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Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Open an Escort Business

This post on how to open an escort business gets so many reads that I felt it necessary to add an update. If you really want to open and operate an escort service correctly you must be aware of the party offering the advice. Sure I'd like it if you opt to buy a copy of Blueprint but the goal of this update is not to sell my $10 ebook.

One main point that I'd like to make here is the absolute necessity of knowing who is offering the information. If anyone claims to have operated a successful escort business for several years or more, that party should not have any problem giving a real name and verifiable information, unless they never owned an escort service to begin with and/or evaded taxes. And then if they were as successful as they claim, why write and sell such information? Hell, they shouldn't need the money and should be kicking back in Amsterdam (or wherever), right?

There are others besides me that are capable of writing a how to book on escort service operations; however, to date none of them have. The information that I see out there comes from a couple of marketers that have read my book, a couple of people that have been in business for 2-4 years and are still in business, a guy that uses escorts for sexual trysts, and a woman that was in business in Canada for a few years.

The marketers are people that have read books on how to operate an escort business (like my books for example) and then rearranged the information, threw in this or that and removed parts, and now are on a hard sell mission. These people may indeed be better at marketing than I am; however, they know little to nothing of how an escort business actually works and the many potential dangers involved for you. They paint it with a broad brush and refer to it as "fun" and "sexy" and tell you you'll make $millions when it's more likely that you'll be indicted before the first year is over if you follow their advice.

There's one new guy in town and he bought a copy of my book back when it was available as a PDF. I'm not going to name this outfit, but you'll find that the expensive book they sell has a similar structure to my own, though the content is not at all the same. In other words, they used many of my chapter titles, but that is where the similarities evolve. One major difference in the book is that they try to sell you on a merchant account by including a free website (thanks, but I'll control my own domains and websites).

Yes, they want you to sign-up and accept credit cards for your new escort service and if you have read my book, well, you know what I say about that, whether anyone agrees or not. Hell, I have sat and watched it for over 15 years now and always knew better than to accept cards or any form of payment other than cash. Yes, that includes the Green Dot crap, but that isn't why I'm bothering to update here.

I have mentioned this long story on my other blog - Operation Out Call (IRS), but the original story that was embedded in the blog footer is no longer viewable as Blogger won't allow frames anymore. It is available free in Google Books and is a New York Magazine article dated July 22, 1996, titled "The Love Float," but states "The Screwball Scheme" on the actual start page.

Go to page 30 here: The Love Float by Daniel Green

End of March 2012 Update.

My last post induced me to look and see what information is actually available for the inexperienced escort service entrepreneur that has little or no knowledge of the business. So guess what – I'm going to do your work for you and include a list here; I will also offer my opinion on each listing, though I recommend my Blueprint books for the entrepreneurial types that need to get involved in a money-making business and do not expect 24/7 live support. I certainly answer questions, but there are limits to this.

1. The most findable information is offered by Michelle of Exotic Publishing.

The first issue that I have with Michelle is her opening line: "Have you ever dreamed of getting rich by opening and owning your very own escort agency?"

To me this is scary stuff. Why? Because I have known people with agencies from Orlando to NYC to London, and none have ever hit the "rich" category. To me the escort business is simply create-a-job. Sure, you can make a decent living at it, but it is a lot of work, and you'll never get rich if you operate correctly. Sorry, but those are the facts. Michelle offers a 5-volume box set for $544. Sorry Michelle, but the escort business isn't rocket science and I cannot imagine what information requires five volumes.

After reading the "about" page on her website, I decided that Michelle seems like a nice lady, that probably knows her stuff – except for the credit card thing. Accepting credit cards is good, if you're in Canada or Las Vegas. If you want 24/7 live support it might be a good idea to go with Michelle's deal. From my perspective, if you need 24/7 live support you don't belong in the escort business, and this is not a service that comes with my books by any stretch of the imagination. Just do yourself a favor and ignore what she says about credit cards.

2. The next most simple to find information is from Lenexa & Hefner, whoever they are. They say that they are "experts in the escort industry," but don't you want to know why they claim such a title? I do. Who are they? Well, they do not explain that at all. I don't know about you, but I want a resume of some type from anyone that claims expert status.

They state that their information is valued at over $550, but it's on sale now for $?. That's quite a markdown – better hurry. They list a featured client as "Las Vegas Escorts" and have a banner link to the website. Few services in Vegas refer to the business as an "escort service" as escort services cannot be licensed there. Vegas has loads of "entertainment companies" licensed as "outcall promoters" that send out dancers or entertainers.

Where is Mr. Winky? I can't seem to find his information anywhere, but this guy can tell you how to find girls and use them to operate an incall – which is not an escort service at all. So if that is what you want to do, then find Mr. Winky on your own. He does sound like an expert on that.

There are several real books on Amazon.com that relate to becoming an escort, advertising and marketing for the escort, and accounting for the escort, but that is not the discussion here. This is all about opening and operating an escort service – I never went out as the escort and I'm not figuring that you intend to. This is all about running a business.

If you are seeking a babysitter, I would advise you to go with Michelle - she charges a high price, but she also states that 24/7 live support is included. At the same time I must ask you to analyze your ability to run escort services.

Caveat Emptor!


Anonymous said...

While I agree with 90% of what you write, especially when it comes to "touring", and that escorting is not a business of get rich quick and easy, I used to work for Michelle years ago, and the one thing I can say is that she was making money hand over fist. 24/7 chauffeured limo, beautiful home in the Hamptons, apt on the upper east side, but what she doesn't mention is that she to got nailed, but not from actually running a service, but trying to leave the country with 50k cash. She had been making this same run monthly and agents became suspicious and nailed her, but she had enough truly high powered clients that the case went away, and only made the front of the paper once.

Vicky Gallas said...

Well, I only agree with about 90% of what I write, so I can't fault you. lol

Ah, so that's the story on Michelle. The atmosphere has since changed though and I'd place a bet that no client, no matter how well-connected, could help in a same or similar situation today. I have no clue what year you're referencing, but after Sept 11th everything changed. She should discuss it in a 'what not to do with the money' section.

I have known many people in the biz that made lots of money. I admit that my approach to every part of the business is conservative. That is the result of being in business for 10 years in Orlando. In the end it served me well.

In the end I believe that everyone must adjust how they operate to the specific area and there is no 'one size fits all'.

I appreciate your comment - usually anyone attempting to comment on this post is dropping links and saying nothing.