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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blueprint for An Escort Service: Reviews and Issues

If you visit this blog on occasion, you're aware that I stopped posting for some time. I have noted enemies in the midst and simply do not desire or need the drama in my life at this time. I seem to attract drama... perhaps it's the Blueprint for an Escort Service title that instructs on how to open and operate a legitimate escort business or maybe it's just because I was acquitted long ago and there are still people that harbor serious anger and resentment. I've run into both, no doubt.

My books have been trashed in Google search and in the Google Play store. They were all trashed long ago over on Goodreads. There are some really mad people walking around that need to chill and smoke one.

I do believe that much of this is directed by one angry jerk named Arthur. I will omit Arthur's last name because according to him, I only mentioned his name in the Blueprint books to draw attention as he is so famous and special. So, if you read the book, you know that Arthur ran escort services in South Florida for years and was arrested on racketeering charges, subsequently making a plea deal. Nothing at all special about that mr Amsterdam. It happens to the unaware and the stupid every week in the US.

Well, Arthur has made numerous threats in emails to me demanding that the paragraph in the early part of the book that mentions his name in a discussion about how we will not be operating our escort services be removed. He curses and accuses and calls me every name in the book. Hey Arthur - it's not my fault that you operated a blatant prostitution service in Florida and abused anyone that ever encountered you, from escorts to clients. Yes, clients and escorts - Arthur actually filed a civil suit against a list of clients and escorts following his arrest.

I tried to be nice to Arthur, but nice didn't work and in short time, I was laughing at him. That's just me - he was so obnoxious and threatening that I could do nothing but laugh. Before I knew it, books and name trashed all over the place. But I figure that you, the escort business entrepreneur, are more intelligent than to fall for all of that.

I do want to thank the gentleman that left the nice review. I especially appreciated that last paragraph. So true that everything is different in Australia because prostitution is legal. Legal brings the rates way down. But as stated in the review, this is all about operating a legitimate service. Thank you for that.

People like Arthur trash and threaten me because my book is not about what they know, what they did, so I say they need to write their own books. Oh that's right - he was only recently released from prison and doesn't want to return. Again, not my fault and I didn't make the kind of money he did with his illegal enterprise. I state upfront in my books that you will not become a millionaire; not a joke.

If you have a question about anything you have read in the book, feel free to post a comment with it right here. As a result of the many threats and the lurking enemies, I'm unable to respond to email questions on this topic. I prefer to keep the information all in the sunshine at this time. No questions that require essay responses please - the escort business is not rocket science and the book explains my viewpoints clearly.

I do apologize to anyone that has emailed me and I did not respond. I really cannot expound on the reasoning anymore than I have herein.