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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Start an Escort Service

One thing about it - You will need to know more than how to start an escort service to be successful. You will need a Complete Blueprint for success in the escort business. There are many aspects of marketing that do not apply to escort services.

You will find that discretion is far more important than selling techniques when it comes to how to start an escort service and keep it operating.

My name is Vicky Gallas and I have been around the escort business for a long time. All of my research is current and updated. I want you to know who I am and that I owned the second escort service in the world that was online. My service first went online back in 1993, when there were fewer than 25,000 websites listed in Yahoo and Google did not exist.

The Internet Archive started in 1996, so you can actually see this for yourself - I am not a mystery marketer - if you read and follow instructions here: My Former Business

You do not want to be charged in the latest indictment or become the next target du jour of local, state, or federal law enforcement. Be discreet with your escort service and do not throw market copy in their faces just because you can and it will be a successful business.

I am the only escort service owner in the US to be acquitted (found not guilty) by a jury on organized crime charges. Google my name and see for yourself. I am a real person that has survived the worst type of prosecution.

I have had one connection or another to escort services since the mid-1980s and actually started out as a booker for an escort agency in Miami, the ultimate adult playground. I owned services for an entire decade in Orlando, the most conservative market that an escort business can exist in. My latest research of the escort business was in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Miami - three entirely different markets.

If Las Vegas is your interest, I can tell you that there are no licensed escort services there - only entertainment companies that hold "outcall promoter" licenses in Clark County, Nevada. Vegas is the big time, the city that never sleeps and packs the conventions in daily. The costs of opening an entertainment company and obtaining an "outcall promoter" license in Vegas are not prohibitive, but also not for the shoestring budget crowd.The rules in Vegas are different than the rest of the country.

Make no mistake, there is money to be made in the escort business, but you will not become a millionaire no matter what anyone tells you, if you do it all correctly. It is create-a-job and it also involves serious work and a free schedule. It is not something that you can do in your spare time. Starting an escort business is not fun and it is also not sexy. As a matter of fact, sexy will never enter your mind in relation to your business. It is a business.

The most up-to-date book that you will ever find on the topic of how to open an escort service and operate it is Blueprint for an Escort Service. The original edition was published in July of 2009, but I have recently (February of 2012) updated that book as technology and how we use it has certainly evolved since. This book is all that you will ever need.

I published The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service in May of 2010. Rather than update the few technology issues that have since changed, I chose to offer the Blueprint Updates on my website. The reason for this is that more people purchase my paperbacks than my ebooks and none should be required to buy a new book to read the latest. I update that section of my website often. This book offers additional helpful details on how to open an escort business.

Understand how important it is to know who the person is that offers information on how to open an escort service. Realize that opening is only the beginning and it is the operation that counts.

My paperbacks are available from Amazon and can be ordered from any bookstore. My ebooks are available in the Google Play store, Amazon Kindle store, and in the Barnes and Noble Nook store. To find "Blueprint for an Escort Service" in Google Play, you will need to click the link because no matter what I have tried, it is not listed by title or by my name in Play and will look like it is not for sale. It is for sale in Play. The other books are easily found by a title or author search.


Anonymous said...

I just really want to know the cost to open up.

Vicky Gallas said...

The cost to open an escort business depends entirely on the area you choose. You research this as you're reading the book. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' answer to this question.

Anonymous said...

This is my dream job and I would bo more than happy for you to give me some good advice

Vicky Gallas said...

My books on the topic are my advice. Buy "Blueprint for an Escort Service" and read /research as you get started.

Anonymous said...

What about starting an escort agency with licensed sex surrogates? Refer to clients as patients. ..what can undercover stings do about that?

Vicky Gallas said...

I am not an attorney and I have no clue. You need to ask an attorney. This blog and my Blueprint books are about opening and operating a licensed escort business or entertainment company.

Anonymous said...

With sites like Backpages is an escort service profitable?

Vicky Gallas said...

Of course. The real clients definitely are not hunting for escorts on Backpage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky
I started a business out of necessity in 07 at age 40. I was my own client. There was a huge market. I kept things legal and contracts for all events. I would like to know how to expand it. Probably starting with an attorney. Any tips? And yes. I will be ordering your books.
Thank you.

Vicky Gallas said...

The only book you need is "Blueprint for an Escort Service" - it is the most recent and I do not intend to publish a new one. As you read it, also read the Blueprint Updates on my website and linked on the top bar of this blog.

After you get everything started, feel free to email me if you have specific questions. But no point contacting me until you've at least done the required state paperwork and have a website up and running.

I tend to ignore emails when the party has done nothing advised in the book and asks questions already answered in the book or telling me how to do everything. In other words, I have no time for B'S. If you're serious, I do look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I live in ohio...do you think a escort business would go far? Cleveland ohio