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Monday, October 10, 2011

Opening an Escort Service: Yes or No

One statement that I make in my Blueprint books is that the escort business is not for everyone. Many will consider the option of opening an escort service, read the book, and then opt to pass on it. I tried to not glamourize the business and clearly state that it is highly unlikely that you will ever make $millions as some people claim.

Over the course of the last year I have received numerous emails from interested people that ask if I would do it all over again as they try to decide their own paths in life. I give you no hype on the topic, but yes, if the circumstances were the same, I'd do it all over again. I state this even though I ended-up arrested, in trial, and acquitted by jury.

Yes, I lost everything that I had as a result of the criminal case and I had more than most people (law enforcement and prosecutors) seem to think as I had invested everything in gold and silver bullion and equities. I studied the gold and silver market for almost two years and bought back when gold was $250-$280 an ounce and silver was $3.50-$5. Because of the many costs involved in my arrest and case, I also sold it all as I went along and by the time I reached trial there was little remaining. As the dealer that I sold to stated, I should consider myself lucky that I had it all to sell and cover expenses. Yes, I cried on more than one occasion over it – it was my retirement and my son's future. Who doesn't want to buy their child a new car etc... and offer financial security?

I was left with no retirement and no financial security whatsoever, gold recently passed $1800 an ounce, and silver was around $40, but it was the equities (stocks) that I really lost on. Back then I could have told you anything about any gold or silver mine in North America, South America, or South Africa. I learned much about a topic that doesn't matter at all anymore.

I decided that after knowing for fact that agents broke into my Orlando house without a court order or warrant, I never wanted to own property in the US again. I also used to have perfect credit, but really who gives a shit about credit anyway? So make no mistake here – I exited the business with less than I had when I started it in 1992. However, I was able to spend my son's years of growing-up with him instead of working all the time and we had the money to take trips to NYC, the Bahamas, on a cruise, shopping etc... all the stuff that never would have happened without that escort business.

One recent email I received:

If you had to do it all over again, would you? I've been presented with an opportunity to enter this realm, however, I am unsure if the risks are outweighed by the rewards.

Thanks for listening.

My response to that email:

Well, it was not presented as an opportunity to me - I was attempting to support myself and my child on an $8 per hour job with no health insurance and we both had health issues. So yes, I would do it again - my son and I had fun as he grew-up, we did things and had the money to. Otherwise I would have never seen him as I would have been too busy working.

If your life is already good, I wouldn't get involved in the escort business. If you are unemployed or barely surviving on a low wage job, you may want to consider it.

You also must analyze the person(s) providing the opportunity. I advise in my book that one should only have a partner if they're married or know the party really well. You can go into business on your own - you do not need an "opportunity" or a partner. Be careful - there are treacherous people involved in the escort business.

Hope that helps.

The response to my response:

Thank you Vicky. That is exactly what I needed to hear.

I assume that the emailer chose to pass on getting into the business. Many of you that read the Blueprint book may do the same. Keep the book in case your circumstances change and you decide to go ahead with the project in the future as we never know what tomorrow will bring. Also keep it because you never know when I will decided to stop selling it – yes, there has been some pressure in recent days and I admit that it is a consideration, albeit a small one.

If you are already in a dire financial situation or have similar reasons as my own for entering the escort business, plan carefully and proceed with caution. Analyze all that you say and do before you speak or do it and you'll be fine. I used to pretend that a jury was listening to every telephone conversation and everything stated to every escort; the sad part is that I still must do this because they are sore losers that never, ever go away.

So I won, but I also lost and you need to clearly understand that. I have serious enemies. Caveat Emptor.