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Friday, June 27, 2014

The MyRedBook Indictment

I do have plenty to say about the MyRedBook takedown and federal indictment. I could go on about how I have warned people for too many years, or how the review system for escorts shouldn't exist, or even how dumb it is to use those crazy acronyms, but what's the point?

We could discuss the Big Doggie case from the past (2002) in Florida that was dismissed or the Southwest Companions case in New Mexico that was also dismissed. However, there are a few differences as there are many similarities in the MyRedBook prosecution. This case won't be dismissed for a couple of reasons:

The main reason is that the feds are using the "child sex trafficking is occuring on the website" theme and pulling every previously undecided moron to their side. The next most likely reason is that the feds are pursuing a money laundering prosecution, which is easy for them; they do it every day, all day, and they rarely back down or lose.

What really amazes me is that so many people are surprised. Really. This pursuit is right out of the Orlando MBI history book, well, minus the 'save the children' agenda. The MBI never bothered to pretend it was about any children. Sprint Publishing was threatened with a takedown of the entire company on a Florida RICO prosecution back in 1996, over their yellow page ads for escort services. If you're unaware of that fact, you never bothered to read my Memoirs book.

Hey... at least the MBI was honest about the entire agenda. They made it crystal clear that they wanted NO adult businesses in operation in Orlando and cutting-off the advertising venues that accepted adult business money was an obvious next move for the overzealous whacks. But at least they were honest about the agenda.

I may post more on this later, but for now and without further adieu...

MyRedBook Indictment 24 June 2014

An indictment usually doesn't have much actual information. We should expect to see the Complaint with all the specifics filed in the near future and I will definitely post again when I get a copy.