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Monday, March 29, 2010

Credit Cards and Escort Services

There are divided opinions on the topic of escort businesses accepting credit cards for service, but most readers are aware of my position in the argument. The main reason that I would never take credit cards is that it creates a client list for the bank and anyone that wants to subpoena the records – read state or federal government. If I wanted to pass around client lists then I would go ahead and accept credit cards.

Jeane Palfrey (the accused DC Madam) didn't accept credit cards, but she did have the escorts mailing her money orders on a regular basis. If they managed to locate all of the escorts that testified by tracking the money orders, what do you think they'll do with your credit card records in relation to tracking your clients? That is how they located close to all escorts that were called as government witnesses in her case, and even a few clients that she had mailing her money orders.

It is not that you are conducting any illegal business. It is that if you are ever under scrutiny for any reason, the first thing that they will do is subpoena those records. Those records are client lists. Do you not believe that if squeezed by state or federal authorities the clients will state whatever they're told to state? Whether escorts provided prostitution or not or you discussed full service with the clients on the phone or not, you have set yourself up for a fall. It depends what that client has to lose, and most would say anything to get themselves out of a jam. Credit card records are there for years.

It is also important to note that the credit card billing must be in the correct legal name of your business and the paperwork with the credit card processing company must reflect the correct type of business. Surely you have heard of charge-backs, right? Well, you'll have more than your share of charge-backs and the consequent problems with the escorts. Few escorts want to work for the service that accepts credit cards once they realize that it could mean they won't be paid for an appointment.

I read through, and still have, all of my co-defendant's credit card records in the case from hell. Why do you think he pled guilty? Certainly the client list/credit card records played a part in the plea. There were plenty of people with incentive to testify against him. In the case they located only one client from my agency, and he had given an escort a business card a week before agents accosted her and searched her purse. She was not arrested – but they stole the business card from her purse. They then contacted and threatened the client by telling him that they had all of my client records, and dipshit that he was, he bought it hook, line, and sinker. He then helped them get me to send an escort out, and that escort was arrested. I never thought anything of sending her there as he was a repeat client. However, because he was the only client they located and because he hired an attorney, they didn't call him to testify. Of course the manner in which they located him also had something to do with him not being called as a witness.

These days there are cash machines everywhere – from 7-11 to the hotel lobby. How can anyone that wants to book an appointment claim that they cannot get cash?

You may never have a problem with cards, with the operative word being may. I will state that there is a 10% chance that you will never have legal problems as a result of accepting credit cards. Is it all worth the chance to you? If it is, then you should accept credit cards for your escort business. If it isn't worth the probable fallout, then send your potential clients to cash machines. It is really that simple. We all operate our businesses as we see fit, but any agency that I have ever encountered has had legal troubles over the cards, eventually.

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