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Friday, November 16, 2012

Marie McKinlay Not Guilty in London Trial

First I must congratulate this brave defendant that suffered through something that is unimaginable to most people! Marie McKinlay was cleared on charges of running a prostitution racket (controlling prostitution for gain) in London and according to the Daily Mail, "sobbed with relief" when the jury delivered the not guilty verdicts. She had an intelligent jury that could see through the case that prosecutors presented:

I used to hold a title of sorts for being the only escort business owner in the world (as far as I am aware) to be found not guilty by jury verdict on charges of operating an organized prostitution ring. In the US this is referred to as "organized crime" and RICO (racketeer influenced corrupt organization) charges filed. Now I am just the title holder in the US. In both situations the case was presented as the escorts or prostitutes being "employees" of the agency when in reality, it was much the opposite.

I have no idea what sort of penalty Marie McKinlay faced, but I faced a possible sentence of up to 60 years in a Florida prison. In Florida the two charges I was on trial for are first degree felonies. I will imagine that the potential penalties are much less in London, where the act of prostitution is absolutely legal for the prostitute.

Anyone in the UK have an idea of the possible penalty that Marie could have received if found guilty by the jury?

This case is also representative of why a defendant should take the case to a jury if that defendant knows the case was improperly charged, the business structure was set-up correctly, and they're not guilty of the charges and willing to testify. Marie's willingness to testify was extremely important. If a defendant is unwilling to swear to the truth under questioning on the stand in trial, then a jury knows no more than what the prosecutors claim.

I see that Marie is smiling and happy as she walked away from the court. I ran (literally) from the courthouse after collecting my paperwork and speaking with my attorney for a few moments. Marie is pregnant and could not run or most likely would have. We must ask ourselves why prosecutors often pursue those that deserve it the least. There is always a hidden agenda.

I cry for you as I type this Marie. It brings back memories and a flood of emotion.

Congratulations to Marie McKinlay!

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