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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Update on the Myredbook Saga

There are no updates in the news, so I figured I would check PACER for information. Apparently, Annmarie Lanoce made a plea in the myredbook case on November 20, 2014, and now Eric Omuro will be doing the same.

Annmarie Lanoce appeared in court and made a guilty plea to one count of the indictment. She has a plea agreement; however, it is not accessible in PACER to the public as most plea agreements are not, especially when they involve agreement to testify against a co-defendant. Here is the short change of plea court minutes:

Lanoce Annmarie Plea Change Nov 20 2014

This resulted in Eric Omuro also entering a change of plea in the case in short time (December 1, 2014). Here is a link to the stipulation that gives him an additional week before entering this plea change so there's time to examine the discovery more closely and/or work out a better deal:

Omuro Eric Stipulation Dec  1 2014

Hopefully Mr. Omuro will not be sentenced to any time in prison. I will check PACER again in short time to see a sentencing date. Annmarie Lanoce has a sentencing date, but it will be changed if Eric Omuro has not entered a plea in the case. This is done to secure her testimony should Omuro decide to go ahead to trial.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blueprint for An Escort Service: Reviews and Issues

If you visit this blog on occasion, you're aware that I stopped posting for some time. I have noted enemies in the midst and simply do not desire or need the drama in my life at this time. I seem to attract drama... perhaps it's the Blueprint for an Escort Service title that instructs on how to open and operate a legitimate escort business or maybe it's just because I was acquitted long ago and there are still people that harbor serious anger and resentment. I've run into both, no doubt.

My books have been trashed in Google search and in the Google Play store. They were all trashed long ago over on Goodreads. There are some really mad people walking around that need to chill and smoke one.

I do believe that much of this is directed by one angry jerk named Arthur. I will omit Arthur's last name because according to him, I only mentioned his name in the Blueprint books to draw attention as he is so famous and special. So, if you read the book, you know that Arthur ran escort services in South Florida for years and was arrested on racketeering charges, subsequently making a plea deal. Nothing at all special about that mr Amsterdam. It happens to the unaware and the stupid every week in the US.

Well, Arthur has made numerous threats in emails to me demanding that the paragraph in the early part of the book that mentions his name in a discussion about how we will not be operating our escort services be removed. He curses and accuses and calls me every name in the book. Hey Arthur - it's not my fault that you operated a blatant prostitution service in Florida and abused anyone that ever encountered you, from escorts to clients. Yes, clients and escorts - Arthur actually filed a civil suit against a list of clients and escorts following his arrest.

I tried to be nice to Arthur, but nice didn't work and in short time, I was laughing at him. That's just me - he was so obnoxious and threatening that I could do nothing but laugh. Before I knew it, books and name trashed all over the place. But I figure that you, the escort business entrepreneur, are more intelligent than to fall for all of that.

I do want to thank the gentleman that left the nice review. I especially appreciated that last paragraph. So true that everything is different in Australia because prostitution is legal. Legal brings the rates way down. But as stated in the review, this is all about operating a legitimate service. Thank you for that.

People like Arthur trash and threaten me because my book is not about what they know, what they did, so I say they need to write their own books. Oh that's right - he was only recently released from prison and doesn't want to return. Again, not my fault and I didn't make the kind of money he did with his illegal enterprise. I state upfront in my books that you will not become a millionaire; not a joke.

If you have a question about anything you have read in the book, feel free to post a comment with it right here. As a result of the many threats and the lurking enemies, I'm unable to respond to email questions on this topic. I prefer to keep the information all in the sunshine at this time. No questions that require essay responses please - the escort business is not rocket science and the book explains my viewpoints clearly.

I do apologize to anyone that has emailed me and I did not respond. I really cannot expound on the reasoning anymore than I have herein.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The MyRedBook Indictment

I do have plenty to say about the MyRedBook takedown and federal indictment. I could go on about how I have warned people for too many years, or how the review system for escorts shouldn't exist, or even how dumb it is to use those crazy acronyms, but what's the point?

We could discuss the Big Doggie case from the past (2002) in Florida that was dismissed or the Southwest Companions case in New Mexico that was also dismissed. However, there are a few differences as there are many similarities in the MyRedBook prosecution. This case won't be dismissed for a couple of reasons:

The main reason is that the feds are using the "child sex trafficking is occuring on the website" theme and pulling every previously undecided moron to their side. The next most likely reason is that the feds are pursuing a money laundering prosecution, which is easy for them; they do it every day, all day, and they rarely back down or lose.

What really amazes me is that so many people are surprised. Really. This pursuit is right out of the Orlando MBI history book, well, minus the 'save the children' agenda. The MBI never bothered to pretend it was about any children. Sprint Publishing was threatened with a takedown of the entire company on a Florida RICO prosecution back in 1996, over their yellow page ads for escort services. If you're unaware of that fact, you never bothered to read my Memoirs book.

Hey... at least the MBI was honest about the entire agenda. They made it crystal clear that they wanted NO adult businesses in operation in Orlando and cutting-off the advertising venues that accepted adult business money was an obvious next move for the overzealous whacks. But at least they were honest about the agenda.

I may post more on this later, but for now and without further adieu...

MyRedBook Indictment 24 June 2014

An indictment usually doesn't have much actual information. We should expect to see the Complaint with all the specifics filed in the near future and I will definitely post again when I get a copy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Emails and Responses on the Escort Business

If you have emailed me with questions or to make statements and I have not answered, there are numerous possible reasons. Sometimes people email with a flood of questions and statements and to respond is just not possible as it is all overwhelming. I do appreciate those that read Blueprint For an Escort Service and want to open an escort service, but I am also a firm believer that the escort business is not for everyone.

I am also in poor health and have other situations to deal with in my life. Usually the back and forth exchanges that go on and on are the problem. No matter how I answer questions, some people have only more questions. My BS meter shoots sky-high on this stuff and I simply do not have time for it.

The fact is that if you have read the book, researched as advised in the book, and read it a second time to take notes, you would know that your questions are answered in the book. You do not need me to tell you this fact.

The book is a guide to assist you with your own specific research relevant to your chosen area of operation and the type of escort or entertainment business that you want to own. The book is also informative as to many situations you will encounter and offers the benefit of my experience. There is never a one-size-fits-all as all escort services are not the same. I won't be able to operate your business for you.

A list of possible reasons that your email(s) did not receive a response:

1. You have made one or more statements in your email(s) that would be legally compromising to me if I responded without correcting you. Most likely, I do not have the time to correct you.

2. Your questions are answered in the book and you really need to reread it and take notes, if you're serious about this project. If you are not serious, then why are you bothering me?

3. You are making so many statements and asking so many questions that responding requires an essay or even multiple essays. You are over-thinking the entire situation. Opening and operating an escort business is not rocket science.

4. You give me so much praise and love that it is not believable. Not sure what made you think I fell off a turnip truck somewhere in Idaho. I did not - I can assure you of that fact.

5. Sounds like you want me to do all of your local research for you. Not happening - unless you'd like to pay me by the hour. My rates are on the Consultant Services page of my website.

6. You seem to want an ongoing chat in email. Sorry, but I do not have the time for this sort of thing in my life.

7. Your questions should be directed to an attorney. I am not an attorney and have no desire to be one.

8. Your email(s) sound like you are writing a book.

9. You sound like you work for the government.

10. You sound like you have no clue how to run any sort of business and expect others to do it all for you.

11. You inform me that you want to open an escort business, but you have no money. You want to know what you can do to make it work. Hell, I suffered for an entire year to save the money to get the business opened correctly - and I had a 9 to 5 job! If you want it, you'll get the money. And back then the only real form of advertisements were the Yellow Pages, which were not cheap.

There are other potential issues. I usually respond to emails; however, I can't even imagine why anyone would think I should answer their 20 questions when it is clear that they have not read the book. I do NOT repeat my books in emails.

So, if you are truly interested in making your project work, put your time and effort into it and do your necessary research. Cutting corners is not the answer. As stated in the book, the escort business is not for everyone, especially if this is not something you can handle.

Best in all of your entrepreneurial pursuits!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Entrepreneurship Today

This is for the entrepreneur on a serious budget and not intended for anyone starting a classic business requiring a brick and mortar location or major funding. This is about earning a decent living working for yourself with minor investment and leaving the wage slave workforce.

I often find that people fear leaving the safety of a paycheck job, though that weekly or biweekly check usually doesn't cover the basics, like rent, electric, cable/internet, auto insurance and repair, water bill etc... if you also plan to buy food and necessities. Many months one chooses what to pay by level of importance. No one should have to live like that.

Once you take the plunge and work for yourself for a while, you're almost unemployable. The self-employed rarely reenter the wage slave workforce. If you try to return to that lifestyle, you find yourself constantly questioning how others operate their businesses and considering how you could easily improve their methods or change something altogether. You're frequently questioning situations and in a short time, the employer realizes that you won't work out. You realize that you're a much better planner and leader than you are at following directions that make little sense.

With several jobs that I had following my court case, I found myself questioning why I was charged with racketeering in comparison to these so-called legitimate businesses. A couple of places I worked were prime candidates for racketeering prosecutions in Florida. You'd laugh if I told you where specifically.

The escort service business is one potential solution. You run it your way and there are no real line in the sand guidelines. If you want a day off, you simply take it. If you want more money, you cover the phones 24/7. Need a vacation? No problem - you either pay someone else that you trust to answer your lines or leave them unanswered. It's your choice - that is what being in business for yourself is supposed to be all about from my perspective.

Of course you have other options besides the escort business, but realistically, nothing else compares when you consider the money and the choices open to you. Trust me on that assessment - I've tried to find a substitute since my case concluded with my acquittal back in 2003. Sure, I've found other things to do that create small streams of income, but nothing that could touch the escort business in the areas of money or convenience. There are no options with the flexibility of opening and operating an escort business.

I feel like I'm singing the Sinead O'Connor song, Nothing Compares to You. ... but it's all so true.

I recently started a new sort of business - well at least it's new to me - and already find myself wondering if it'll ever show a profit. But worse yet, I'm feeling like I'm a slave to it. Will never come close to the profit from an escort service, could never really take a vacation from it, and fear its demise if I don't meet the expectations of many on an ongoing basis. I'm feeling it's a big mistake. *sigh*

May all of the entrepreneurial people reading this have the best year ever. Resolve to make the most of your life this year.

Happy 2014!