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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party Booking Issues

Many of you are opening escort services and also booking parties as a side business. No service should book parties unless they can manage to do it correctly. A main point is that a few drunk men can never be referred to as a "party" as this situation is not bookable.

I define "party" as an event usually planned well in advance and with a theme, such as a birthday celebration, a bachelor party, a retirement get-together. As the business, you would send professional, experienced entertainers with the required costumes, music, and party favors to the location. The dancers must have security or a chaperone and there is no way that you should ever book any party without - as I use the terms "chaperone" and "security" they are one and the same thing.

In past I recall services in Orlando that booked any group of drunken men, called it a party, and sent an escort or two to dance alone. Nothing like that will ever be a party. I used to book parties and simply passed the information on to a professional dancer for a fee. I quoted what the entertainer asked me to quote and informed the client booking the party of how it would work per my discussion with her. The entertainer called the client back and made the final arrangement.

The dancers or entertainers should have their own chaperone and usually this is a male friend or even a boyfriend, but the dancers should never go alone. A professional dancer that has worked in a decent adult club knows better than to accept an open drink from anyone. Of course an escort should know this too, but you'd be surprised...

An example of an escort service booking a party that went bad is the Duke lacrosse player saga from North Carolina back in 2006. I do consider the escort service that booked this mess to be at fault. No way the booker should have ever sent two escorts to a frat party without security to begin with. In the days that followed, it became clear that Crystal Mangum accepted an open drink at that party and if she did so there, it's more than likely that she did so earlier as well.

While I do not pretend to know who specifically assaulted Crystal Mangum or even whether it happened at that party or at earlier calls she was dispatched to, it's clear to me that she was drugged. Her statements and behavior in the 2-3 days that followed revealed that much. Of course she was unable to identify her attackers and it's hard for me to understand why anyone could think it possible to begin with. In my opinion, prosecutors did not even consider that she was drugged and I do not believe she was tested for specific drugs (like Rohypnol) immediately after it happened.

The name of the escort service that Ms. Mangum worked with was Allure Escort Service in Raleigh and I have no idea if they're still in business or not. You will find that the articles remaining online today are biased against Ms. Mangum. However, earlier statements made it all too obvious that she was drugged by someone somewhere - there is no question in my mind. Yes, I was once drugged at a club in Orlando back in the mid-1990s and I know the symptoms, lack of a focused memory of anything etc....

Because of the way the investigation was handled and the fact that no one bothered to test for specific drugs, Crystal Mangum has suffered ever since. She is currently awaiting trial on a murder charge. The main point here is that none of this should have ever happened. If Allure did not book a bunch of intoxicated college players and send out escorts with no chaperone, it would not have happened.

Please follow my advice in the book as it relates to booking parties. I will add that it is a good idea to have a short discussion with each escort at the initial interview concerning accepting open drinks from any client, no matter that he is alone or how trustworthy you may believe him to be or if he is a repeat. I recall one escort in past that was turned away from a call because she refused to accept a glass of wine from an open bottle at a repeat client's residence as soon as she arrived. Better safe than sorry.

If you are unable to book parties using professional, experienced entertainers that have their own chaperone(s) as a side business, then do not book parties at all. There are professional entertainment companies that you could make arrangements with in advance to earn a referral fee.