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Monday, December 27, 2010

Inventing a New Business Model

It is a fact that life is always evolving. Technology improves and situations change and we must go with the flow and change as well. Some changes are for the better and some are not. Sometimes there are new beneficiaries to changes in technologies and situations in life - even anti-adult business crusades.

A reviewer of my Blueprint book on Amazon made a statement that stuck in my mind - the review is titled Incredibly Useful Book, and the statement:

"...This book doesn't have 100% of the answers. Each area and each philosophy have their own complexities. But it has really valid guidance for anyone in the adult entertainment industry. For your tiny investment, you'll get thousands of dollars worth of information."
In other words, there is much information to gain from the book, though there is no one size fits all plan. There are probably as many ways of doing business as there are people in the business, and every geographical area has its issues that are specific to the area. Anyway, this isn't a book ad, so on to the idea of inventing a new business model.

Ideas always evolve and my last post was the beginning of an idea. There are a variety of situations that have changed in the escort business in the past few months.

Craigslist eliminated "adult services" and "erotic services" in the US a few months ago and as of this weekend they have eliminated these categories worldwide. Some entrepreneurial adult business owners were placing ads on Craigslist outside of the US for businesses in the US, and now that is cut.

Google Places/Maps has evolved to the point that one doesn't want to include a website with any listing because Google has issues with any adult business landing page - even when the dancers, strippers, entertainers, escorts or whatever are dressed and it is an "R" rated website. I admit that I don't get it, but then that is immaterial, right?

Backpage has adult categories as of this point in time (LOL - see date of this post), but I seriously doubt that this will continue for much longer.

I am finding that it is taking an excessively long time for escort businesses to be indexed in Google's regular search results as well these days. I'm not sure when all of this began, but I submitted several sites a couple of months ago and none show where they need to show as of yet. Perhaps this isn't a completely new problem: A few years ago it was over six months before the research site that I've used showed in the appropriate keyword phrases, but then I really didn't work at it at all either so it was unnoticeable at the time.

There isn't much money in selling ad space to independent escorts, unless you've been doing it for a while and your website is well-known in the world of adult business. Unless you have some reason to be happy with earning close to nothing for the first year or two of business this idea should be out.

I posted about the Craigslist situation on my Accused Madam Blog tonight and at the moment the best category name for the new business model that I could come-up with was appointment referral publisher. I will work at renaming the category this week, but this is the business idea behind the name:

As a business you'll only be charging entertainers and escorts one referral fee - this depends on what rate you quote as your fee will be higher if you quote higher, otherwise you have no incentive to quote a higher rate for the independent contractors. The idea is to have lots of escorts/entertainers to call at any point that you are answering. You can give only basic information - name, telephone number, and address or include some sort of verified information. The Blueprint books get into verifying.

The general rule would be that the escort or entertainer must call back immediately if she isn't going to the appointment. The reason for this is so that you could contact a different escort/entertainer and make your referral fee. You'll find that plenty of independent contractors are interested in signing-on with this type of operation - they keep more money and there's no game involved in passing out their telephone number or staying longer.

This business model must be refined and independent contractor agreements must be clear on the referral only aspect of the relationship. I'm just making changes to the same contract that I include in my books - simple.

The idea here is to take this idea and adjust it so that it works for you. It sure beats the label of escort service these days with all of these groups on a crusade to finish off adult business. It will work because the great majority of independent escorts really want to be completely independent; however, they're clueless on the topics of websites, marketing, and advertising so they'll never get search engine optimization.

What you are actually doing is marketing and publishing online and scheduling for independent contractors. Many clients call services to begin with because often these independents are unable to schedule them or do not answer a phone when they call, so build a business model from that.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Booking Calls: Ideas and Issues

It has recently come to my attention that some escort businesses in Central Florida take exorbitant fees from escorts for the sole act of passing on a telephone number. Let's be clear here: that isn't booking a call. Booking a call involves verifying client information in some way, calling the escort with the information, and then anticipating that the escort will call you when she arrives. It doesn't end there either – you really are responsible to make sure that she safely leaves that call.

This problem seems rampant in Central Florida so there's little doubt that it is transpiring in other locations as well. These businesses are not new and inept in the booking process; they are merely shirking all responsibility. One in particular that was brought to my attention actually just passes the telephone number on to the escort and tops that off by taking over 50% for a fee. So if the person answering the telephone quotes $250, the fee for the call is at least $125 and sometimes more. I was told the split was 60/40 with the higher amount going to the service by one escort and 50/50 by another, so I must assume they charge escorts differently.

In the case of one particular company that's been around for a long time they sometimes do no more than retrieve the telephone number from voicemail and call the escort and instruct her to call and quote the price and client information; often they will then go to sleep and the escort is on her own.

This could be acceptable if the company charged a small fee. I recall a business from South Florida that was open for many years – at least a decade – that only passed on a name and telephone number. They gave the escort 5 minutes to call back and say she was not going, and if she didn't call back in the 5 minutes she owed the $50 fee. It didn't matter if the escort went to the call or not or went and stayed for 5 hours, making $2000 – she owed the $50 fee. They did collections daily at a Denny's restaurant and if an escort didn't show to pay she was off the call list.

This could actually be a good way of doing business – it eliminates the concern of escorts stealing calls or pretending to leave and staying and collecting hour after hour. If the escort called back within the 5 minutes to say that she wasn't going, they called someone else immediately no matter what her reasoning was. If she did that too often (perhaps 2 times in a row?), they no longer called her and instead called someone else. Try to cheat them out of their $50 fee and you were out quick – end of that gravy train.

I have also noticed lately that so many of these independent escorts are thieves that I can't really blame these businesses. Often these escorts accept a call and then call back with a short story about why they will not be going. They then go to the call and keep all money for themselves. Who knows what they state to the client to secure his silence – I have no clue as I'm not the escort. Sometimes the client calls back later and the service finds out anyway.

With all of the thieving independents out there today that simply do not know how to advertise and market for themselves and want to steal agency clients, including the first booking fee, it may be time for change. If you are not inclined to run around all night to see who is doing what where, you may be better off with charging a small fee for the information and just letting her work on her own. I do not advise you to take 50% in such an arrangement though, and I do advise you to note the specifics in a contract so that the escort is clear on your level of responsibility and hers.

The way that you operate should be based on your level of participation and your expenses. I am seeing viable reasoning for that old South Florida business model, but prices have gone-up across the board since then and charging $60 or $75 for a name and telephone number isn't entirely out of whack. If you have plenty of escorts to call the thieves will soon realize they have been checkmated.

This business model is somewhere in-between an escort service and an internet publisher. I think I actually like the idea and will be putting it to good use.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Backpage under Attack on Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper and Amber Lyon are now attacking Backpage in the same way they went after Craiglist. The show is on the air right now so I cannot find a link yet. Give it a while and do a Google search for the link.

Because of a runaway girl and some idiot that sent her out via Backpage these people attacking adult business in the US will most likely succeed at censoring out any adult categories on the Backpage website. I'm sure you've noticed how prices have risen since Craigslist exited; well wait till the categories are removed on Backpage. Already – as of two or three weeks ago – no images are allowed in the "adult jobs" category.

Ad space for any adult business anywhere will be premium price. In my opinion this is overkill and purely an intention to eradicate adult business in this country except under the most controlled conditions. What is next? Internet Service Providers that host adult websites, in my opinion.

Keep your eyes open here folks – life is really changing in the US.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Outcall Escort Business

I will be the first to admit that I am over the escort business. With all the years that I was in business in Orlando ending with the trial from hell, the earlier years of answering telephones in Miami, and the recent years of research, well, I've just had it. Perhaps this was obvious to you after you read my previous post.

We all reach our snap point and I think that I've passed mine. For financial reasons I have considered putting that research site to good use, though I have been quite ill the past month and my voice sounds terrible. I almost feel as if I'm losing it (my voice). And then 99 out of a 100 callers are a problem for one reason or anther: too cheap; a group; made a compromising statement prompting me to disconnect the call; expect a Playboy Bunny but cheap; out of the jurisdictional boundary. You name it, I've heard it lately and it's a problem.

Many callers are treating an agency as if they called an independent escort. You could translate that to they've been too cheap and do not consider that any rate quoted includes a booking fee. Before the year is over I will be giving the research site to an independent contractor that I've known for a while. Perhaps she'll have better luck or opt to quote lower rates and do all of the calls herself.

I may be going into business in another city, but it will be an entertainment company that sends out dancers and strippers for parties, not an escort service. Sorry, but I can't tell you which city I have in mind and actually I may operate in several cities as the rules about crossing state lines do not necessarily apply if your true goal is to book dancers at parties and it is 100% clear that it is a Strip-o-Gram and party style of operation.

I have had a target on my back since 1994, so actually booking parties will be a fun change for me. There won't be any private parties or one-on-one involved in this business and any independent contractor (dancer, stripper) that crosses the line will be promptly dismissed. The dancers and strippers will be required to have a variety of costumes.

When I have the business and website set-up properly I will announce the location here with the hope that interested dancers in the cities of operation will contact me for professional work.

I probably will not be advertising my Blueprint books anymore in short time, but the paperbacks will always be available on Amazon.com or any could be ordered from Barnes and Noble. I also intend to stop selling PDF copies from this blog and my website. All of this will transpire before the year is over. I will still support my books, but readers will need to contact me at the email address included in the book for a response. All I ask is that you actually read the book before asking the questions – you may need to refer to the book at a later date if issues arise, so don't lose it or toss it out. You never know…

Look for my announcement in the near future or feel free to contact me if you have an interest in working as a professional stripper/dancer for events and parties only in any specific city.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Touring Concept

It sounds like a great business idea unless you are aware of the potential pitfalls. The concept of escorts touring to different cities for pre-booked appointments should be a viable business plan, but it isn't. I have stated this fact in each Blueprint book, in every phone consultation, and in any email that touched on the topic. Of course I also add it to every other blog post for maximum saturation. By now you know my opinion if you're reading this.

It is a widely known fact that crossing a state line transforms a state issue into a federal issue. But why should that matter because you are not doing anything illegal, right? The simple answer is that it shouldn't matter. The explanation is that you must only be accused of doing something illegal. Being accused and being guilty are two different situations. The base of any allegation by federal prosecutors would be a description of the defendant crossing a state line in the course of business, so if you've never done this then you do not need to worry about the entire issue.

These days it is often teamed with the sex trafficking allegation when it pertains to touring escorts or companions. I have discussed the evolution of the term sex trafficking in depth in other posts, so I won't be repetitive here. This is merely a reminder with proof attached. Many that read this blog are not interested in The Accused Madam Blog, but I want you to read these two recent articles:

Miami Companions Owners Indicted

Unraveling the Miami Companions Indictment

If you still think that touring escorts is a good idea after reading, well, we don't know each other. Sometimes I have little to say about the escort business as it is like an old hat to me – how much can one say about it? It is what it is.

Image: Downtown Miami Florida at Night 2010 © FotoMak / 2010 © iStockphoto.com

Monday, May 31, 2010

A discussion about Drivers

Whether your business is an escort service, companionship service, or an entertainment company there is no reason to ever hire a driver to drive the independent contractors to calls, houses, or events. Your independent contractors must drive themselves or have their own driver to transport them. Your business should never have interactions with their drivers, if they have one.

Hiring a driver for other reasons is usually a good idea though. That driver should work for your business and not for the independent contractors. The driver's job description would be to collect your fees from the independent contractors as directed at the time and place that you instruct. Really your driver is on-call for you during pre-determined hours.

An added use for a driver would be as a chaperone at a party if you are booking bachelor parties or other celebrations and providing strippers or dancers to entertain more than one person. A dancer or stripper will often have her or his own chaperone – usually a friend or boyfriend, but it's a good idea to have your chaperone present for all party-type events, and collecting fees at the event is convenient when you do it this way.

Paying your driver can be done anyway that you want to do it, but here is an idea that's fair to all involved:

To have your driver on-call for your business from 8pm to 6am (or whatever hours) you will need to pay that driver a specified amount per shift, whether you call the driver or not. All of this depends on how busy you are, and when you first open it's a better idea to be your own driver. This type of pay should be in the form of a weekly pay check, but your driver could also be an independent contractor and receive pay for each shift. Read IRS guidelines on independent contractors v. employees and decide which best describes your situation.

If using a driver as a chaperone for parties or events that you dispatch dancers or strippers to, that driver should receive added compensation. The driver would already be receiving shift pay from your business if attending a party, but this is an extra duty and that shift pay is really only to collect your fees. It is a good idea to have a surcharge – the amount is up to you, but don't cheat your driver/chaperone. A surcharge of $20 per dancer/stripper added to the total tab shouldn't be an issue for the customer. You can explain it just like that – we have a $20 surcharge per dancer for chaperone services, and sorry, but we require that a company chaperone be present at all events. Your driver/chaperone should receive the entire amount.

Other compensation for the driver that is a chaperone at events should include a tip. The dancers/strippers should value the chaperone services enough to part with a decent tip as they are tipped by partygoers. In America services are rewarded with tips. Sometimes dancers/strippers try to be cheap though, so there should be a set percentage. You'll never be able to keep everyone honest, but then the chaperone is there and will see whether tips are flowing or not. If the driver feels cheated on the tip – he or she must deal with you, and not with the individual stripper. You will deal with that stripper. The percentage would vary from 10% to 20%, depending on how many partygoers and strippers are at the scheduled event. You'll have to offer a solution that is acceptable to all – the chaperone and the strippers.

If you don't already understand this I will state it once more: Your company driver should never transport an escort, entertainer, dancer, stripper, or companion to a scheduled call or event. Their transportation must be their issue. Your driver should also never appear partial to a particular person as he or she is there representing the company and shouldn't accept any tips for picking up your fees as you direct. All involved should be clear that your company driver is exactly that, and not their ride or tool to more calls or events.

Edited to add: Your driver should always be reimbursed for expenses. Expenses are gas, tolls, or any other expense that is a result of carrying out your instructions.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Erotic Review and Reference Verification

Best known as TER, The Erotic Review is a website visited by "hobbyists" and "providers" that interact on the boards. The "hobbyists" are of course clients that often post reviews of the "providers" that they arrange appointments with. These odd terms came to be back in 2002, following the arrests of operators of the Big Doggie website and a lengthy list of participants on the site that followed sting operations. Prior to late 2002, I never heard the term anywhere and then it suddenly became the accepted lingo.

The practice of references and reviews is indeed questionable. The great majority of reviews written by hobbyists are explicit, though many make an attempt to mask the reality by using commonly known terms in the adult business world. Newsflash – the terms are so common that law enforcement officers would have to be buried in sand to not get it. I have known some stupid cops in my time, but none that dumb. The references system began innocently enough with providers exchanging references for clients to avoid arrest and to at least feel safe from harm when with a new clients, but later escalated to operations like Date Check.

The Erotic Review has reviews by city and state that are sorted by the date posted. The last time I looked there were over 800 posted in Orlando area. Both hobbyists and providers seem to believe that they are anonymous, with all the aliases; however, TER has been under investigation by state and federal law enforcement agencies for too many years. They kid only themselves. To read the explicit reviews one must be a member of TER, and otherwise can't read "the juicy details". Only post reviews there or join if you really do not care about arrests or the exposure of your "hobby".

Date Check is another crazy operation – let's not pretend that law enforcement officers can't create their own references. The minimum amount of information for hobbyists/clients includes first name, last name, and middle initial, the last four digits of a social security number or driver's license, an employer's name and location, and a direct line to reach you at work. They also want a list of providers that will provide references, whether members of Date Check or not. At the end they offer a "this is for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer. No kidding, right? What a database/client list this must be, right? It sure wouldn't surprise me to hear the feds were/are involved in this operation as it sounds like it could be far more successful than the credit card sting operations.

Anyway, my point herein is that having reviews plastered all over the internet or allowing anyone to verify information for you can end negatively. Don't believe me? Read the farewell statement from John St. Marie and the ABC News article about the situation in Minneapolis in the Nice Guys investigation. You can also read about the Mississippi cardiologist charged with Mann Act violations in Mississippi Cardiologist Won't Go to Prison for Online Dating. Mann Act violations and touring prostitutes is a topic that I will post on in the next few days.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Credit Cards and Escort Services

There are divided opinions on the topic of escort businesses accepting credit cards for service, but most readers are aware of my position in the argument. The main reason that I would never take credit cards is that it creates a client list for the bank and anyone that wants to subpoena the records – read state or federal government. If I wanted to pass around client lists then I would go ahead and accept credit cards.

Jeane Palfrey (the accused DC Madam) didn't accept credit cards, but she did have the escorts mailing her money orders on a regular basis. If they managed to locate all of the escorts that testified by tracking the money orders, what do you think they'll do with your credit card records in relation to tracking your clients? That is how they located close to all escorts that were called as government witnesses in her case, and even a few clients that she had mailing her money orders.

It is not that you are conducting any illegal business. It is that if you are ever under scrutiny for any reason, the first thing that they will do is subpoena those records. Those records are client lists. Do you not believe that if squeezed by state or federal authorities the clients will state whatever they're told to state? Whether escorts provided prostitution or not or you discussed full service with the clients on the phone or not, you have set yourself up for a fall. It depends what that client has to lose, and most would say anything to get themselves out of a jam. Credit card records are there for years.

It is also important to note that the credit card billing must be in the correct legal name of your business and the paperwork with the credit card processing company must reflect the correct type of business. Surely you have heard of charge-backs, right? Well, you'll have more than your share of charge-backs and the consequent problems with the escorts. Few escorts want to work for the service that accepts credit cards once they realize that it could mean they won't be paid for an appointment.

I read through, and still have, all of my co-defendant's credit card records in the case from hell. Why do you think he pled guilty? Certainly the client list/credit card records played a part in the plea. There were plenty of people with incentive to testify against him. In the case they located only one client from my agency, and he had given an escort a business card a week before agents accosted her and searched her purse. She was not arrested – but they stole the business card from her purse. They then contacted and threatened the client by telling him that they had all of my client records, and dipshit that he was, he bought it hook, line, and sinker. He then helped them get me to send an escort out, and that escort was arrested. I never thought anything of sending her there as he was a repeat client. However, because he was the only client they located and because he hired an attorney, they didn't call him to testify. Of course the manner in which they located him also had something to do with him not being called as a witness.

These days there are cash machines everywhere – from 7-11 to the hotel lobby. How can anyone that wants to book an appointment claim that they cannot get cash?

You may never have a problem with cards, with the operative word being may. I will state that there is a 10% chance that you will never have legal problems as a result of accepting credit cards. Is it all worth the chance to you? If it is, then you should accept credit cards for your escort business. If it isn't worth the probable fallout, then send your potential clients to cash machines. It is really that simple. We all operate our businesses as we see fit, but any agency that I have ever encountered has had legal troubles over the cards, eventually.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Advice for the Independent Escort

My Blueprint for an Escort Service book and Blueprint for an Escort Service 2: Beyond the Original Blueprint are written for the escort business entrepreneur and are all about the business side of the equation. An independent escort interested in turning her (or his) lone venture into one in which they are able to profit by setting appointments for other escorts and operating an escort service will benefit from both books. Everything that I write is from the perspective of the escort business owner (former anyway).

For the independent that is only interested in booking her own calls and is looking for advice that is more escort oriented, there is a list of great books available on Amazon.

Amanda Brooks writes The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 1: The Foundation and The Internet Escort's Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing. Amanda has two blogs and writes frequently on the escort business, but from the perspective of the escort.

Kay Good has written an excellent advice book for independent escorts, and as far as I know, she is still in the business. Her book is titled In Good Company: The Escort's Guide, and it is available on Amazon. Kay doesn't have a blog or website – at least it's not connected to her book page on Amazon.

If you are seeking tax advice, J.D. Roberts is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that has written two books targeting the independent escort that works on her own. This is his specialty tax area. His books are:

The Business Side of Escorting: The Ins and Outs of Running a Business in the Cyber Age for the Escort and Sensual Masseuse Serious about Her Business

The Business Side of Escorting II: The Escort's Guide to Intelligently Running Her Business in the Cyber Age

Now J.D. Roberts is an accountant and his titles are mainly tax advice for an independent.

Hopefully, with all of the real books available, you will pass on these $100 to $600 books or guides offered by so-called experts. I'm sure that each knows something about the escort business, but anyone that tells you that you'll make millions$ or tries to convince you that you need a 5-volume package is pulling your leg.

Most people that get into operating escort services never read a book about the process because there is no exact process. It is business and not much more. Tips and advice are helpful, but in the end it is really up to you to make your business work.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Open an Escort Business

This post on how to open an escort business gets so many reads that I felt it necessary to add an update. If you really want to open and operate an escort service correctly you must be aware of the party offering the advice. Sure I'd like it if you opt to buy a copy of Blueprint but the goal of this update is not to sell my $10 ebook.

One main point that I'd like to make here is the absolute necessity of knowing who is offering the information. If anyone claims to have operated a successful escort business for several years or more, that party should not have any problem giving a real name and verifiable information, unless they never owned an escort service to begin with and/or evaded taxes. And then if they were as successful as they claim, why write and sell such information? Hell, they shouldn't need the money and should be kicking back in Amsterdam (or wherever), right?

There are others besides me that are capable of writing a how to book on escort service operations; however, to date none of them have. The information that I see out there comes from a couple of marketers that have read my book, a couple of people that have been in business for 2-4 years and are still in business, a guy that uses escorts for sexual trysts, and a woman that was in business in Canada for a few years.

The marketers are people that have read books on how to operate an escort business (like my books for example) and then rearranged the information, threw in this or that and removed parts, and now are on a hard sell mission. These people may indeed be better at marketing than I am; however, they know little to nothing of how an escort business actually works and the many potential dangers involved for you. They paint it with a broad brush and refer to it as "fun" and "sexy" and tell you you'll make $millions when it's more likely that you'll be indicted before the first year is over if you follow their advice.

There's one new guy in town and he bought a copy of my book back when it was available as a PDF. I'm not going to name this outfit, but you'll find that the expensive book they sell has a similar structure to my own, though the content is not at all the same. In other words, they used many of my chapter titles, but that is where the similarities evolve. One major difference in the book is that they try to sell you on a merchant account by including a free website (thanks, but I'll control my own domains and websites).

Yes, they want you to sign-up and accept credit cards for your new escort service and if you have read my book, well, you know what I say about that, whether anyone agrees or not. Hell, I have sat and watched it for over 15 years now and always knew better than to accept cards or any form of payment other than cash. Yes, that includes the Green Dot crap, but that isn't why I'm bothering to update here.

I have mentioned this long story on my other blog - Operation Out Call (IRS), but the original story that was embedded in the blog footer is no longer viewable as Blogger won't allow frames anymore. It is available free in Google Books and is a New York Magazine article dated July 22, 1996, titled "The Love Float," but states "The Screwball Scheme" on the actual start page.

Go to page 30 here: The Love Float by Daniel Green

End of March 2012 Update.

My last post induced me to look and see what information is actually available for the inexperienced escort service entrepreneur that has little or no knowledge of the business. So guess what – I'm going to do your work for you and include a list here; I will also offer my opinion on each listing, though I recommend my Blueprint books for the entrepreneurial types that need to get involved in a money-making business and do not expect 24/7 live support. I certainly answer questions, but there are limits to this.

1. The most findable information is offered by Michelle of Exotic Publishing.

The first issue that I have with Michelle is her opening line: "Have you ever dreamed of getting rich by opening and owning your very own escort agency?"

To me this is scary stuff. Why? Because I have known people with agencies from Orlando to NYC to London, and none have ever hit the "rich" category. To me the escort business is simply create-a-job. Sure, you can make a decent living at it, but it is a lot of work, and you'll never get rich if you operate correctly. Sorry, but those are the facts. Michelle offers a 5-volume box set for $544. Sorry Michelle, but the escort business isn't rocket science and I cannot imagine what information requires five volumes.

After reading the "about" page on her website, I decided that Michelle seems like a nice lady, that probably knows her stuff – except for the credit card thing. Accepting credit cards is good, if you're in Canada or Las Vegas. If you want 24/7 live support it might be a good idea to go with Michelle's deal. From my perspective, if you need 24/7 live support you don't belong in the escort business, and this is not a service that comes with my books by any stretch of the imagination. Just do yourself a favor and ignore what she says about credit cards.

2. The next most simple to find information is from Lenexa & Hefner, whoever they are. They say that they are "experts in the escort industry," but don't you want to know why they claim such a title? I do. Who are they? Well, they do not explain that at all. I don't know about you, but I want a resume of some type from anyone that claims expert status.

They state that their information is valued at over $550, but it's on sale now for $?. That's quite a markdown – better hurry. They list a featured client as "Las Vegas Escorts" and have a banner link to the website. Few services in Vegas refer to the business as an "escort service" as escort services cannot be licensed there. Vegas has loads of "entertainment companies" licensed as "outcall promoters" that send out dancers or entertainers.

Where is Mr. Winky? I can't seem to find his information anywhere, but this guy can tell you how to find girls and use them to operate an incall – which is not an escort service at all. So if that is what you want to do, then find Mr. Winky on your own. He does sound like an expert on that.

There are several real books on Amazon.com that relate to becoming an escort, advertising and marketing for the escort, and accounting for the escort, but that is not the discussion here. This is all about opening and operating an escort service – I never went out as the escort and I'm not figuring that you intend to. This is all about running a business.

If you are seeking a babysitter, I would advise you to go with Michelle - she charges a high price, but she also states that 24/7 live support is included. At the same time I must ask you to analyze your ability to run escort services.

Caveat Emptor!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Defining Escort and Escort Service

What is an Escort Service?

In the course of my research for a second book that's in progress, a situation of great importance, at least in the adult business world, has come to my attention. I believe that what is transpiring can easily be attributed to law enforcement continuously labeling hookers as "escorts" and brothels and in-call operations as "escort services" – it is as I stated it in Memoirs of an Accused Madam – the general population listens to these police agencies and believes what they state, and after it is stated repeatedly on various forums over a length of time, it becomes factual, at least in the mind.

Definition of "escort" from two sources:

Oxford University Press Dictionary & Thesaurus (2002 version):

noun (1) – entourage, attendants, bodyguard, protector, convoy, defender, contingent.
(2) – partner, companion, gigolo, hostess, geisha; informal date; dated beau.
verb (1) – accompany, guide, conduct, lead, usher, guard, protect, safeguard, defend.
(2) – partner, accompany, take out, go out with, attend on.

Cambridge University Press (2009 online version)

noun (social companion) (1) – a person who goes with another person, usually someone of the opposite sex, to a social event. (2) – someone, often a young woman, who is paid to go out to social events with another person: He hired an escort girl to go to dinner with him.

verb (formal) – to go to a social event with someone, especially a person of the opposite sex: Who will be escorting her to the ball?

Nowhere in either definition does this describe "prostitute," as a geisha is not a prostitute. Only in the U.S., thanks to overzealous law enforcement agencies, is "escort" defined as "prostitute." It must be noted that both Oxford and Cambridge are universities in the UK, so one may find "escort" defined as "prostitute" in a recent US dictionary – this is the trend lately, and not the proper English definition.

Definition of "escort service" or "escort agency":

Cambridge states: a business which supplies people who work as escorts.

Oxford online nor my 2002 version list these terms. Merriam-Webster also does not list it, so I'll go with the above stated Cambridge definition.

Now that we've straightened that out I'll get back to the problem at hand. I met two ladies a couple of days ago and each told me they had worked as an "escort" recently; however, both described an incall/brothel situation, and not at all an escort service. According to their stories, the business operator set them up in an apartment, scheduled 15 minute appointments, and sent in men. This could never be described as an "escort service" – it's clearly an incall operation, and if sex was involved, a brothel situation. Neither stated whether sex was involved or not and I didn't ask, as it falls in the category of none of my business. It simply infuriates me that a business operator would present such an operation as an escort service and these ladies had the audacity to refer to themselves as escorts! But then, I'm sure they interpreted it to be exactly that from listening to local law enforcement rhetoric that is now embedded in the minds of the general population.

An escort service sends escort out, and the escort and client go out to dinner, to a club, or tour the area. They do meet in the client's hotel room, but only to take care of business matters as this is not done publicly. An escort service can also operate as an entertainment business. An entertainer can entertain a client in the privacy of his home or hotel, and by "entertain" I mean offer a non-therapeutic body rub, a private dance, or a lingerie show. Certainly there will always be greedy and/or in-need escorts that will accept additional money (in the form of tips) for illegal services, but escorts are paid for time and company, not prostitution services. I have not yet encountered a real escort agency that takes any part of these tips, and few promote this type of service – why would they? While any escort service operator would hope that the ladies are tipped, at the same time none would expect it to be at their expense or for prostitution services.

These days every prostitute in the country is referred to as an escort, from the street hookers to the online hookers found on BigDoggie.net, Backpage, Craigslist, in Village Voice ads, or on The Erotic Review. The ads clearly reflect prostitution services, not escort services. There is a difference in services just as there is a difference in ad content.

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