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Monday, September 24, 2012

Google Play: Ebooks Now Activated in More Countries

I just now visited my account to sell ebooks in Google Play and noticed that activation in Brazil, India, and Russia is now available. I have activated all books for sale in all countries listed. I do apologize if you looked for my books in the Google Play store and were unable to find any on a search in these countries, but I rarely visit this area of my account.

To find Blueprint for an Escort Service, you may need to click the link herein or in the blog sidebar. The reason it is not findable in a search in the Google Play store is related to my allowing Google to assign an ISBN. I think that if you are in another country, say Russia, and you click the included link to the US store, you will be automatically redirected to the Russia Play store. Please advise if this is not the situation.

I have noted many visitors to this blog from Russia, India, and Brazil this past week and now I understand why. Please do inform me if you have any trouble finding a book - comment anonymously (or not) to this post and I will respond. I do ask that you do not include links to any adult websites that have nudity. We are more censored in the US than most people believe. I certainly have no issue with nudity or porn, but the blog would no longer be included in relevant search results with these type of links.

If you purchase The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service, you will need to read the Blueprint Updates on my website as the book was published in May of 2010. If you purchase Blueprint for an Escort Service, this is not as important as it was recently updated (February of 2012), and most of the updates on the website are included. I will be updating each page this week and always note the date and time of the last update at the bottom of the page.

This is the main page for the updates on the website: Blueprint Updates

These are the topic pages for updates:

Websites and Hosting

Focus on Local


Business Models

I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial pursuits!

Vicky Gallas

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