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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When it is Time for a Vacation

You should know that it is time for a vacation when your telephone lines are being pounded with odd and questionable calls from numbers all over the country. At least one major city in the southwest US is currently under siege. I do not need to name that city as anyone in the escort business there is already aware of the current dire situation.

What the rest of you need to know is that the totally independent escorts in that southwest US city that book their own calls are being charged with the usual misdemeanor soliciting AND felony promoting prostitution. The felony count is for booking the call and the bond has been reported as $50,000 in each case. This is in line with what I have always stated that any independent escort that markets and books calls is her own business and they are not immune. Still, it is unusual.

In my opinion, it is all related to the Classy DC Escorts indictment fallout. There are numerous informant independents walking around seeking work; take a vacation and do not meet, interview, or work with any unknowingly.

When the telephone lines are under siege as they are in this southwest US city, it's time to take that long-needed vacation. Need more money first? No, you need to have a business when you return instead of a messy legal case. If you have little money socked away for such surprise vacations, think back to before you entered the escort business: Take a cheap extended vacation, but definitely take one.

What is a cheap vacation?

We used to go down to the Keys, like south of Marathon Key. There are wonderful campgrounds in this area where you can go diving, fishing and party for a month without missing the rest of the world. You can actually catch your dinner. Do not forget to bring a shrimp net and a lantern along with your coolers and camping gear.

Las Vegas can be a cheap vacation too. Check the rates at Circus Circus and Motel 6 on East Tropicana. Usually that Motel 6 has nightly rates of $32 if you book online and it's actually a choice place to stay if you choose the recently remodeled non-smoking section. There are all sorts of coupons available for buffets and even gambling... Check Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor for deals.

Perhaps camping on a lake in Kentucky or Tennessee mountains is more your style. While you're there stop by the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg for a tour. Remember what it was like before you had to deal with ringing phones and idiots all night.

Wherever you choose to go on your extended cheap vacation, leave the business phones at home. Contact your wireless service provider or the local telco and have the lines put on vacation too. Well, you may want to keep one line on so that you can see how fast and furious the calls come in when you leave and cannot be reached. Suddenly people that you never knew cared are desperately dialing you to get the 411. Just do not pick-up the phone.

When you return you may have to start all over again with escorts as many will not understand any need for such a vacation and will opt to work elsewhere, get arrested, and turn into the next informant. You will need to do your due diligence on the escorts prior to meeting with any when you return.

Give it a month and then check the atmosphere again. If it is still as it was when you left, leave again. No amount of money is worth a felony criminal case and the end of your business. Wait them out, because eventually they will find something better to do and go away.

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