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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are You Awake Yet

Have you been operating your escort business in the sunshine as advised in the book? I sure hope so. The only reason that I still exist is because I never make any statement anywhere that I couldn't explain to a jury if I had to one day.

Someone - one of those many that wanted a consultation with me recently - stated that my case was irrelevant today. Actually it is more relevant than it has ever been. I suffered through many years of illegal surveillance and harassment by an agency that would do absolutely anything to get rid of me, yet I prevailed. So diss my Blueprint books if you like, but thanks to Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks, I am finally vindicated in all that I stated.

We live in a surveillance state. This applies even if you're in Canada or the UK or anywhere else in the world or that matter. The US spies on everyone, specially anyone that could potentially be engaged in what they consider criminal activity, which has been revealed to be everyone. National security never had anything to do with it.

I was reading a doc over on the Cryptome website a few days ago about the DEA Hemisphere program. It's a slideshow PDF and refers to any calls that go through AT&T switches. Do realize that this does not mean AT&T alone - as much of the world's telephone traffic passes through AT&T at one point or another. If your wireless phone from Sprint or Verizon is roaming, it may be on the AT&T network - you'd never know. Anyway, it's an interesting read:

In another country and think you're safe from the NSA and the many agencies it passes information to? Think again. These people tap the internet backbone and look at the many countries that cooperate with them:

Think that this doesn't apply to you? There are so many documents to read that I won't even begin to compile a list - Cryptome and WikiLeaks Spy Files do though. You will find a treasure trove of documents on both - so get started with your reading!

From a Reuters News article dated 6 September 2013:

In a statement on Friday, the Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, which said it was speaking on behalf of all U.S. spy agencies, did not confirm details of the media reports.

The statement did acknowledge that the U.S. intelligence community "would not be doing its job" if it did not try to counter the use of encryption by such adversaries as "terrorists, cybercriminals, human traffickers and others."

 Read the article: US spy agencies decry latest Snowden revelations

Special attention to the "and others" part of that statement because it means you and me. They have had a backdoor into any and all of your online communications for years, including your bank account info. Nothing that is done online is private, so think about everything that you do online, even when you believed the transaction and/or visit to be private and/or secure.

I have been stating all of this for many years. If you paid attention, well, good for you. If you mocked me, well, be concerned, but more important, implement changes and do things differently from this moment forward. Personally, I believe they've been working on ruining the internet for all of us for years. Get your house in order before it's too late.

Are you awake yet?