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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Social Media and the Escort Business

I admit to making little use of social media to sell my books or for any other reason. I'm not really a social person, I am wary of anyone following me, and I consider a major company collecting large amounts of information suspect to say the least. Clearly I am not the best advocate for using social media to promote your escort service or entertainment company.

The online world has experienced serious change since I first had an escort service website in 1993. Back then I had the second escort service on the internet. I have little doubt that there were other escort businesses promoting on BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) and in chat rooms, but I never really had an interest in BBS or IRC in relation to the escort business. Remember – back then we had dial-up. I didn't get ADSL until 1998, and I was one of the first in Orlando to have it. Bellsouth sent four network techs to my house to install it. Can you imagine?

If you're interested in what IRC, BBS, and early ADSL was all about back then, read:

Fast Forward to Today

Most of you are already aware that your tweets with Twitter are archived and housed in the Library of Congress. Your websites probably will be included in the Internet Archive project, which started in 1996. Facebook does archive messages and posts. I am not yet clear on Google Plus archiving practices, but we should assume they archive everything.

So how does this help the adult business owner? The truth is that it doesn't. This is not the sort of business that you want everyone to connect in. I would skip Facebook and Twitter entirely and focus on Google Plus. On the other hand, if you have a stripper-gram or a bachelor party only type of business, you should be using all of these mediums to promote.

I think that anyone with any type of business can make good use of Google Plus though. The best use includes Google + Pages which is really targeted to businesses. Definitely read through these links to develop a better understanding of how you can use it for your escort service or entertainment company:

This will actually be tied to a Google Places listing in an account. I have not made any sort of use of it yet and only recently signed-up for Google +, but if you use your imagination, you will realize that the possibilities are endless for your business. You can also use Google + Hangouts to have conversations with a specific circle of people. Make sure to read about Hangouts!

I will take it an additional step here. If you join Google + and follow me, I will follow you back. You would be in my “Adult Business” circle. You can have many circles with Google + and use Hangouts to have discussion with specific people in circles. Really a wonderful concept! My Google Plus Profile - Please do excuse the 2008 photo. I look the same except that I stopped coloring my hair and it is gray, which is why you will see that same photo for a long time.

You won't be able to create a bunch of aliases though. Google does allow a person an alias, but read the article and the names policy before you begin:

Do read the policies on names carefully. If you screw-up it can indeed cost you your Google account. They want your real, identifiable name and if you lie and create the account using an alias, you will be booted. I know that you can arrange it and make it work. If you read my book, you are operating your business correctly and are licensed to operate. This is really important for your business. 


Stefan Diamante said...

I created a page for my exotic dance agency on Google+, and they immediately removed the profile image (non-nude, featuring a hot girl and guy). That's still better than how Facebook once played me: Instead of merely deleting what was apparently an offensive (yet non-nude) image from our agency page, they deleted both the entire page itself, and my profile.

Vicky Gallas said...


Obviously I am not offended by adult content, but many are. I do not even advise anyone to use any adult images on an escort business website.

I looked at the images on your website and see the issue if any were used in the Google Plus page. Nudity is certainly not the only thing that matters. You can't show nipples even if covered by a mesh top. You also show more than that.

Relevant body parts must be covered thoroughly. There are many areas in the US wherein such images are considered obscene by local laws and are illegal. Believe it or not. In adult clubs in the Orlando area, dancers must use tape to cover nipples - and that is inside a club.

Keep it all PG and you'll be safe. Sounds stupid, but it's a fact.