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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Marie McKinlay Trial in London: A Discussion

I have read several articles in the last week about the trial of Marie McKinlay in London. Marie is a 40 year-old mother of two that's accused of operating a brothel and an organized prostitution ring. I do not have access to actual court documents and can only interpret what I have read in the news. In fact, I do not know the specific charges that she is on trial for.

This article repeatedly refers to specific amounts of money in her bank account: Mother, 40, accused of running high-class vice ring

I think that's wonderful that she managed to cover her children's education and support them fully with no outside assistance. I do not understand the consistent reference to finances though, unless there is a related charge. Would we rather she was on public assistance?

According to all that I have read, Marie operated a top-level business and all of the escorts were 100% independent, setting their own hours, and paying 30% of the booking rate as a fee for marketing and appointment setting services. Marie took-over the administrative aspect of the service in 2002, while working as an escort for the operation controlled in its entirety by five escorts. This article reveals that she is testifying in trial: 'Escort Madam': I love money and sex

By all counts, I am not sure that I understand why prosecutors would target this strong, independent woman operating as ethically and correctly as possible. The statement is the reason, more likely than not - many in this world do not like independent women that need no help from anyone.

In the last article linked, take note of the images of the escorts and the description of what each offered. The article refers to "girlfriend experience" and "porn star experience," and both are terms that no one in the US in their right mind uses these days. Both terms come with serious baggage to state it mildly, though the wording is not actually illegal anywhere as far as I am aware; they're defined on forums and message boards everywhere.

In the UK, prostitution itself is not illegal for the prostitute; however, operating a brothel is indeed. I'm going to imagine that they expect the prostitutes to find customers online all by themselves with no assistance from anyone. Sounds inconsistent to me, although I do understand what such laws are intended to target. I do not believe that Marie McKinlay operated the sort of agency that the laws were intended for though.

I view each of the escorts working with Marie as operating their own business and contracting her marketing and appointment setting services. Consider that for a moment - it's sort of the reverse of the independent contractor / escort contracted by the agency in the US.

I do not know how trials work in the UK and only hope that Marie is found not guilty of anything she is charged with. While there may be technical improprieties, in spirit it is precisely the type of operation that any government should happily accept. Obviously no one has been coerced or forced in any way, shape, or form in this case. My thoughts are with the defendant.

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