs if you care. The party soliciting reviews was indeed an agent and I was correct.

Do you think I am so outdated that there were no touring escorts when I was in business? I must lol at that. Consider Miami Companions or Apres Vous or various others that base their business on touring escorts. They were all around during the late years of my business in Orlando. Miami Companions operators all pled guilty to various counts and the company no longer exists, but the problems were a result of touring escorts and credit cards.

The other outfit named has indeed had plenty of arrests in past. If there is no visible federal case, that's only because it is invisible and they opted to remain open. I closed my agency almost three months before I was arrested. Yes, I knew that agents were speaking to an informant escort that worked with me briefly more than two years earlier and was operating her own agency when caught-up in a credit card mess prosecution. That escort service owner continued operating her service too and her damn telephone was ringing in her purse as she testified in my trial. She also had escorts that worked with her business in the hallways during the first four days of my trial, at the request of agents, no doubt.

You could also look at the more recent case of Classy DC Escorts and DMV Indies. What did these people do that you should not be doing? Well, plenty really and if you read my book you'd know that, but for the sake of this conversation, they offered touring escorts and posted frequently on TER. Not intending to pick-on TER here and there are other similar outfits that many of you are aware of that are no different. One thing (among many) that they all share in common is the explicit reviews systems.

So keep on posting on TER and offering escorts on tours if you want, but realize that often prosecutions are a game of musical chairs and someone involved will take the deal. That is a fact that you could take to your fact bank. More recently I have heard that TER is hosted outside the US and this is a main reason that the many participants feel safe and secure. As if the US government has no reach outside the US, right? Incredibly laughable to me.

So operate your escort service or entertainment company in the sunshine, but at the same time realize why privacy does matter and keep your client and escort lists to yourself. After all is said and done, you are sending out sexy escorts by the hour for companionship and not escorts for sex. Realize that any conversation you have with anyone could one day be replayed for that jury of your peers. All of your conversations should be in the sunshine and with expectation that someone somewhere may be listening.

We are all tracked in America, and in the UK, though I am unsure of relevant laws there. Doubt me? Search for the term "Carnivore" and "ECHELON" if you are young or have forgotten what your government is capable of.

Edit on 2 September @5:45PM to add an important link: 

There is an interesting PBS Frontline show titled, "Spying on the Home Front," first released in May of 2007. You read and click on chapters to watch the videos:

Spying on the Home Front

Whether you are aware or not, your government considers you and everyone to be a suspect. Suspected of what? Anything; it doesn't matter, but they'll usually use the terror investigation card to get the ball rolling. It's not much different than the philosphy that guides all cops: If you're not a cop, you're a perp.

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