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Friday, January 3, 2014

Entrepreneurship Today

This is for the entrepreneur on a serious budget and not intended for anyone starting a classic business requiring a brick and mortar location or major funding. This is about earning a decent living working for yourself with minor investment and leaving the wage slave workforce.

I often find that people fear leaving the safety of a paycheck job, though that weekly or biweekly check usually doesn't cover the basics, like rent, electric, cable/internet, auto insurance and repair, water bill etc... if you also plan to buy food and necessities. Many months one chooses what to pay by level of importance. No one should have to live like that.

Once you take the plunge and work for yourself for a while, you're almost unemployable. The self-employed rarely reenter the wage slave workforce. If you try to return to that lifestyle, you find yourself constantly questioning how others operate their businesses and considering how you could easily improve their methods or change something altogether. You're frequently questioning situations and in a short time, the employer realizes that you won't work out. You realize that you're a much better planner and leader than you are at following directions that make little sense.

With several jobs that I had following my court case, I found myself questioning why I was charged with racketeering in comparison to these so-called legitimate businesses. A couple of places I worked were prime candidates for racketeering prosecutions in Florida. You'd laugh if I told you where specifically.

The escort service business is one potential solution. You run it your way and there are no real line in the sand guidelines. If you want a day off, you simply take it. If you want more money, you cover the phones 24/7. Need a vacation? No problem - you either pay someone else that you trust to answer your lines or leave them unanswered. It's your choice - that is what being in business for yourself is supposed to be all about from my perspective.

Of course you have other options besides the escort business, but realistically, nothing else compares when you consider the money and the choices open to you. Trust me on that assessment - I've tried to find a substitute since my case concluded with my acquittal back in 2003. Sure, I've found other things to do that create small streams of income, but nothing that could touch the escort business in the areas of money or convenience. There are no options with the flexibility of opening and operating an escort business.

I feel like I'm singing the Sinead O'Connor song, Nothing Compares to You. ... but it's all so true.

I recently started a new sort of business - well at least it's new to me - and already find myself wondering if it'll ever show a profit. But worse yet, I'm feeling like I'm a slave to it. Will never come close to the profit from an escort service, could never really take a vacation from it, and fear its demise if I don't meet the expectations of many on an ongoing basis. I'm feeling it's a big mistake. *sigh*

May all of the entrepreneurial people reading this have the best year ever. Resolve to make the most of your life this year.

Happy 2014!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a heartfelt post. Happy New Year!

Vicky Gallas said...

May you have the best year ever Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky, came across your book yesterday. I was looking for some info on this topic. I have been interested for years. Bought the blueprint to read on kindle. Bad ass writing. Others in different business should look at how you laid it out and copy it for their business book. There's really bad books on business out there with horrible advice.

After reading I do have questions.

1. Is this still a real business to be in, right now going to 2017?

2. To my surprise this book is based on my home town of central Florida. Has your opinion on any of these " Orlando, Tampa, Miami" changed. Like don't do it in Orlando, Miami will be better or is Tampa even a option?

3. I have searched on google for a website that resembles what you are talking about to get an idea of what it is. For the life of me I can't find anything. Where are the escort websites at?

Thank you for your time in advance,


Vicky Gallas said...

@ Lex

I learned long ago to write and speak directly and definitely appreciate your comments on the book. I've read some of those really bad books on business, so was trying to avoid that.

The only thing that really changes from the books to the actual setup and operation is the marketing and advertising of the business. Figure the latest book (Blueprint) was published in 2012, and the one most people purchase (Complete Blueprint) in 2010. Marketing and advertising is often area specific and evolving according to current levels of acceptance, so even if I published a new book next month, that topic may or may not apply to the area one intends to open in. This is why searching and researching, in addition to taking notes, is an important part.

1. Escort services will always make money whether it's 1980 or 2020, so yes, I consider it a viable business today. I have always taken the cautionary road though, so all of the current surveillance really isn't an issue to me. You may have read it in the book, but I live by the rule that anything I say could be subject to recording. I speak and act accordingly - always have.

If you are referring to the current phase of independent escorts, well, they have always been around and will be in the future. You're really not seeking clients who want to book way in advance anyway. You're looking for the clients who want a simpler process when they're ready to call. Could be compared to pizza delivery, but 30 minutes is not realistic these days, although 1 hour should be.

2. No, my thoughts haven't changed by much if at all. Forget Orlando, love Miami, and Tampa is okay, but low rates, too many services, and a somewhat cheap scene in general.

3. I really don't want to link any business here as it might give it negative attention. I'll search in a few minutes and return to let you know what I found in general. Give me an hour please.

Hope this helps.

Vicky Gallas said...

@ Lex

Okay, so I'm not clear on how you're not finding escort services in Google. I just searched for relevant keywords, as discussed in the book, in a list of cities and I found plenty.

There's a few in Orlando, more in Miami, and Tampa was odd - in the first few pages of search results I only found lots of directory / publisher type sites with lots of listings. It's almost as if the escort businesses decided to skip having a website, which is always a serious or even fatal error. Some people are just cheap and think they can spend zero to little on marketing and advertising.

In 2017, my advice is to put all of your marketing $s into a fantastic and unique website. Sure, a bold print one-line in the correct yellow pages in the area, and the other advice I offer on my website, which updates the books, but mainly a great website.

Hope that helps and feel free to let me know what you see when you search. Perhaps you have search results filtered?