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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

On Reviews, Time, and Opening an Escort Service Today

It has been quite some time since I posted on this blog. In part my reason for this is a lack of interest in the topic. I figure if you really want to know how to open and operate an escort service, you will buy the book and get moving. While I did have some experience with booking calls on the phones, I never had a book to read on the subject when I opened my first escort service in Orlando back in 1992. I'm also not that interested these days because I'm poor, but in a situation where I have personal obligations and am stuck where I am doing nothing much to make money. I am unable to open a service to recover from my situation at this time, but if I could, I definitely would.

To elaborate on the aforementioned situation, which I rarely do publicly, I care for an elderly parent who is now in late stage dementia. I have been here for years. If I ever considered placing mom in a nursing home, the 2 weeks she spent in Solaris Rehab / nursing home facility in attempt to recover from a minor fall ended that idea quickly. Thanks to the neglect and incompetence of the staff at Solaris, mom will most likely never walk again. So now you know where I'm at and why I'm unable to move-on in life or just move and open an escort service to recover financially.

I made a discovery today which prompted this post. Blueprint for an Escort Service has only one bad review on Amazon - a 1-star review - and reading it has bothered me, mainly because it is stupid. If I were to spell out every single move and interaction that you might have in the course of opening and operating the service, I'd also be handing a guidebook to LE around the US. There are some things that you must figure out for yourself, but 999 out of 1000 people who have read the book, get that. The one that didn't get it, or perhaps just wanted to sink the book, is a cop. I must laugh - a cop gave my book 1-star! I didn't need to hunt for any info outside of his Amazon reviews to know that, because he states it in a different review.

So if cops hate the book, that's more reason for you to buy a copy if the topic is of interest. You never know when I'll be available to get back into the business and decide to eliminate new competition by removing the books.

For whatever reason (probably the cop's 1-star review), the great majority choose to purchase The Complete Blueprint for an Escort Service, which has no negative reviews. However, Blueprint for an Escort Service is more up-to-date and Complete Blueprint has marketing and advertising info mixed-in. The only thing that changes over time will be how you market and advertise your escort service. Marketing and advertising changes are frequent for almost any business, so that should be expected, and in this case make Blueprint the better buy.

I am unable to guarantee that I will be posting on this blog regularly in the future, but I am still available for consultations. This is the consultation page on my website with prices and services offered: Consultant Services - If you want my advice on a more personal level, contact me after you read the book and I will instruct on the consult process.