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Monday, December 27, 2010

Inventing a New Business Model

It is a fact that life is always evolving. Technology improves and situations change and we must go with the flow and change as well. Some changes are for the better and some are not. Sometimes there are new beneficiaries to changes in technologies and situations in life - even anti-adult business crusades.

A reviewer of my Blueprint book on Amazon made a statement that stuck in my mind - the review is titled Incredibly Useful Book, and the statement:

"...This book doesn't have 100% of the answers. Each area and each philosophy have their own complexities. But it has really valid guidance for anyone in the adult entertainment industry. For your tiny investment, you'll get thousands of dollars worth of information."
In other words, there is much information to gain from the book, though there is no one size fits all plan. There are probably as many ways of doing business as there are people in the business, and every geographical area has its issues that are specific to the area. Anyway, this isn't a book ad, so on to the idea of inventing a new business model.

Ideas always evolve and my last post was the beginning of an idea. There are a variety of situations that have changed in the escort business in the past few months.

Craigslist eliminated "adult services" and "erotic services" in the US a few months ago and as of this weekend they have eliminated these categories worldwide. Some entrepreneurial adult business owners were placing ads on Craigslist outside of the US for businesses in the US, and now that is cut.

Google Places/Maps has evolved to the point that one doesn't want to include a website with any listing because Google has issues with any adult business landing page - even when the dancers, strippers, entertainers, escorts or whatever are dressed and it is an "R" rated website. I admit that I don't get it, but then that is immaterial, right?

Backpage has adult categories as of this point in time (LOL - see date of this post), but I seriously doubt that this will continue for much longer.

I am finding that it is taking an excessively long time for escort businesses to be indexed in Google's regular search results as well these days. I'm not sure when all of this began, but I submitted several sites a couple of months ago and none show where they need to show as of yet. Perhaps this isn't a completely new problem: A few years ago it was over six months before the research site that I've used showed in the appropriate keyword phrases, but then I really didn't work at it at all either so it was unnoticeable at the time.

There isn't much money in selling ad space to independent escorts, unless you've been doing it for a while and your website is well-known in the world of adult business. Unless you have some reason to be happy with earning close to nothing for the first year or two of business this idea should be out.

I posted about the Craigslist situation on my Accused Madam Blog tonight and at the moment the best category name for the new business model that I could come-up with was appointment referral publisher. I will work at renaming the category this week, but this is the business idea behind the name:

As a business you'll only be charging entertainers and escorts one referral fee - this depends on what rate you quote as your fee will be higher if you quote higher, otherwise you have no incentive to quote a higher rate for the independent contractors. The idea is to have lots of escorts/entertainers to call at any point that you are answering. You can give only basic information - name, telephone number, and address or include some sort of verified information. The Blueprint books get into verifying.

The general rule would be that the escort or entertainer must call back immediately if she isn't going to the appointment. The reason for this is so that you could contact a different escort/entertainer and make your referral fee. You'll find that plenty of independent contractors are interested in signing-on with this type of operation - they keep more money and there's no game involved in passing out their telephone number or staying longer.

This business model must be refined and independent contractor agreements must be clear on the referral only aspect of the relationship. I'm just making changes to the same contract that I include in my books - simple.

The idea here is to take this idea and adjust it so that it works for you. It sure beats the label of escort service these days with all of these groups on a crusade to finish off adult business. It will work because the great majority of independent escorts really want to be completely independent; however, they're clueless on the topics of websites, marketing, and advertising so they'll never get search engine optimization.

What you are actually doing is marketing and publishing online and scheduling for independent contractors. Many clients call services to begin with because often these independents are unable to schedule them or do not answer a phone when they call, so build a business model from that.


Anonymous said...

This is an intriguing idea & one that I have pondered on in the past. Would you quote a rate to the customer or would you tell him that an escort will be calling him & will let him know the rate at that time? My fear is that the escorts will still try to be sneeky & say they didn't book the call & then when you have another escort try the client has already been instructed by the 1st escort (who's taking the call behind your back)that he has changed his mind or is no longer interested.

Vicky Gallas said...

Well, anything is possible, but I found that when you're only taking one referral fee the escorts are far less likely to attempt to steal the call. The agency that I knew of in Miami that operated this way just stopped calling escorts that they suspected stole calls. They always had plenty of escorts to call because of charging only one fee.

Sometimes they'd just send an escort and tell the client to expect Tanya in 30 minutes, not giving her the telephone #. They had lots of faithful clients also because of charging only one fee - the guy is used to paying hourly fees, so you save him a bundle if he's a frequent caller of services.

They dealt with each escort as they needed to. Really there is less reason to steal when they only have to pay you one referral fee.

Anonymous said...

maybe I'm not understanding this correctly. My understanding is that you charge the independent escort for every call that you have given her the caller information on (unless she calls you back within 5 min to say that she couldn't book the call). After she books the call for herself she's on her own until she calls you again to say she's available to take another call. If I'm telling the customer that the ladies charge $200 an hour then I would charge her around $50.00 for every call I give her? I currently charge $200 per hour & it's a 50/50 split but she keeps all tips if given & she checks in & out of calls with me.

Vicky Gallas said...

Well, that is how the Miami agency mentioned operated for many years. They did lots of business and always had lots of escorts. I don't really know what happened to them in the end as I moved, but it was Executive or Executive Services - can't recall which name.

So let's separate it all for a moment - that is how the Miami agency did it. Escorts had no issue with eating a fee on a call on occasion as they made sooo much more than if they worked with an agency that charged an hourly fee. That agency disconnected from the escorts that way, as if saying "we don't care if you make nothing or make $2K; we just want our one little fee for giving you the info." No drama, no lies, and no discussion. Make it work or don't.

I also state in the post to adjust the idea to fit you and your biz. So, my last response to you was my personal adjustment to the idea. I find that escorts really aren't into the theft when it's only about one fee, but I am not capable of not caring and totally disconnecting. That Miami agency didn't care what happened after she accepted the call - even if she was arrested she still owed the fee, or she didn't work with them again. It was a fee for information and no more.

Make sense?

I will assume that you are charging her for every hour, right? Otherwise the check-in/check-out would be pointless. You offer more participation and you charge more. You'd also have lots more callers if it became known that you charged only 1 fee and she could adjust the rate how she wanted after the first hour - I'd bet on it.

A total disconnection could work for both parties, but as I state, I'm not really able to do that. So in my case a rate of $300 and a fee of $100 isn't off base because I do not totally disconnect. Some participation, but not the hourly babysitting and check in/out service. I also feel obligated to verify all calls and not just book any idiot that can dial a telephone, which is what the Miami agency often did.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I've been doing this since 1996 in Texas & the idea of changing it up a little does interest me.

Vicky Gallas said...

I think versatility is key here. You'll have to change it to fit your particular business and geographical area. So many of the escorts are entirely independent these days that the extra attention isn't required.

I must imagine that you are seeking a real break from drama, lies, and strange stories if you've been in the biz that long. Sometimes it seems overwhelming - like a run on mental case escorts that doesn't seem to stop. lol

Anonymous said...

So true. I plan on quitting in no more than 2 years. The drama you have to deal with is not worth the money that is made. The escorts within the last 5 years are all crazy due to prescription pills...or worse that it makes it very difficult to find quality girls. The phone books are no longer being placed in the hotels & the internet is full of independents that promise sex. This is indeed a crazy, drama filled business.

Vicky Gallas said...

I thought it was either me or Orlando area, but apparently not as you're describing the same issues that I've encountered.

I tend to go in and out of the business and used a site for research - not just the Blueprint books, but also the telephone # blocks in Orlando, so I'm not constantly dealing with it. During my last try I ran into a couple of escorts that were crazy due to prescription pills (whatever happened to weed?) and the last story I heard from one was just too damned much. So much that I won't tell it...

I tried turning the website into an advertising venue - have select escorts pay for their own page and direct contact info. The website was tops everywhere, but within 10 days of changing wording and turning it into an advertising site it dropped to page 2 with any keyword phrases that matter.

No one paid anything anyway, but now I'm busy trying to work the site back to at least somewhere on page one of search results.

I just decided that to deal with it for the next few months I probably won't be meeting any new escorts.

Hell, the last one that dialed me (a few days ago) sounded great and then called the next day after not sending me the photos I requested (including a photo of her driver's license) giving me a list of reasons why she didn't do this that included a need for help to find an apt, a problem ex-husband, a new boyfriend, her prescription pill list for a mental condition, and the fact that she has to reinstate her DL from a DUI a year ago. Good God!

You want to know what I said? "I don't do drama dear. Got to go." *click*

Sorry to hear that it isn't much different in your area. If I were younger I'd just go be the escort too...

Vicky Gallas said...

Oh - I forgot to add: Back in the 1990s in Orlando - actually in Disney and Lake Buena Vista resorts - they would take a straight-edge razor and slice the "escort services" section right out of the books! It was each hotel that did this with their own workers designated for the task.

And then came 1997 books with the "escort services" category eliminated and a refund of down payments. In 1998 books they started an "entertainers-other" category that sort of replaced it, but fewer ads and major rules.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems we have the very same issues except we've never experienced the phone blocks (I read your book & I can't believe what you've had to endure...CRAZY!!!) The phone books want top dollar, up front payment & you are very limited as to what wording you can use & no pictures except flowers & such. I had top placement on google maps but then a month ago my listings were removed. It shows their active but no stats & they have been totaly removed. I had a video attached to my listing that got flagged on youtube & removed & then my listings followed shortly after. I'm sure it was fagged by a competitor. The video was very tame with no nudity. I also noticed that another service that had a video in my area had been removed as well but there are plenty of escort videos on youtube that are very provacative & yet they are still on there. Dealing with competition has proved to be more drama then dealing with the escorts. I have never bothered any of my competitors & really can care less what they do I just wish they would stay out of my business. I've never even talked to any other services in my area other then calling to let them know of a bad client. The funny thing is that even when I did that most of them seemed to care less about taking down the bad clients info.

Anonymous said...

I have a few escorts that have been with me for many years & are great to work with but trying to find new escorts is always a challenge. I always give new girls a 2 week trial & very few ever make it that long. The ones that sound good on the phone & have a great voice end up being very overweight. The girls that have the terrible raspy voices are usually the attractive ones that can't book calls because they sound terrible...LOL

Vicky Gallas said...

Trading info on bad clients was something that we did back in Miami in the 1980s. Orlando in the 90s and on to today is a different beast.

Be cautious of other operators attempting to get involved with you. If you read my crazy book (Memoirs) then you know that several that befriended me testified against me in trial to get out of their own problems.

I've played with Maps for quite some time and the best suggestion that I could offer at this time is to get a throwaway phone and list the number only - don't include a website or video or anything. Use a known address in a good area where you want to do business and make up a name without the problem words in it. Then cross your fingers - hopefully they'll do phone verification on the number. You may want to add a "suite 405" to the known address. If the address is unknown they're likely to want to send you a postcard. If the website has "escort" on it (duh!) they're likely to do postcard verification and you'll never see it anyway.

I had a couple of listings deleted recently, but the one that I don't want listed is still there. I was just playing around to see what would stick when I placed it and now they want to mail a postcard to delete it. lol

Try to disconnect from the problem people - they aren't worth the money and too much chasing and drama involved. Then consider writing a book - a "stories from the escort world" type of book with all short stories. You could publish using a pseudonym since you're still in the biz. Publish on Kindle for $2.99 - it will probably hit #1!

I'm composing such a book. Many of the stories are crazy, but funny to the average person. People need to laugh these days and this type of book will sell.

Just an idea... Yes, what I endured was totally crazy.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. I try to have no contact with anyone, not even the escorts except to collect my fee's. I have no personal interaction with them. They have never been to my house or know me on a personal basis & I don't know them on a personal basis. I just think it's better that way. I tried to resubmit my listing without my website but nothing happened. So are they rejecting all submisions with the word "escort" in the name or just the description area. Can you still list it under the category of "escort, escort service, etc..." or no mention of the word "escort" at all?

Vicky Gallas said...

When you attempted to resubmit without the website did you use a telephone # that was previously deleted? Really you need to use a new and unknown # - that's why the suggestion of the throwaway phone.

It's hard to say exactly what they're doing now - there are no consistent guidelines. Do you see the Places/Maps updates article on this blog? There's a link to a banned words list. Just don't include any word on the list in the name with the new telephone #. Use a new address. Take it an additional step and submit from a different IP if possible - go to a friends house or use a wireless modem or ?

Oh yes - still describing as "escort" and "escort service" - just not in the name, like not Houston Escorts or Jane's Escort Services or anything close.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you, I did print out that list of banned words but I wasn't sure if you could include the word in your name or if it was just in the description area. My old listing had the word escort in it & it matched my web site name. I've got many #'s so I'm going to make up a new name & email & try again with a new phone # & not include the word "escort" in the title as well as no website or video. Not sure how placement will be since they don't want you to put the city name in your title either. Oh well, I guess it was good while it lasted.

Vicky Gallas said...

I believe that the list is always being updated by 2600.

Yes, I forgot to say to use a new account.

Well, the goal is to be on the first page of Maps listings for relevant keyword searches, so it won't matter that you no longer use "Houston Escorts" because every listing will be an escort service in Houston - not saying you are from Houston, just an example.

The bad part is they could be rotating the listings sometimes now, but my one that remained hasn't rotated yet (it's been a month) - this is just something I heard and it may not be correct.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll give it a try & see what happens. Thank you for all of your help. I'll let you know how my placement ends up.

Vicky Gallas said...

Forgot to add:

Where your listing turns up will also have to do with the geographical proximity to its address and the keyword phrase used in the search - both seem to count. With wireless phones GPS also counts - where the searcher actually is. Like showing a Starbucks around the corner instead of one 20 miles away. Make sense?

"Adrian's" with a downtown Orlando address will show every time on searches for "Orlando escorts" but if the search is for "Lake Buena Vista escorts" then addresses closer to LBV will show first, and if there are none then it would show.

Anonymous said...

I used a downtown office building address last time with a suite# so that I could target the nicer hotels with the business men (I learned how to do that in your book...thank you. I'll have to find a new office building downtown that rents suites for my new listing. It really worked for a while since alot of callers use their mobile phones instead of their laptops. The negetive side to it was you really had to weed through the calls...guys still at the bar, not alone, etc...

Anonymous said...

Google no longer offers phone verification for new business listings. I'm sure it's because of the category (Escort Services) I'm trying to submit a new listing under. I've tried pretty much everything to create an account this past month (using different IP"s, submitting to local directories, followed by Google Places, etc.) - but to no avail. The rules have changed, and it's no longer possible to enter rogue addresses for new listings (or rather, it's possible, but Google wants you to verify from that address!)

I'm wondering if you are familiar with Universal Business Listings? It's a paid service (30.00) which submits your listing to all directories…including Google Places. I realize that it's a one shot deal (unless you want to keep paying them 30.00 every time you set up a different rogue address), but it seems worth the expense if you can get even one listing in Google for a strategic location? - Just wondering if you have any thoughts about this 'backdoor' tactic for getting an escort business listed in Google Maps??

Vicky Gallas said...

I wanted to do some checking/research before I responded to your comment (the last comment). Looks like Places/Maps has changed and we must change with it to make money. I responded in the latest post on this blog:


Thank you for the latest info - this is always appreciated by all escort business entrepreneurs that read this blog!

JB said...

Hi Vicky,

Just purchased your book and I think its great so far what Ive read..You urge against taking credit cards. Ive checked on a bunch of escort service websites and most i came across take them in my area which is NYC. Not all though. Do you think taking credit cards dramatically increases income? Also maybe because of the high rates they were charging that sometimes its not possible to take the amount out on 1 credit card. Just wondering, if it's so risky, how come so many services are doing it? Thank you

Vicky Gallas said...

@JB -

Well, back when this happened, I was one of few services in Orlando that did not accept credit cards - make sure to read the New York Magazine article linked at the end:


There are plenty of other reasons that accepting credits is a bad idea for your escort business though. For one, I do not know of any payment processors that allow you to sign-up as an "escort service" and if you are licensed correctly, that's what you are. If you're a licensed "entertainment company" you could give it a shot. If your biz is an escort service and has websites and/or ads advertising escorts, to sign-up with a payment processor and call yourself a tour company could be considered money laundering or credit card factoring, depending on what agency is charging or indicting.

Also, there's a high chargeback rate so your rate for accepting cards would be very high (like 20% or around that figure).

And then there are the accounting issues involved.

And don't forget the client list you're creating for the payment processor and your bank and the government...

Having said all of that, if I were opening a service in Las Vegas, I would most likely accept credit cards if a payment processor allowed me to sign-up as an "outcall promoter" per my license. I wouldn't take cards for anymore than the amount quoted to the customer though - any tips or additional money would have to be in cash.

This is all my opinion, but it is derived from experience - lots of experience as an escort business owner and from legal research of escort business criminal cases.