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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Update on the Myredbook Saga

There are no updates in the news, so I figured I would check PACER for information. Apparently, Annmarie Lanoce made a plea in the myredbook case on November 20, 2014, and now Eric Omuro will be doing the same.

Annmarie Lanoce appeared in court and made a guilty plea to one count of the indictment. She has a plea agreement; however, it is not accessible in PACER to the public as most plea agreements are not, especially when they involve agreement to testify against a co-defendant. Here is the short change of plea court minutes:

Lanoce Annmarie Plea Change Nov 20 2014

This resulted in Eric Omuro also entering a change of plea in the case in short time (December 1, 2014). Here is a link to the stipulation that gives him an additional week before entering this plea change so there's time to examine the discovery more closely and/or work out a better deal:

Omuro Eric Stipulation Dec  1 2014

Hopefully Mr. Omuro will not be sentenced to any time in prison. I will check PACER again in short time to see a sentencing date. Annmarie Lanoce has a sentencing date, but it will be changed if Eric Omuro has not entered a plea in the case. This is done to secure her testimony should Omuro decide to go ahead to trial.


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