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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Outcall Escort Business

I will be the first to admit that I am over the escort business. With all the years that I was in business in Orlando ending with the trial from hell, the earlier years of answering telephones in Miami, and the recent years of research, well, I've just had it. Perhaps this was obvious to you after you read my previous post.

We all reach our snap point and I think that I've passed mine. For financial reasons I have considered putting that research site to good use, though I have been quite ill the past month and my voice sounds terrible. I almost feel as if I'm losing it (my voice). And then 99 out of a 100 callers are a problem for one reason or anther: too cheap; a group; made a compromising statement prompting me to disconnect the call; expect a Playboy Bunny but cheap; out of the jurisdictional boundary. You name it, I've heard it lately and it's a problem.

Many callers are treating an agency as if they called an independent escort. You could translate that to they've been too cheap and do not consider that any rate quoted includes a booking fee. Before the year is over I will be giving the research site to an independent contractor that I've known for a while. Perhaps she'll have better luck or opt to quote lower rates and do all of the calls herself.

I may be going into business in another city, but it will be an entertainment company that sends out dancers and strippers for parties, not an escort service. Sorry, but I can't tell you which city I have in mind and actually I may operate in several cities as the rules about crossing state lines do not necessarily apply if your true goal is to book dancers at parties and it is 100% clear that it is a Strip-o-Gram and party style of operation.

I have had a target on my back since 1994, so actually booking parties will be a fun change for me. There won't be any private parties or one-on-one involved in this business and any independent contractor (dancer, stripper) that crosses the line will be promptly dismissed. The dancers and strippers will be required to have a variety of costumes.

When I have the business and website set-up properly I will announce the location here with the hope that interested dancers in the cities of operation will contact me for professional work.

I probably will not be advertising my Blueprint books anymore in short time, but the paperbacks will always be available on Amazon.com or any could be ordered from Barnes and Noble. I also intend to stop selling PDF copies from this blog and my website. All of this will transpire before the year is over. I will still support my books, but readers will need to contact me at the email address included in the book for a response. All I ask is that you actually read the book before asking the questions – you may need to refer to the book at a later date if issues arise, so don't lose it or toss it out. You never know…

Look for my announcement in the near future or feel free to contact me if you have an interest in working as a professional stripper/dancer for events and parties only in any specific city.