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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watch out for the Abolitionists

In this context, the term abolitionists is a reference to the anti-adult business organizations popping-up everywhere disguised as sex trafficking experts and former hookers banding together to save the children from prostitution. Well, if you've read my books, you damn sure know that there have never been any children involved. But hey - these people are sucking the government $$$s up in the form of grants for their newly discovered cause and coming between an abolitionist and her money can be a dangerous undertaking.

So I stated a challenge to the last one I encountered in an Orlando Sentinel news article: Children caught in sex trade to be seen as victims

Yes, I have encountered so many of these save the children from sex-traffickers organizations recently that I have had my fill of the lot of them. Sometimes they write me emails with 20 questions. They claim to be sex-trafficking experts, which I seriously doubt, but I am certainly an expert on the so-called sex trafficking experts. My expertise is my many years of dealing with abolitionists that despise me, dating as far back as 1994. Most are seriously religious.

So what is the challenge?

Well, the article linked above was the second of its type that I have come across in the Sentinel in the last few days. These people claim there is a major child sex-trafficking problem in Central Florida. I call bullshit. The challenge as stated in the article comments, which thus far (6+ hours later), not a living soul has bothered to respond to:

There are not that many of these victims though and there are new non-profits popping-up daily competing for major grants. Way too many organizations lately. If we did a real count of child / under 18 victims of sex-trafficking, I'd be surprised if any one of these organizations could cite 10 cases in Orange County in 2012.

I can think of 3 cases that I have read about so I figure there may be double that. Come on researchers - it is your time to shine. Case numbers please.

Yeah. The truth is that I recall reading about three cases in the last year+ in Orange County (Orlando), Florida and trust me - the MBI puts on a big show for the news when they have an actual child (teenager) sex-trafficking case, so it is not as if this stuff does not make the news.

I'd bet my last $ that the so-called sex-trafficking experts whining about Central Florida being a hotbed for such activity can't come-up with 10 actual cases from 2012. These people are all anti-prostitution crusaders that attack all adult businesses and happen upon a teenager every now and again. The huge waste of money for the anti-prostitution agenda care of any taxpayers in this country is just crazy. Remember - it all started in Orlando. Now it is full circle as these people are entrenched here.

My favorite columnist at the Sentinel wrote about a couple, previously with Campus Crusade for Christ, that decided to drop their lucrative non-profit careers with the church and take-up the cause of teenage prostitution in Orlando with a new non-profit. The article: Fighting teenage prostitution in America's fantasy land

Even the one case in Orlando mentioned by Scott Maxwell in the article was about a man from Orlando, but the case happened in Tampa. Regardless, I do recall three cases in more than a year. Let's see if these dedicated people raking-in the $$$ from government grants can find 10 Orlando cases in 2012. Let's face it - if there aren't even 10 cases in a major metropolitan city in an entire year, these people are not needed because this is far from the crisis they claim it to be. They're here for the grant money.

Yes, I am an expert on those anti-adult business crusaders. Stay tuned - I will update this post IF they manage to find the 10 cases, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Relevancy of Blueprint in the UK and Other Areas of the World

I consider my Blueprint books both relevant and helpful to anyone that wants to open an escort service in almost any area of the world. I wrote a post back in 2011 that describes the best way to use the book if you are outside of the US. Really it all comes down to the level of acceptance for adult business on an outcall basis: Open an Escort Business Anywhere

Read the post linked above and then read my two posts in late 2012 on the Marie McKinlay prosecution in London:

First you must realize that McKinlay's prosecution was selective. Someone at a police agency and a prosecutor's office chose her specifically, and for no good reason. That agency was clean and the operation was a model of perfection. I would think that police and prosecutors could have found much better targets - like someone that was operating offensively or that was abusive of the escorts they worked with. Doesn't say much for keystone cops in the UK, does it?

If you read all three posts linked herein as requested, we are on the same level in this discussion. Until the day that Marie McKinlay decides to publish a book, my Blueprint books are the only guide on the market. Well, there is one guy named Jack that decided to ride my coattails and even uses parts of my titles in his ebooks published at much later dates (Blueprint was originally published in July 2009), but he is clearly someone that spent a couple of years involved in the escort business and has more worker-level knowledge than anything else.

Many that buy my books also buy Jack's, so his theory that riding on my back would sell his ebooks actually worked. Real readers complain that Jack does the hard-sell on books 2 and 3 throughout book 1 though. Fake reviewers praise Jack as some sort of escort industry god. This should be obvious to you, if you actually read the reviews.

I have told you point blank that all you need is one book: Blueprint for an Escort Service (February 2012 edition). You do not need my second book, but some of you buy it anyway as it does offer some additional information and for $5, why not? The "Complete Blueprint" is just the original book plus the second book, so you sure do not need all three.

Really I have run out of things to say about the escort business. There is no point to updating any of the books either as all that has changed is internet / technology related and I offer that free in the Blueprint Updates on my website. Other than tech stuff, the business does not change.

As to relevancy in the UK and other geographical areas of the world, perhaps Blueprint is less of a tool than it is in the US. The first post linked herein covers that gap completely. Why do I make the point of relevancy? Because some asshat with a yet unknown agenda wrote a false 1-star review on Amazon UK for The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service.

Asshat wrote a similar, though worse, 1-star for Jack's main book. I do feel for Jack on this one. He does offer some valid guidance in his books and if you're going into the business, you should read both mine and his, no matter what I think of what he did (the coattail ride). I was attempting to help someone close to me open a commercial cleaning business recently and purchased / read a total of 8 books on the topic. More knowledge is always a good thing. At any rate, the reviewer sure did not read Jack's book either - I did.

I know that the reviewer did not read my book or this blog - this is obvious by the statements. He does seem to be plugging some 2005 memoir written by the daddy of someone that operated a prostitution service while in the US military and 3/4 of that book is about the son's military court martial. No kidding? They actually prosecute soldiers that run prostitution rings from a barracks? (heavy sarcasm here) In my opinion, the reviewer has a connection to that older memoir of a court martial. The cover of that book has an image of a hooker (street-level for sure) with cash in her cleavage and jeans pocket. How tacky and certainly not representative of the type of business I encourage you to operate anywhere. He also seems to be plugging a book that offers confessions of a male escort.

The liar reviewer could not have read the books (Jack's or mine) he reviewed and he admits to knowing the male escort that wrote the confessions book. He also has a clear anti-adult business agenda. Don't get me wrong - he seems to like hookers, but doesn't know the difference between a street hooker and an escort and has serious issues with services in general. I can guarantee that there are plenty of escorts that have no interest or no time to do their own advertising and booking, but of course street-level hookers are another story - they simply stand on a corner or post on Craigslist or Backpage.

Until Marie McKinlay decides to write a book specific to London, there are none that are 100% relevant to the UK. I can guarantee that the one plugged by the nasty reviewer with the agenda about a court martial in the US is not relevant to opening or operating a service anywhere.