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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Escort Business: Reflections and Thoughts

I hope that the readers of this blog are having a happy new year, or at least are on the road to a better future. Many of you arrive at this blog by typing the phrase how to open an escort service so I must imagine that this is your intention.

This blog actually gets more reads than my Accused Madam Blog, unless I am blogging about topics of interest to many people, like trials in the news or well-known cases like the Miami Companions case or the Southwest Companions arrests. I never intentionally ignore this blog – it's just that there isn't much that has changed in the escort business, so what is there to say?

When I offered two of my books free through Amazon Kindle store at the end of 2011, the downloads overwhelmingly (4 to 1) favored my “Memoirs” book and not the “Blueprint” book. I considered this odd as I sell so few copies of Memoirs in comparison to any of the Blueprint books. If you missed the free offer I am sorry, but it's available at a low price for anyone actually interested in opening an escort service.

The tech aspect of opening and operating an escort service is always evolving, but the rest of it stays the same. As the internet and search indexing change so do the businesses seeking clients online. I found no solid reasoning to publish a new edition of “Blueprint” over tech stuff as I am not an expert on that topic anyway. Just build a website viewable and findable on smartphones and laptops alike and do not forget the new focus on local and you'll do fine.

State and federal law enforcement agencies have not paid anymore attention to the escort business than they always have and often this is dependent on the area you choose to operate in and the level of acceptance. Always take the safe and consistent side and realize that all money is not good money. Learn to walk away. Realize that you owe no one an explanation for anything that you do. When people start questioning me, I start making up stuff. No random stranger or old acquaintance appearing out of nowhere should ever be questioning you and if it happens, head the other direction quick.

A person that I have posted an article about on both blogs long ago (Doug Ketcher of the former Sweethearts Escorts of South Florida) dropped by to comment as he was recently released from prison. I am sure that his ordeal is not anything that any of you ever want to go through and I implore you to pay attention to what I have stated in the book. I feel for Mr. Ketcher, but at the same time, I didn't have his party and neither should you. Acceptance of credit cards for your business and pretending the IRS doesn't exist as you rake in the big$$$s could place you in harm's way and it is never “worth it” as Mr. Ketcher stated in the comment.

And then there is the New York High Class case.... There were drugs involved in the case and it is not just an escort service prosecution. I have no clue if the many defendants are guilty of anything or not, but according to the indictment, the case involved drug delivery to clients. A similar set-up of the infamous Jason Itzler (of NY Confidential fame) took place a couple of months later in the same jurisdiction. Just skip the drugs and you won't have the sort of problems that any of these defendants currently do. Your mommy should have taught you that much, but if she didn't then take heed of the warning now.

Realize that most of the YouTube videos posted on my blogs have significance to me in one area of life or another. I have never just posted random videos. Not that it matters to you... I'm just sayin'....

If you have attempted to post a short comment and link to your escort website here in past, please realize that if I allowed all comments with adult business links to go through, this blog would be finished in short time. I like my blogs and the US is a censored country, no matter what they tell you, so the comments won't be posted.

On a rare occasion I will let a comment and link to a conservative site go through, but I check that link later to make sure it hasn't evolved into a porn site. One semi-intelligent poster dropped his real comment with a profile link on my other blog long ago and the profile was nothing that mattered at that time, but soon readers were flocking to this seemingly unimportant article. Yes, his profile link became a XXX explicit porn advertisement. It was deleted.

I recently changed my consultation policy on my website to accommodate the small group of people that asked everything from..., well, you have the idea, I'm sure. In the books I do advise that you are welcome to contact me with a question or two and you still are, but if it reaches the point of exasperation and is too time consuming for me, I'll be responding with a link to the consultant page of my website. The one party that actually paid for email consults actually turned out to be really nice and just wants to make damn sure everything is correct. That is something I do understand. Just realize that I cannot hold your hand through the set-up and opening of a business as it places me in jeopardy.

Realize that I do not allow anyone to place me in legal jeopardy. This is something that I learned form my many years in the business and my subsequent prosecution and acquittal by jury. Yes, people have tried – one too recently for comfort. If I even suspect that your goal is to throw me under a bus for your own prosecution, well, I react different ways. Sometimes I ignore the party and other times I just start making stuff up, but whichever route I choose, realize that you are no match for me, at least not in anything even remotely related to the escort business.

Last, but not least, please do not bother downloading my titles for free on one of those illegal file sharing websites. Realize that I can't be in the business because of my past and I barely survive. I don't think $8-10 is too much to pay for a book that could help you make hundreds of thousands of $s legally and safely, do you?

Stay safe and prosper!

Vicky Gallas