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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vilifying the Escort Service Owner

The vilification of escort business owners is something that I have seen often in the last 20 years, but more recently it has escalated with each indictment or arrests that involved owners and operators. The high number of people (mainly independent escorts) voicing a hatred of escort service owners in online forums most recently is a result of the Classy DC Escorts indictment and the inclusion of the gun/violence charge.

The truth about the use of a gun and threats by the owner of Classy DC Escorts (if it even happened), is that these people were robbing him. The escorts he allegedly threatened and the driver/booker that he allegedly beat while “brandishing a gun” were stealing from him and the business – the thievery is a fact. If it is all true then he needs an anger management class – no one was actually shot or anything – and to learn to walk away from thieves that rip his wallet from his pocket. As hard as it is to do this, walking away is the only choice.

As I visited various forums shortly after the indictment was handed down, the vicious nature of the posts and clear hatred of escort service owners was all too obvious. I didn't say a word as I do not know anyone connected to Classy DC. Back when Jeane Palfrey (the former DC Madam) was arrested, convicted, and then committed suicide, the posters were 90% vicious bitches from hell. Many were considering her suicide to be reason for celebration. I couldn't hold my tongue and I let them have it – Jeane often caught and said goodbye to thieves. I haven't posted on the TER or Big Doggie forums since.

The bottom line is that if these independents didn't like working with the service, all each had to do was leave, exit, open their own damn business. Just as there is no real excuse for “brandishing a gun” in attempt to retrieve stolen money, there is also no excuse for the thieves. One crime is no better than the other! (actually as long as no one was really shot, I consider brandishing a gun to be the lesser offense)

There will be many independents that cross your path and steal your fees at every opportunity. I still have one that I refer to as “the Christmas thief,” but really it was my fault that she got away with as much as she did. If I had been paying attention as I should have been, the most she could have stolen was a fee or two. As angry as I was at the time, mainly due to my misplaced trust, I knew that my only option was to walk away. That was what I did.

I wonder how they'd feel if any owned a restaurant and an employee was stealing from the register on a nightly basis. Would they blame the party that threatened or even hit the thief? The restaurant owner has the option of dialing the police, but the escort service owner really does not.

Some anonymous party posted a wild and unprovable allegation against the owner of Classy DC on my other blog a couple of days ago, but I deleted it in minutes. I figure that he was in the business since 2006-07, and the feds were investigating from around the middle of 2009, so if such a crazy accusation was not included in the indictment, it has to be entirely baseless and the anonymous poster probably plays a part in the case (like informant).

Every time a newspaper comes out with a story about an underage prostitute being pimped on Backpage, the same crowd lays the blame on the existence of escort services. Only a complete moron would blame the entire escort industry because some idiot commits such crimes. But isn't that exactly what they're all doing by demanding the removal of the “adult services” and “escorts” categories on Backpage? Everyone is supposed to pay for the crimes of a few. Not in this lifetime. I hope that Backpage holds its ground.

Anytime an escort business owner is arrested or indicted many blame the entire industry, as if we all had some hand in the party's business or do everything as they did. A main rule here is that all escort services are not created equal. No two services operate exactly the same. I do not know about everyone else in the biz, but I am sick and effing tired of being called a pimp by idiots and thieves. If the escorts didn't want to be escorts, they wouldn't be. Don't let these people pull your leg – they all want the damn money.

[End of rant, for now anyway] 


Anonymous said...

I'm just so angry at this whole case! I worked for Classy DC and I'm going crazy thinking "Gerald" the owner and any of the other staff being in jail. I flew back to Arizona when they stopped answering my calls for two days. I knew something bad had happened. They were not mean people at all! I work as an independent escort in Arizona and I made way more money even after the cuts working with classy than working independently. I hope they get out soon. :(

Vicky Gallas said...

I do not know these people at all, but it was hard for me to imagine they'd stay in business as long as they have if the gossip accusations were true.

The owner is currently incarcerated in MDC Brooklyn, but I was unable to locate any other defendants which means they could be held in contract facilities (county jails) for the feds or may have been released.

I am not aware of the owner's attorney's name yet, if he has one, but will post it as soon as I hear something. I do hope that you will contact his attorney.

Obviously you are not a thief so you had a good relationship with them. If they opt to go to trial, they need witnesses like you. The informants are trying to paint a really ugly picture - the accusation that I deleted on my other blog was intended to make people hate them, a common practice in these type of prosecutions, especially when there's little actual evidence.